What’s the Lowe’s customer service number and contact?

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You can reach Lowe’s Store Card customer service by calling (800) 444-1408. When you dial this number, you’ll speak to a real person who can help you with your questions or guide you to the right department.

Lowe’s provides several phone contacts for customer service:

  1. Main Line: 704-758-1000
    This is Lowe’s main phone number for general inquiries.
  2. Customer Service: 1 (800) 445-6937
    You can reach Lowe’s customer service by calling this toll-free number.
  3. Toll-Free: 1 (877) 465-6937
    Another toll-free number you can use to contact Lowe’s customer service.

Lowe’s customer service hours are as follows:

  • Monday through Saturday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Eastern Time)
  • Sunday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Eastern Time)

For credit card support, you can call:

  • Credit Card Support: 1 (800) 444-1408

These phone numbers and hours can assist you in reaching Lowe’s for various inquiries and assistance.

How to talk to Lowe’s Store Card customer service

To speak with Lowe’s Store Card customer service, follow these steps:

  1. Dial (800) 444-1408 to call their customer service.
  2. Provide your card number or Social Security Number when prompted.
  3. State the reason for your call.
  4. Wait to be connected to a live representative.

If you don’t have a Lowe’s Store Card account, you can skip providing your card number or Social Security number by saying “I don’t have it.” When asked, say “More options” or press 7. Then, say “Customer service,” and you will be connected to a live representative.

Lowe’s email and social media contacts

Certainly, here are the email and social media contacts for Lowe’s:

Email Contacts:

  • Customer Support Email: vpcustexp@lowes.com

Social Media Contacts:

  1. Lowe’s official Facebook page
  2. Lowe’s official Twitter account

Lowe’s executive contacts

Certainly! Here is an expanded explanation of the provided information:

Primary Contact: Ronda Harlow

  • Position: Director Executive Customer Relations
  • Address: 1000 Lowe’s Boulevard, Mooresville, NC 28117
  • Email: Ronda.harlow@lowes.com

Secondary Contact: Vincent Scalese

  • Position: Executive Vice President of Operations
  • Address: 1000 Lowe’s Boulevard, Mooresville, NC 28117
  • Email: vincent.scalese@lowes.com

Chief Executive: Marvin Ellison

  • Position: President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Address: 1000 Lowe’s Boulevard, Mooresville, NC 28117
  • Email: marvin.ellison@lowes.com

These are the key contacts at Lowe’s, a company based in Mooresville, North Carolina. Ronda Harlow is the Director of Executive Customer Relations, Vincent Scalese holds the position of Executive Vice President of Operations, and Marvin Ellison is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Each contact includes their respective positions, addresses, and email addresses for communication purposes.

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What is the phone number for Lowe’s credit card?

If you have questions about your Lowe’s credit card account, you can contact the Lowe’s Credit Center at 1-800-444-1408.

How do I contact Lowe’s corporate email?

To contact Lowe’s corporate via email, you can send an email to investorrelations@lowes.com. You can also visit their Investor Relations website for more information. Additionally, you can call them at 1-800-813-7613.

What is the number for Lowe’s warranty?

The number for Lowe’s warranty is 1-888-775-6937. To get service and coverage under the warranty, you must call this number before having any repairs done.

They require advance authorization for repairs, and unauthorized repairs may not be covered. If you need assistance in a foreign language or if you’re hearing impaired, there are services available to help you through this number as well.

Major reasons customers contact Lowe’s support

Customers contact Lowe’s for various reasons, and here are some major ones:

  • Automatic Payment Inquiry: Customers often contact Lowe’s to inquire about the amount and details of their automatic payments.
  • Lowe’s Credit Card Application: Some customers get in touch regarding their Lowe’s Credit Card applications, especially when there are issues or questions about the status of their application.
  • Credit Application Assistance: Customers may reach out when they need help filling out a credit application for purchases.
  • Credit Decrease Inquiry: If a customer’s credit limit has decreased, they might contact Lowe’s to understand why, especially if they need to make significant purchases like buying fencing materials.
  • Statement and Payment Information: Customers frequently seek information about their billing statement, including the amount due and how to make payments. Some may have requested mail billing and not received it.
  • Lost or Replacement Credit Card: Customers who have lost their Lowe’s credit cards or have damaged cards may contact Lowe’s to cancel the lost card and request a replacement.
  • Card Replacement Due to Damage: When a customer’s credit card is damaged or broken, they may contact Lowe’s to request a new one.
  • Account Login Issues: Customers may face difficulties logging into their online accounts and contact Lowe’s for assistance with account access.

These are common reasons customers contact Lowe’s, covering issues related to payments, credit cards, applications, and account access.