Venmo limits and transaction fees (2024): 17 crucial FAQs (and answers!)

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Have you ever wondered about Venmo weekly limit, daily limit, withdrawal limit, or transaction fees? Or are you thinking about increasing your Venmo limit?

Before you use Venmo to make purchases or send money to someone, it’s crucial to know and understand how the company’s limits work.

Most of these limitations are “rolling” limits, which means they reset once a certain amount of time has passed after the initial transaction.

1. What is Venmo daily limit?

Venmo does not have a set daily sending limit. It does, however, have a weekly and per-transaction spending limit.

Your weekly spending limit will largely depend on if you’ve verified your identity or not.

2. What is Venmo weekly limit?

Venmo’s weekly spending limit for unverified accounts is $299.99.

If your Venmo account is verified, your total weekly spending limit is $6,999.99. The limit includes person-to-person payments, in-app/online transactions, and purchases made with your Venmo debit card or QR codes.

3. What’s the most money I can send using Venmo?

The most money you can send as a new Venmo user is limited to $299.99 per week, including payments to authorized merchants and person-to-person payments.

Once your identity has been verified, your total weekly spending limit is $6,999.99, including online and in-app transactions, as well as any additional purchases made with your Venmo debit card or in-store QR codes.

4. How much can I transfer from Venmo to a bank account?

If your identification has not been verified yet, the limit of funds you can Venmo to your bank account each week is $999.99. You can increase this limit by verifying your identity. Once you do, you can make weekly transfers to your bank of up to $19,999.99. The maximum amount you can transfer to your bank account in a single transaction is $2,999.99.

5. How do I increase my Venmo limits?

The best and only way to increase your Venmo limits is to Verify your identity.

To verify your identity on Venmo, Tap the menu and then tap “Settings.” On the next screen, tap “Identity Verification” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you verify your identity, you can increase your spending limit. The max limit for direct deposit to your bank account per transaction is $2,999.99. The maximum transfer limit per week to your bank account is $19,999.99.

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6. What is the ATM limit for Venmo?

Venmo daily ATM limit is $400 and resets at midnight CST.

7. What is the withdrawal limit for Venmo?

The daily withdrawal limit for a Venmo debit card is $400, including over the counter and ATM withdrawals, and cashback. The limit resets daily at midnight CST.

8. What are the Venmo debit card limits?

The maximum daily spending limit on a Venmo debit card is $3,000. And on a weekly basis, the max limit is $4,999.99.

9. What day and time does the weekly Venmo limit reset?

The weekly Venmo limit does not reset on a specific day or time. Instead, it is based on the date and time of your initial transaction and resets one week later.

For example, if your first Venmo transaction occurred on a Monday at 10 p.m., your weekly limit would be reset the following Monday at 10:01 p.m.

10. What is Venmo reload limit?

Venmo reload limit is $500, and resets one week the initial reload.

If you enabled Venmo reload, you can easily check to see your limit in the debit card section of the app.

11. Is there a limit on Venmo instant transfer?

You need a minimum of $0.26 to make instant transfers. If you need to transfer less than $0.25, you can use Venmo standard bank transfer.

12. What are the Venmo business account limits?

If your business account is verified, the Venmo max limit is $49,999.99 per week. Instant transfer to your debit card is set at $10,000 per transaction limit. The limit is $50,000 per transaction for instant transfer to your bank account.

If your Venmo business account is yet to be verified, your weekly payment limit is $2,499.99, while your weekly bank transfer limit will be $999.99.

13. What is the spending limit on Venmo?

Once your identification has been verified, you have a weekly transaction limit of $6,999.99.

This number comprises funds you’ve transferred to others, merchant payments authorized by you, and Venmo debit card transactions.

14. What is Venmo funding limit from bank account?

There are two limits for adding funds to your Venmo account from your bank account. The Standard Add Funds is limited to $1,500.00 per week. There is also Instant Add Money feature, which is available to some Venmo debit cardholders — it offers a separate weekly limit of $500.

15. What are Venmo cryptocurrency limits

Venmo cryptocurrency transactions are limited to $20,000 purchases per week and a limit of $50,000 purchases within 12 months.

16. What are the Venmo fees for sending money?

Sending money on Venmo incurs a standard 3% fee, but the fee is waived when the transaction is funded with a Venmo balance, a debit card, or a bank account. However, the 3% fee is not waived when sending money from a credit card.

17. What are the Venmo card ATM charges?

You don’t pay a fee when you use the Venmo debit card to make purchases, but you may incur a fee when using your Venmo debit card at an ATM or through a bank teller to withdraw cash. The ATM fee is $2.50 per withdrawal transaction and could rise to $3 for over-the-counter bank withdrawals. However, there’s no fee when you withdraw money from your Venmo balance using the MoneyPass ATM.

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