Does Sam’s Club do oil changes? Answered

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Sam’s Club stores provide several member services, such as photo printing and eye exams, yet they do not provide oil changes at any of their locations. We verified this by contacting stores in Florida, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Arkansas. A representative confirmed that no Sam’s Club stores offer oil changes.

However, some Sam’s Club locations do offer tire and battery services, like installation and rotation. To access these services, you’ll need an active Sam’s Club membership, and you can schedule appointments by calling or visiting your local store.

Does Sam’s Club do oil changes?

Sam’s Club doesn’t provide oil change services at their locations. Despite this, they do carry motor oil and other fluids essential for performing an oil change on your vehicle independently. On their website, specifically in the Motor Oil, Fluids, & Degreasers section, you can explore and purchase these necessary items. Their inventory comprises various types of motor oils, offering you a range of options to select the most suitable one for your specific vehicle needs.

Can you buy motor oil at Sam’s Club?

Yes! Sam’s Club does sell motor oil. You’ll find different types like conventional, synthetic, and high mileage oils. They offer a range of brands too, such as Castrol, Chevron, Green Earth, Mobil 1, Pennzoil, Prime Series, Rotella, Ezoic, and VP.

Sam’s Club has a website that provides convenient filters to specifically search and discover the suitable motor oil for your car. This is made possible through the Motor Oil Finder tool, a feature designed to assist in identifying the correct motor oil based on your car’s make, model, and manufacturing year.

Moreover, Sam’s Club offers a range of other automotive supplies in addition to motor oil. These include items such as tires, batteries, compressors, and more. While they don’t provide oil change services, Sam’s Club remains an excellent destination to fulfill all your automotive requirements. Plus, you can even refuel your vehicle’s tank while you’re there.

Why doesn’t Sam’s Club do oil changes?

Sam’s Club doesn’t provide oil change services because its parent company, Walmart, already offers this service. Since many Sam’s Club locations are close to Walmart stores, it’s more convenient for Sam’s Club members to get their oil changes done at Walmart. Sam’s Club focuses on bulk sales and discounts for products like motor oil, tires, and batteries rather than providing services like oil changes, leaving that to Walmart’s expertise and proximity.

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What other automotive services does Sam’s Club provide?

Sam’s Club goes beyond selling motor oil and automotive supplies. They provide various automotive services that cater to different needs. Here are some of the services they offer:

  • Tire installation: Helping with tire fitting and replacement.
  • Battery testing and installation: Checking battery health and installing new ones if needed.
  • Windshield wiper blade installation: Replacing and installing wiper blades for better visibility.
  • Headlight restoration: Revamping headlights for improved performance.
  • Air filter replacement: Changing air filters to maintain air quality within the vehicle.

On top of these services, Sam’s Club also offers an Auto Buying Program and a Car Rental Program. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle or simply need a rental, they’ve got options to accommodate your needs.

Where else can you get your oil changed?

While Sam’s Club doesn’t provide oil change services, places like CarMax, Jiffy Lube, Midas, and Walmart do. Each of these places has its perks. CarMax offers quick service with various oil types starting at $40. Jiffy Lube offers flexibility, allowing you to bring your own oil, typically costing around $40.

Midas starts at $30 and offers various automotive services. Walmart is the most affordable, with oil changes priced between $20-$25, and they operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, making it convenient for quick changes without an appointment.

  1. CarMax:
    • Quick and easy oil change process.
    • Appointment or walk-in options available.
    • Offers various motor oil types, including synthetic, conventional, and high mileage.
    • Typically takes around 30 minutes.
    • Prices start at $40, providing a balance of convenience and quality.
  2. Jiffy Lube:
    • Well-known for various services, including oil changes and tire rotations.
    • Allows customers to bring their own oil for the change.
    • Costs approximately $40, depending on the chosen oil type.
    • Provides flexibility for those who prefer specific oil brands.
  3. Midas:
    • Offers oil changes starting at $30.
    • Provides a range of automotive services, such as brake repairs and tire rotations.
    • Convenient scheduling options, including online appointments or walk-ins.
    • A one-stop shop for various automotive needs.
  4. Walmart:
    • Budget-friendly option, with oil change services priced between $20-$25.
    • Quick service, typically completed in about 30 minutes.
    • Allows customers to bring their own oil.
    • No appointment needed; operates on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Ideal for those seeking an affordable and efficient oil change without prior scheduling.

The bottom line

Sam’s Club doesn’t provide oil changes. If you need an oil change, consider a nearby oil change service or dealership. But, if you want to buy motor oil and other fluids, Sam’s Club is a good choice.