Cash App bank name and address for direct deposit? (2024)

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The Cash App bank name for direct deposit is Lincoln Savings Bank, a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, with seven locations across the United States. Lincoln Savings Bank is Cash App Bank’s direct deposit partner, while Sutton Bank issues the Cash App Debit Card.

Enter your routing number in the ABA Routing Number Lookup to get your Cash App bank’s address.

Read on to avoid any issues with the name of your Cash App Bank account, as each Cash App user has a unique Cash App Bank branch address, location, and account number based on their location.

The headquarters of Lincoln Savings Bank is located at 508 Main St, Reinbeck, IA 50669, United States. The Cash App Debit Card is issued by Sutton Bank and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

To determine your Cash App Bank Address for Cash App direct deposit, you’ll need the Routing Number to help identify the location of your bank’s branch.

Sutton Bank, a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation member is the Cash App debit card issuer under license from Visa International Incorporated.

Cash App bank name for direct deposit

While Sutton Bank issues Cash App debit cards, the direct deposit feature is powered by Lincoln Savings Bank, which provides Cash App users with a routing number and a new account number to use for deposits.

Each user of the Square Cash App has their own unique certified account and routing numbers, which can be used for direct deposit of paychecks and adding money to your Cash App card.

To have your paychecks automatically deposited to your Cash App account periodically, simply share your Cash App details with your employers.

Is Cash App a bank?

Cash App is not a bank, but rather a financial technology platform. Its Banking services are powered by the Lincoln Savings Bank, while Sutton Bank supports the Cash Card.

Because Cash App balances are not federally guaranteed like bank accounts, you could lose them if the company goes out of business.

Why is the bank name for Cash App important?

A bank name and city/state are required fields on every direct deposit form. So, if you’re using Cash App, figuring out what to put in the Bank Name field alongside your routing and account number can be tricky if you don’t know the bank name.

To use the Cash App for direct deposit, users must provide their employer with the Cash App bank name, routing number, and address.

The Cash App bank name is also necessary if you’re eligible and want to regularly receive unemployment benefits or stimulus payments as a one-time payment. Cash app users can have their paychecks or other payments deposited directly into their accounts.

Let’s go through the Cash App Bank’s name, as well as other data about the Cash App bank, such as its address and phone number for associated banks.

A bank account alone can be difficult to fully identify the bank where your account is held. You’ll need the bank’s routing number, which is super easy to find.

On the other hand, routing numbers will identify the exact bank where you opened your account and inform you of the bank name to complete your transactions.

What is Cash App bank address?

Unlike a bank name, which is easy to remember, you’ll need your routing number to find your Cash App bank address.

Depending on location, the bank address and routing numbers for Cash App users may differ. Therefore, it’s important to double-check that the Cash App routing number is correct. But generally, Cash App bank address is 508 Main Street, Reinbeck, Iowa 50669, which is where Lincoln Savings bank is headquartered.

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You can quickly find your specific Cash App bank address once you have the routing number. Using your routing number, a simple online search can reveal your bank’s name, phone number, and address.

What bank is Cash App with?

Cash App is affiliated with Lincoln Savings Bank, with a license to provide Cash App banking services, including Cash App account and routing number for direct deposit.

However, Lincoln Bank has multiple locations, and you must make the correct selection to ensure that your funds are received appropriately into your account.

This is where your Cash App Bank’s name, routing number, and other relevant details will be required.

Find your Cash App routing number and account number

To find out your Cash App account details and routing number:

  1. Open the Cash App on your smartphone and tap the “$” sign button from the “My Cash” option.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Cash.”
  3. Locate the “Direct Deposit” option to see your Cash App routing number.
  4. Select “Get Account Number” to get your Cash App Account Number.

A routing number identifies the location of the bank branch where you opened your account. This number lets financial firms distinguish between different banks and track where money is coming from and going.

It’s also an essential piece of information that banks need to process direct deposits, paychecks, and recurring payments.

Find Cash App bank name from your routing number

The ABA routing number lookup page is a great platform to find your bank name and other account information via a routing number.

  1. Go to the ABA Routing Number Lookup Website and accept their terms of conditions.
  2. Enter your routing number and confirm that you are human, not a robot.
  3. Click on the search to find your Cash App bank name.

The ABA routing number lookup page is only intended for individuals who need to look up their bank’s routing number.

If you want to look up your routing number, you can do so on their website by entering the name and address of the bank.

It’s also limited to two searches per day and ten searches per month. Some users may become confused between the routing and account number.

Your bank routing number is a nine-digit code that corresponds to the branch where you opened your account. It indicates the bank in charge of the money entering and exiting your account.

As a result, everyone with a bank account at the same branch has the same routing number. On the other hand, your account number is unique to your account (typically 10-12 digits).

Depending on the region where the account is opened, a bank may have different routing numbers.

Bottom line: What bank does Cash App use for direct deposit?

Finally, which financial institution does Cash App work with? Lincoln Savings Bank is the bank used by Cash App, and can also be used for direct deposit of payments from your workplace and other government assistance schemes.

Because routing numbers are public information, it’s relatively simple to trace any bank’s name and address, and validate the authenticity of a check by ensuring that the routing number matches the institution named on it.

Once you have the routing and bank account numbers for Cash App, share them with your employer so that you can receive direct deposits into your account.

When Payroll completes your direct deposit paperwork, you will receive a standard staple check form with two lines for routing number and account. Follow the steps outlined above to provide your details to your employer.

You can quickly obtain your Cash App Bank name and address for direct deposit if you follow the procedures outlined above. If you’re still having problems or need help from the Cash app customer support team, you can contact them directly or leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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  1. My job sent my check last Tuesday and here it is Monday and still don’t have my money my name is Christopher Podhorsky $jasperpodhorsky is my cashtag

    • According to Cash App: “In most cases we make direct deposits available as soon as they are received, which can be up to two days earlier than many other banks. The timing of your deposit can vary depending on when they are submitted. Typically, funds are available within 1-5 business days once they are sent. Please let us know if it’s been more than 5 days and your deposit hasn’t arrived.” If you’re still experiencing a delay on your incoming check deposit, contact Cash App for a possible solution.


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