How to cancel a Green Dot card (2024)

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  • It’s very easy to cancel your Green Dot prepaid debit card, but you’ll need to empty your balance first. Otherwise, you’ll be giving Green Dot your money.
  • There is a slight difference between canceling a prepaid Green Dot debit card and a Green Dot credit card.

Green Dot offers a range of regular credit cards and prepaid cards to its customers. While these cards do have some benefits, various reasons may lead you to cancel them, such as the associated fees, especially if you don’t use the card often or maybe you’ve found a better option.

The good news is you can easily cancel your Green Dot cards, but the procedure is different depending on whether you are using a credit card or prepaid debit card.

How do I cancel my Green Dot debit card?

It is much easier to cancel a prepaid Green Dot debit card than a credit card because you spend from the money you have in the card and owe Green Dot nothing except the fees.

If you want to cancel a prepaid Green Dot card, the first step is to empty all the balance from the card. You can empty your card balance by shopping online, ATM withdrawals, money transfers, or pay for online bills and subscriptions. Make sure you completely empty all your money on the card; else, you’ll be giving Green Dot free money when you cancel. However, do note that necessary withdrawal fees may apply, so a one-time expenditure is the most prudent way to cut down fees while you empty your balance.

Once your balance is emptied and goes to zero, your account should close automatically without any further action on your part – but to be sure your account is closed, you can contact Green Dot customer support at (866) 795-7597, provide some information to verify yourself and then talk to a live representative.

Alternatively, log into your account, navigate to the “Security” tab and then click on “Close Card.” Next, you will be asked why you’ve decided to cancel your Green Dot card – select or provide a reason and then click “Cancel Card.”

Note that you don’t need to cancel your Green Dot card because it was lost, stolen, or due to security issues like fraud. You can report any security issues through the “Security” tab or call customer support. Instead of closing your account, Green Dot card will allow you to get a replacement card, usually for a fee.

In the meantime, while you expect the new replacement card, you can continue to use your Green Dot account through services like Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

How do I cancel my Green Dot credit card?

If you want to cancel a Green Dot credit card, you should first pay off any balance you owe otherwise you risk losing your security deposit when you close the account

Remember that canceling your Green Dot credit card may have potential consequences on your credit score, so be sure you really want to do it. For example, closing an older account can cause your credit score to drop or damage your credit utilization rate.

Once you’ve paid any amount or fees you owe and ready to cancel the card, you can contact Green Dot customer service through the number on the back of your card. This number will vary depending on which Green Dot card you are using. For example, the number to call is (866) 291-0818 if you have the Green Dot Platinum Visa card.

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Once you make the call, an automated voice system will guide you to cancel your card or get help from a live representative. Just follow the prompts, and you should successfully cancel the card. If it’s just a security issue of fraud or a lost card – similar to the prepaid debit cards, you can close your old card and get a replacement card.

Once your card is canceled, the customer representative will let you know when your security deposit will be returned.

After canceling your Green Dot card

You won’t be able to use your card anymore after Green Dot cancels it. If you asked for a replacement card due to a security issue, it should arrive within a couple of weeks. You’ll need to activate it before you can use it.

If you were using your canceled Green Dot card for automatic subscriptions, utilities, and services, be sure to update your payment info to avoid service interruption or missed payments.

Can you go negative on a Green Dot card? / What does a negative balance mean on a Green Dot card?

As long as your Green Dot card is open, it’s subject to a monthly charge. If your card balance falls to negative, Green Dot can cancel your account without any warnings.

Can you get your money back from Green Dot?

Green Dot can help you recover funds from fraudulent activity. However, if it’s a MoneyPark fund that’s already been transferred, Green Dot will not be able to issue a refund. Refund checks typically take between 7 to 14 days to arrive.

How much can I take off my Green Dot card? / Green Dot withdrawal limit?

There is a $400 daily ATM withdrawal limit on the Green Dot Prepaid Card, which is comparable with other prepaid cards. You can withdraw up to a maximum of $3,000 per month from ATMs and teller transactions.

Does Green Dot affect your credit?

Green Dot credit cards have relatively low-interest rates when compared with similar regular credit cards. Unlike most card issuers, applying for a Green Dot card won’t affect your credit.

How long does a refund take on Green Dot?

Short answer is 7 days. Green Dot refunds from merchants can take up to seven days to be processed.

Is Green Dot a real bank?

Green Dot Bank is an online bank that has been in business since 1999 and is part of the Green Dot Corporation. Green Dot offers some of the most competitive rates through its high-yield savings account and unlimited cash-back rewards through its spending account.

What’s the most money you can put on a Green Dot card?

The short answer is $3,000. The most money you can reload on a Green Dot card is $3,000, and you may not add cash to your Card at any time your card balance is above $3,000. Green Dot reserve the right to approve or decline any request to reload your card.

Is Green Dot a credit or debit card?

Green Dot offers both secured credit card and prepaid debit card.

Does Green Dot charge fees?

The Green Dot Prepaid Visa Card carries a $7.95 monthly fee, a $5.95 reload fee, and an ATM withdrawal fee of $3. However, the monthly fee of $7.95 will be waived if you load $1,000 or more through direct deposit in the previous monthly period.

What bank is associated with Green Dot?

The bank associated with Green Dot is GoBank, a brand and trademark of Green Dot Bank – an FDIC member, which also operates as Bonneville Bank.

How do I deactivate my prepaid card?

You can cancel a prepaid by calling your card issuer directly. However, before canceling the card, you will need to empty all your funds from the account first, either through ATM transactions, money transfers, paper checks, or regular online purchases.

Is Green Dot safe?

Green Dot is relatively safe as your money is FDIC-insured. For insurance purposes, your Green Dot savings account and cash-back account are considered one account.

Is Green Dot card free?

Green Dot card has a $7.95 monthly fee, which can be waived when you deposit at least $1,000 a month. There is also a $3 ATM fee which can be more depending on added fees the ATM operator charges. Reloading your card at retailers such as Walmart costs up to $5.95.

Where can I reload my Green Dot card?

You can deposit money to your Green Dot card at thousands of locations, including CVS/Pharmacy, Family Dollar, Kroger, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Safeway, Dollar General, ACE Cash Express, 7-Eleven, and more.

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