AutoZone battery warranty & return policy (explained)

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If you buy a car battery from AutoZone, you have 90 days to return it, provided it hasn’t been used and you’ve got the receipt plus a valid ID. If the battery’s already installed, some AutoZone stores might allow an exchange, but it needs approval from the store manager. Defective batteries can be returned during the warranty period. Depending on the warranty terms, you might get a free replacement or credit toward buying a new one.

Researching warranty and return policies can be time-consuming, but we’ve taken care of the heavy lifting for you. We’ve extracted and emphasized crucial details regarding AutoZone’s battery warranty and return policy. AutoZone, with its expansive network of over 6,000 locations across the U.S., could be a convenient choice for your next battery purchase.

What is an AutoZone battery?

AutoZone have its own brand of batteries it they sell under different names like Duralast, Valucraft, and Econocraft.

These batteries are designed to give a similar amount of power as more well-known brands but at a more affordable price. Specifically, their Duralast brand is made for many commonly used vehicles, providing a cost-effective option for customers in need of a new battery.

Here is a closer look at the type of batteries that AutoZone offers:

Econocraft – Most affordable

The Econocraft batteries are the most budget-friendly options within AutoZone’s own line of batteries. Specifically designed to suit older car models, they’re perfect for basic transportation needs. Compared to regular batteries, Econocraft batteries cost around 30% less, making them a wallet-friendly choice for those looking to get their vehicle running without breaking the bank.

Duralast – Standard choice

Duralast is the AutoZone standard option for batteries. It’s a reliable choice if you want a durable battery that provides quality performance. Typically, Duralast batteries are available at a more affordable price compared to well-known brands, making them a smart option for value and longevity.

Duralast Gold – High-end choice

Duralast Gold batteries are a top-notch option, especially for luxury vehicles that see frequent use or are considered high-end. They’re tailored to manage the increased power demands of specific vehicles, ensuring extended and reliable performance over time.

Duralast Platinum – Highest quality

The Duralast Platinum batteries, available at AutoZone, stand out as their top-tier quality battery selection. Specifically designed for extreme driving conditions or high-performance vehicles, these batteries provide reliable power. Despite their exceptional quality, they’re competitively priced compared to other high-performance brand-name batteries.

How does the AutoZone battery warranty work?

AutoZone offers warranties for their batteries, like the Duralast ProPower AGM lasting three years and the Duralast ProPower Ultra lasting two years. To know the exact warranty period, you can check the product page or ask AutoZone’s store specialists.

If your battery fails within that warranty period due to defects, AutoZone replaces it for free. This means you won’t have to pay anything extra for a new battery if it stops working properly during the specified warranty timeframe.

How long is the AutoZone battery warranty?

The AutoZone battery warranty varies based on the type of battery you buy. Generally, it spans from one to four years. The Oyssedy battery offers the longest coverage, lasting four years. Meanwhile, the Duralast ProPower has the shortest warranty, running for one year.

How to claim the AutoZone battery warranty

When you need to use your AutoZone battery warranty, follow these steps: Head to the nearest AutoZone store, bringing the battery, the original receipt, and a valid government-issued ID. Present these items at the store, and the staff will assist you in processing your warranty claim.

How to tell if your AutoZone battery is under warranty?

Checking the warranty of your AutoZone battery can be done in two simple ways:

  1. Receipt Check: Take a look at your purchase receipt. The sales date mentioned on it indicates when you bought the battery, helping you determine if it’s still within the warranty period.
  2. Visit an AutoZone Store: Head over to any AutoZone store near you. Talk to one of the customer sales associates and ask about the warranty status of your battery. You’ll need to provide them with the battery’s serial number. They’ll use this number to look up the warranty information in their system and let you know if it’s still covered.
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What is the AutoZone battery return policy?

The AutoZone Battery Return Policy allows you to return any battery bought from AutoZone within 90 days of purchase, given you have the receipt and the battery hasn’t been used.

How does the AutoZone battery return policy work?

AutoZone’s battery return policy is straightforward. If you buy a battery and don’t end up using it, you have up to 90 days to return it. But, there are two main conditions: the battery must not have been installed in your vehicle, and you need to have the receipt from the purchase. As long as these conditions are met, you can return the unused battery to any AutoZone store.

When can I return my battery?

Returning your battery is easy! You’re welcome to return it to any of the 6,000 AutoZone stores across the United States. This means you have a wide range of locations to choose from, making it convenient for you to return the battery whenever it’s most suitable for you.

How long does it take to get a refund?

When you return the battery, you should expect to receive your refund fairly quickly. Usually, the process takes a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the store’s policies and how you made the original payment.

Some stores issue refunds immediately, while others may need some processing time before the money reflects back in your account. It’s a good idea to keep your receipt handy and, if necessary, follow up with the store if you don’t see the refund within the expected timeframe.

Do I need an AutoZone receipt?

When it comes to returning a product like a battery to AutoZone without a receipt, getting a refund is possible. Even if you don’t have the original receipt handy, you can still make it happen.

The key step is to reach out to AutoZone’s customer support at 800-288-6966. They can assist you in processing the refund for your battery even without the receipt. Just give them a call, explain the situation, and they’ll guide you through the necessary steps to get your refund sorted out.

Does AutoZone install batteries?

AutoZone does offer battery installation services at many of their stores. When you buy a battery from AutoZone, they typically provide the service of installing it for you at no additional cost. The installation process is usually swift and efficiently handled at their locations.

Do I have to pay extra for an AutoZone battery warranty?

When you buy an AutoZone battery, the warranty comes with it without any extra cost. This means you don’t have to pay additional money to get your AutoZone battery covered by the warranty.

Can I check my AutoZone battery warranty online?

Sure, here’s a simpler and more direct explanation:

Unfortunately, you can’t view your AutoZone battery warranty details online. To find out about your warranty, visit the nearest AutoZone store where they can check it for you. You can also call AutoZone customer service at 800-288-6966 for any warranty or transaction information regarding your battery.

Will the AutoZone warranty expire if I sell or transfer my car?

Once you sell or transfer your car, the AutoZone warranty for the battery ends. This warranty is specifically for the original purchaser of the battery and doesn’t carry over to subsequent owners or transfers of the vehicle.

The bottom line

AutoZone accepts returns of car batteries, such as their Duralast range, within 90 days of purchase, as long as the battery hasn’t been installed. To return it, bring the receipt, a valid ID, and the battery in its original packaging. Once a battery is installed, refunds are generally not allowed according to AutoZone’s return policy. However, some stores might permit exchanges with approval from the store manager.

We double-checked this policy with AutoZone staff in several states. Some said installed batteries can’t be returned, while others mentioned the possibility of exchanging with managerial approval. Defective items, however, can be returned within the warranty period, as per AutoZone’s policy.

AutoZone’s battery limited warranty offers a free replacement if a defect is found during the specified free replacement period. If a defect arises after this period but within the warranty timeframe, a credit toward a new battery can be obtained upon return.

It’s important to note that various Duralast batteries, like Duralast Heavy Duty and Duralast Gold, have their own warranty periods ranging from 90 days to four years.