How to get P&G Brand Saver coupons (2023)

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  • There are five simple ways to get the P&G BrandSAVER and other P&G coupons.
  • You can get P&G BrandSAVER coupons in your Sunday newspaper, online, digitally through P&G Shopper Card Coupons App, or through the mail.
  • You can also get P&G coupons directly to your shoppers’ rewards card available at many grocery chains across the country.

Proctor & Gamble sells a broad range of different products and also offers coupons with awesome deals on all kinds of household and personal products. Like many businesses, the goal is to attract more customers.

Here are ways you can get Procter & Gamble BrandSAVER coupons and score some savings:

P&G Brand Saver coupons in Sunday Newspaper

At the beginning of each month, Procter & Gamble publishes its BrandSAVER coupon booklet and includes it in most Sunday newspapers across the country. To find out which newspaper in your area have the P&G coupons booklet, visit Procter & Gamble Everyday website and then enter your state and zip code. You’ll also see what time the coupons get published each month.

P&G Brand Saver coupons online (printable)

Another option to get P&G coupons is to visit Procter & Gamble Everyday website and click on “Printable Coupons.” The next step is to print the coupons from your computer and take them to the store.

On the Printable Coupons page, you have the option to print each coupon one after the other or go through all the coupons, choose the ones you want, and print all at once.

Get P&G Brand Saver coupons by mail

If you have an account on the Procter & Gamble Everyday website, you can make requests for free samples and coupons to be mailed to you. If you don’t have an account, you can create an online account and log in. Then, answer a couple of questions and choose the samples you’d like to receive in the mail.

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P&G Brand Saver coupons using Shopper Card

Another easy way is to load P&G coupons directly to your shopper’s rewards card. Many stores, including local, regional, and national grocery chains, have partnered with P&G to provide you with a reward card. Some of these stores include Kroger, Dillions, Marsh, Publix, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Food Lion, Winn Dixie, Jewel Osco, and many more.

Simply go to the Procter & Gamble Everyday Shopper Card website, select your retailer, log into your Everyday account and enter your rewards card number to your profile. Next, select the P&G coupons you wish to add to your shoppers’ card. You can now activate the coupons by shopping with your rewards card.

P&G Brand Saver coupons digitally

Additionally, you can get P&G coupons in digital form through the Procter & Gamble Shopper Card Coupons App.

All you need to do is choose the coupons you want in the app and download them to your account. When you go shopping, present the coupons on your phone screen to the store cashier to scan the coupons.

Where can I print P&G coupons?

To print P&G printable coupons online, visit

How do I get P&G coupons in the mail?

To get P&G coupons in the mail, register for a Proctor & Gamble account. Then, log into your account to access a survey about yourself and your shopping habits, which will determine what coupons you’ll get in the mail.

How often can you print coupons from P&G?

You cannot print a P&G coupon more than once; once you print a P&G coupon, it will be removed from the list of coupons. You have a maximum of 24 hours to use your print coupons from P&G

Why can’t I print P&G coupons?

The major reason why your P&G coupon won’t print is likely to be your firewall settings. Check your firewall and turn it off before printing your P&G coupons. Remember to turn it back on once you finish.

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