54 places to buy stamps, including the post office, online, grocery stores, and ATMs

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Postage stamps serve as convenient tools for sending various physical post items like greeting cards, invoices, or other similar items. You can get them from local post offices or order them directly from the US Postal Service’s website. Additionally, grocery stores, pharmacies, and similar retailers typically stock booklets of stamps for easy purchase.

Having stamps on hand is handy for various purposes like sending greetings, mailing ballots, paying bills, or staying in touch via mail. For a standard-sized envelope weighing 1 ounce sent domestically in the US, it costs 60 cents via the United States Postal Service (USPS), providing an affordable way to correspond with a tactile touch.

Buying a booklet of 20 stamps amounts to approximately $12. “Forever” stamps hold their value, enabling their use even if postal rates increase. For instance, if you stumble upon a roll of forever stamps from 2016 when prices were 47 cents, you can still use them today by affixing one on an envelope and dropping it in a mailbox.

Where to buy stamps near me

Stamps aren’t only available at post offices; numerous places sell them. If you’re looking to purchase stamps, here are the avenues through which you can buy them.

ATMs in select banks, such as Wells Fargo, offer the convenience of purchasing stamps 24/7. Additionally, many national banks—like Fifth Third Bank, KeyBank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank—provide this service.

Convenience stores and gas stations like 7-Eleven, Circle K, QuikTrip, and Stinker Stores (Idaho only) offer an effortless stamp-buying experience. Moreover, grocery stores, including Albertsons, Kroger, Publix, Safeway, Walmart, and others, are reliable places to buy stamps in bulk. Some of these stores also sell mailing supplies, such as padded envelopes and shipping boxes.

Surprisingly, office supply stores like Office Depot/Office Max, Staples, and university bookstores also stock postage stamps. Pharmacies, such as CVS, Walgreens, and Bartell Drugs (Washington only), are another convenient option. Wholesale clubs like BJ’s Wholesale Club, Costco, and Sam’s Club often offer stamps at a slight discount.

While some other stores, like Bi-Lo, Foodtown, Fred Meyer, Gelson’s, Kmart, Piggly Wiggly, Rite Aid, Save-a-Lot, Shop ‘n Save, Stop & Shop, and Whole Foods, might sell stamps, they’re not guaranteed to have them consistently. It’s advisable to call ahead before visiting these locations to ensure they have the postage stamps available.

Your local post office

At your nearby post office, the waiting line for customer service can grow lengthy during certain times of the day.

If your requirement is solely for stamps, opting for an electronic self-service kiosk, where accessible, can be a quicker alternative as these stations typically have no waiting queues. However, do note that these kiosks might not offer specialty stamps as an option.


The USPS website provides a wide selection of stamps catering to different preferences. From the traditional US Flag to seasonal choices like Christmas, Diwali, Kwanzaa, and Halloween, as well as themed options such as Peanuts characters, images from the James Webb Space Telescope, and depictions of elephants.

Moreover, it showcases stamps featuring notable Americans such as Edmonia Lewis, Eugenie Clark, Chien-Shiung Wu, and Pete Seeger. The website enables users to filter their stamp search by factors like color, shape, theme, denomination, and other specifications, offering a convenient way to find stamps tailored to individual preferences.


Various retailers, ranging from grocery stores to pharmacies and office supply shops, commonly offer stamps for sale. To easily locate nearby places selling stamps, you can utilize the USPS location tool by entering your zip code and selecting “national retailer” from the drop-down menu. This tool may identify stores like Walgreens, Winn-Dixie, and Staples based on your location. It’s essential to note that these retailers usually sell stamp booklets rather than individual stamps and typically offer them only in their physical stores.

Additionally, Costco sells stamps in batches of 100, catering to businesses and frequent letter writers. However, these stamps aren’t available for purchase online and may not be found in every Costco store. On the other hand, Sam’s Club allows online purchases of stamps, offering a convenient option for buyers.

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Several banks and credit unions provide the convenience of selling stamps either via their ATMs or through tellers. Availability can differ based on the branch, so when conducting your banking transactions, it’s worth checking if stamps are offered as well.

For instance, Fifth Third Bank lets users narrow down locations that sell stamps by using a search filter on its website when looking for ATMs or branches. On the other hand, Wells Fargo has discontinued the sale of stamps, as confirmed by a representative from the bank.

Other options to buy postage stamps

You have several other options to obtain stamps. You can ask your mail carrier for an order form, or call 1-800-STAMP-24 (800-782-6724) to place an order. For bulk purchases, businesses can contact the same number or email StampsNow.info@usps.gov. If you’re interested in starting a stamp collection, check out the USA Philatelic catalog and use its order form.

Alternatively, services like Stamps.com offer online postage printing, but they typically involve a monthly fee. However, some may offer a free trial for immediate mailing needs.

Please note that personalized stamps from sites like Minted and Zazzle were discontinued by USPS in June 2020. However, you can still use any remaining postage you purchased through these services for mailing purposes.

How much is a book of stamps?

The price of a book of stamps isn’t fixed; it varies based on postage rates. In 2019, mailing a First-Class letter increased from $0.50 to $0.55. Presently, a $0.63 stamp is needed to mail a letter in 2023. A book of stamps, containing 20 stamps, costs $12.60.

There are two main types of stamps available:

  • Forever stamps: Their value rises with the price of First-Class stamps. Currently, one Forever stamp costs $0.63, and a book of 20 Forever stamps costs $12.60.
  • First-Class stamps: Their value remains constant; if bought today at $0.63 each, they retain that value. A book of 20 First-Class stamps also costs $12.60.

Forever stamps can mail one ounce of First-Class Mail, regardless of future price hikes. For instance, even if the Post Office increases the First-Class stamp cost to $0.65 next year, one Forever stamp at $0.63 will still suffice to mail a letter.

How to buy stamps online

To purchase stamps online, there are three convenient options available:

  1. Amazon: Offers online stamp orders, but prices might be slightly higher compared to other options. Not the most cost-effective choice for those seeking savings.
  2. Stamps.com: An exceptionally convenient platform where you can buy stamps online and print them at home. Ideal for those who prefer home printing.
  3. USPS.com: Another excellent choice for buying postage stamps online. USPS offers a wide variety of stamp designs and quantities. It’s the best option if you’re seeking diverse designs such as flowers, presidents, historical events, or characters from Sesame Street. They deliver the stamps directly to you after selection.

USPS.com provides the broadest selection of stamp designs and quantities, making it the go-to option for diverse preferences in stamp imagery.

Where to buy stamps on Sunday

Today, obtaining stamps on a Sunday, which was once a challenge due to post office closures, has become remarkably easier thanks to numerous authorized sellers available even on weekends. Here’s a brief rundown of places where you can purchase stamps on Sundays:

  • ATMs, such as those provided by Wells Fargo, often offer stamps as part of their services.
  • Convenience stores and gas stations commonly stock stamps for customers’ convenience.
  • Grocery stores like Walmart usually have stamps available for purchase.
  • Office supplies stores like Staples tend to carry a variety of postage stamps.
  • Wholesale clubs such as Costco also offer stamps among their selection of goods.
  • Online options like Stamps.com provide a convenient way to buy stamps without leaving your home.

With these varied options, fulfilling your need for stamps on a Sunday becomes a hassle-free task.

The bottom line

There’s no need to hurry to the post office for stamps. Whether you’re in a hurry or preparing a large mailing, many places can assist you.

For utmost convenience, think about purchasing stamps online or at nearby grocery or wholesale outlets during your regular shopping trips. Opting for Forever stamps is wise, especially if you don’t use mail often.