Where can I get a blank Comdata check? (2024)

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If you are looking for where to get a blank Comdata check, this is the article for you.

Where can I get a blank Comdata check? You can get a Comdata check online from Comdata at ordercomcheks.com. You can also get a blank Comcheck at most truck stops often for free, including Road Ranger, Petro Stopping Centers, Sapp Bros. Travel Centers, and more.

Comdata Comcheks are a type of check that can be used by freight brokers to pay contract carriers. Comchecks are quite different from regular checks even though they work in a similar way. Comchecks can also be used to pay for fuel, key vendors, emergency payments, and provide advances.

The issuer may use a Comchek for a predetermined amount as payment for a driver’s services, to cover repairs, or as a fuel advance. Comdata Comcheks offer many benefits to both the issuer and the recipient.

For the issuer, Comdata Comcheks offers a convenient and efficient way to make payments. They are easy to use and can be issued for any amount. Additionally, Comdata Comcheks are accepted by most carriers, so the issuer does not have to worry about the recipient not being able to use the check.

For the recipient, Comdata Comcheks offers a convenient and easy way to receive payments. The recipient does not have to worry about using a Comchek, as they can simply deposit it into their account. Additionally, Comdata Comcheks are a safe and secure way to receive payments, as they cannot be altered or forged.

If you drive for a transport broker (or any type of freight broker) that uses Comchecks, that company should make available for you some blank Comchecks. But, if you ever need to get a Comcheck, here’s how:

Where can I get a Comchek?

You can purchase Comchecks directly online from Comdata. Comdata will request that you enter your account code or merchant ID for full access

If you’re not sure what your account code is, you can find it on your most recent Comchek order form or statement. You can also contact Comdata customer service at 1-800-741-2777 to get your account code.

Once you have your account code, go to https://ordercomcheks.com, enter your account code, and click “Continue.”

This will take you to the Comchek online catalog. Here you can browse the different types of Comcheks available and select the ones you need. Add the Comcheks you want to order to your cart and check out when you’re done.

Comdata will process your order and ship the Comcheks to you. You should receive them within a few business days.

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When purchasing a Comchek, be sure to get the right type for the company you’re hauling for. Comcheks come in different denominations, so be sure to get one that’s for the right amount.

Two things to know about ordering Comchecks from Comdata is the available quantities which can be either Single checks or booklets of checks. The second is the cost which can vary depending on the quantity you want but is usually a $1 fee per check, with a minimum order of 25.

Truck stops

Because many truckers use Comdata services, Most truck stops have blank Comcheks available. Often some truck stops can print them in-store and will provide you with a blank Comchek for free.

For the truck stop to print a Comcheck for you, you’ll need your driver information and Express Code. You can easily get up to three blank Comchecks at a time, although quantities will vary by location.

You can get a blank Comcheck at the following truck stop chains:

  • Road Ranger
  • Sapp Bros. Travel Centers
  • Flying J Travel Centers
  • Liberty Travel Plazas
  • Pilot Travel Centers
  • TA Travel Centers
  • Love’s Travel Stops
  • Petro Stopping Centers

Cashing Comcheks

You can cash a Comcheck at plenty of Truck stop merchants mentioned above and across the country, so chances are there is one near you. Truck stops will usually cash your Comchecks for free. However, you may be charged a processing fee if you use a Comcheck without purchasing any fuel.

You can also cash your Comcheck at any bank but you’ll need to first get authorization from Comdata to use the Express Code on the check. Once you have the authorization, you can cash the Comcheck similar to the way you cash a regular check.

Comdata & Comchecks

Comdata is a company that provides financial services to the trucking industry. Comdata services include issuing Comcheks, which are blank checks that can be used to pay for fuel, repairs, and other trucking expenses. Some truck stops have blank Comcheks available for truckers to use.

The ease and convenience of using Comdata services make them a popular choice for truckers. Comdata makes it easy for transport brokers to keep track of expenses and to pay for them quickly and easily. This can save truckers time and money.

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