How can I pay my Ulta Credit Card?

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To pay your Ulta Credit Card or Ulta Store Card, you have a few options:

  1. Online: Log in to your account on the Ulta website or use the EasyPay feature to make your payment.
  2. Over the phone: Call (866) 254-9971 to make a payment through the phone.
  3. Via mail: You can send a check or money order (but not cash) to Comenity Capital Bank at the following address: Comenity Capital Bank
    PO Box 650964
    Dallas, TX 75265-0964

If you decide to mail your payment, ensure it’s sent at least 5-7 days before your due date. Also, remember to include your credit card number on the payment to prevent processing delays.

Ulta Beauty is the biggest beauty store in the United States, selling over 25,000 products in various categories and price ranges, including their own brand. If you’re someone who likes getting beauty products as rewards, having an Ulta Beauty credit card can be helpful. There are two options: the Ultamate Rewards® credit card and the Ultamate Rewards® Mastercard®.

Like any credit card, when you have an Ulta credit card, you need to pay your bills on time every month. It’s important to know how to make your Ulta credit card payment on time to avoid late fees.

Make an Ulta Credit Card payment online

To make an Ulta Credit Card payment online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Ulta credit card landing page.
  2. Select your Ulta credit card.
  3. Click “Register Now” to create your login credentials.
  4. Provide your credit card account number, ZIP code, and the last four digits of your Social Security number, Social Insurance number, or Alternate Identification number.
  5. Choose a username and password for your account.
  6. Enter your email address and phone number.
  7. Sign in using your newly created login and password.
  8. Add your checking account number and bank routing number.
  9. Follow the prompts to complete your bill payment.
  10. You can also use the EasyPay function if you don’t want to create an account. Enter your credit card number, ZIP code, and Social Security number to locate your account and enter your payment details.

Additionally, after creating an account, you’ll have 24/7 access to the website to view your statements, update your profile, and manage your Ulta Credit Card account.

Make an Ulta Credit Card Payment by phone

To make an Ulta credit card payment by phone, follow these steps:

  1. Gather your credit card and payment details, including your card number or Social Security number, your bank account information, and the payment amount.
  2. Dial Comenity Capital Bank services at 866-257-9195.
  3. Follow the automated prompts to schedule your payment. They are available to assist you seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. CST. Please note that there may be a fee if you choose to speak to a representative to process your payment.

Make an Ulta Credit Card Payment by mail

To make an Ulta Credit Card payment by mail, follow these steps:

  1. Payment Method: Write a check or purchase a money order. Make it payable to “Comenity Capital Bank Ultamate Rewards Mastercard” or “Ultamate Rewards credit card” for the amount you wish to pay.
  2. Minimum Payment: Pay at least the minimum payment due to avoid penalties. To avoid interest charges, pay the full amount of your last statement balance.
  3. Mailing Address: Mail your payment to the following address: Comenity Capital Bank — Ultamate Rewards Mastercard or Ultamate Rewards Credit Card
    PO Box 650964
    Dallas, TX 75265-0964

Make sure to send your payment early enough to reach the payment center by the due date to avoid late fees or penalties.

Make your Ulta Credit Card Payment via mobile app

To make an Ulta Credit Card payment via the mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Ulta Mobile App from the App Store (for Apple users) or Google Play (for Android users).
  2. Open the app and navigate to the main menu by tapping “More” at the bottom right of the opening screen.
  3. In the menu, select “Ultamate Rewards Credit Card.”
  4. On the next screen, tap the “Manage Account” button located at the bottom left.
  5. Choose your credit card type from the options provided, either “Ultamate Rewards Credit Card” or “Ultamate Mastercard.”
  6. Sign in to your account using the username and password you created when registering and activating your card online.
  7. Follow the prompts and instructions within the app to complete your payment.
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By following these steps, you can conveniently make a payment on your Ulta Credit Card using the mobile app.

Ultamate Rewards Credit Card vs. Ultamate Rewards Mastercard

The Ultamate Rewards Credit Card and Ultamate Rewards Mastercard are two different credit cards offered by Ulta with no annual fees and a 20% discount on your first Ulta purchase. Here are their key differences:

Ultamate Rewards Credit Card:

  • Can only be used at Ulta Beauty stores and
  • Earns two points for every $1 spent.
  • No ability to use it outside of Ulta.

Ultamate Rewards Mastercard:

  • Can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including Ulta Beauty stores and
  • Earns two points for every $1 spent at Ulta and one point for every $3 spent elsewhere.
  • Offers a 500 welcome bonus points if you spend $500 outside of Ulta Beauty in the first 90 days.

In summary, the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card is limited to use at Ulta, while the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted and provides more versatile point-earning opportunities, along with a welcome bonus for non-Ulta purchases.

Is there an app to pay my Ulta credit card?

Yes, you can pay your Ulta credit card using the Ulta Mobile App. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Ulta Mobile App from either the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).
  2. Once the app is installed, open it and you’ll see the main screen.
  3. At the bottom right of the opening screen, tap on “More.”
  4. Next, tap on “Ultamate Rewards Credit Card.”
  5. On the screen that appears, look for the “Manage Account” button, which is located at the bottom left, and tap on it.

By following these steps, you can use the Ulta Mobile App to pay your Ulta credit card conveniently.

What credit is needed for Ulta credit card?

The credit score required for an Ulta credit card is 700 or higher. This means you need to have at least a good credit score to have a good chance of being approved. However, the Ulta Store Card is more flexible and accepts individuals with fair credit scores of 640 or higher.

How many days do you have to pay Ulta credit card?

When you have an Ulta credit card, you typically have 25 days to pay your bill. This 25-day period starts after the end of each billing cycle, and that’s when your due date is set. So, you have about a month to make your payment after receiving your monthly statement.

The bottom line

To pay your Ulta credit card bill, you have a few options. You can’t pay it in-store, but you can pay online, by phone, or by mail.

  1. Online Payment: This is often the simplest method. Log in to your Ulta credit card account online and follow the instructions to make a payment using your bank account or a debit card.
  2. Phone Payment: You can also make a payment by phone. Call the Ulta credit card customer service number and follow the prompts to pay your bill using your bank account or debit card.
  3. Mail Payment: If you prefer traditional methods, you can mail a check or money order along with your billing statement to the address provided on your statement. Make sure to allow enough time for the payment to arrive before the due date.

Choose the method that’s most convenient for you, and ensure your payment is made before the due date to avoid late fees or penalties.