22 Chase Bank deposit most asked questions & answers

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Chase Bank (JP Morgan) is one of the largest banks in the United States, with more than 5,000 branches, 16,000 ATMs, and $3.4 trillion in assets.

The company offers a wide range of banking products and services, including credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, home equity loans, business banking, and more. They also offer one of the best online banking services with a robust menu of products and features that allow users to manage their accounts online.

When it comes to Chase deposits, there are plenty of important things you should know. Below are the 22 most asked Chase Bank deposit questions and answers:

1. What time does Chase direct deposit hit?

Chase direct deposit will hit between 3 AM to 5 AM EST (12 AM to 2 AM PST) the following business day after the deposit was made. Chase process all deposit received before 11 PM EST the same business day. The money will become available to withdraw the following business day.

2. Does Chase direct deposit come early?

No, Chase does not offer an early direct deposit. Direct deposits are available the same business day they’re initiated. If you want your direct deposits available before payday, you’ll need to switch to a digital financial service like Chime.

3. Does Chase tell you if you have a pending deposit?

Your Chase deposit will show as “pending” till the fund transfer is processed completely. If your employer or benefits provider deposits the money early, it will deliver into your account without going through the “pending” status.

4. How to see pending deposits on Chase

If you’re expecting a deposit but haven’t yet received it, check to see if your Chase account has any pending deposits. To check a pending deposit on Chase:

  1. Open the Chase Bank app and navigate to the “My Wallet” section.
  2. Tap “Payment” to see list of pending transactions.
  3. Tap any of the displayed transaction for more details such as the amount, date, and more.

5. What is the Chase deposit limit?

Chase deposit limit is $10,000 per day or $25,000 in a rolling 30-day period if you use the Chase Mobile app. Chase deposit limit will increase to $250,000 per day or $500,000 during a rolling 30-day period if you make the deposit using a check scanner.

6. What is the deposit limit for checks with Chase?

The max limit for depositing checks with Chase if you use a check scanner is $250,000 per day or $500,000 in a rolling 30-day period. If you use the Chase mobile app, the max limit is $10,000 per day or $25,000 over a rolling 30-day period.

7. Does Chase direct deposit on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)?

Chase only accepts direct deposits Monday through Friday, excluding Saturday and Sunday. They do not process direct deposits on weekends (like every other bank).

If your direct deposit were scheduled to arrive on the weekend for some reason, it would most likely arrive the following Monday or the next business day.

8. Does Chase deposit checks on holidays?

Chase does not deposit funds on federal or bank holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and more.

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9. How to use Chase mobile deposit

  1. Open the Chase app on your Android or iOS device. You’ll need to install the mobile app if you don’t have it installed already.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the app’s interface.
  3. Find and select “Deposit Checks.”
  4. If you manage multiple accounts, you’ll need to choose which account you’d like to make the deposit.
  5. Enter the deposit amount on the check.
  6. Tap the “Front” camera icon to open the camera and take a photo of the front of your check. Ensure that the check is visible and within the shape shown on your screen. When done correctly, the Chase app will automatically take a picture followed by “Looks good.”
  7. Repeat step 6 for the back of the check. Don’t forger to endorse the check with your signature and also write “for electronic deposit at Chase only.”
  8. Tap the Deposit button. You’ll see a popup to confirm everything. If everything is correct, tap “Yes”.
  9. Once you finally submit the deposit. You will receive an email from Chase to confirm the receipt of your deposit. You will also receive another email after Chase Bank has reviewed your deposit to let you know if it was successful or rejected.

10. How do I endorse a check to Chase mobile deposit?

To endorse a check for Chase mobile deposit, sign the back of the check as you would a regular check, then write beneath your signature: “for electronic deposit only at Chase.”

11. What Is the Chase mobile deposit limit?

The Chase mobile QuickDeposit limit is $10,000 daily and a rolling 30-day limit of $25,000 using the Chase mobile app.

12. What is the Chase ATM deposit limit?

There’s no limit to how much you can deposit in a Chase ATM, though the physical configuration of the ATM may limit the number of checks or bills you can deposit per transaction.

13. How long does it take for checks to clear with Chase?

Chase offers one of the quickest check clearings in the industry. Most check deposits with Chase get cleared the same business day, and the cleared sum is immediately transferred into your account.

Checks cleared and processed by Chase before 8 PM will be deposited by midnight. Checks cleared after 8 PM local time will be deposited the following business day.

14. Can you deposit coins with Chase?

Yes. You can deposit coins with Chase Bank for free over the counter at a branch location. However, you can only exchange up to $200 in coins as long as they’re in coin wrappers, including quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies.

If you need to exchange more than $200 in coins, a simple trick is to visit multiple Chase branches.

15. How much is a Chase money order?

You can purchase a money order from Chase; depending on the type of account you have, you’ll pay a money fee between $0 to $5. If you have a Chase checking account, you can purchase a money order for up to $1000.

16. Can Chase deposit money orders?

You can deposit money orders into your Chase Bank account via an ATM, in-person at a Chase Bank branch location, or through Chase Bank mobile app.

Generally, you would deposit the money order into your Chase Bank account the same way as you would a check.

17. Can you deposit cash using a Chase ATM?

Yes. You can deposit cash using a Chase ATM. The Chase ATM is one of the most convenient ways to deposit cash. Chase ATMs are located in all 50 states. The fee is $2.50 per transaction at non-Chase ATMs in the continental U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are more than 16,000 Chase ATMs nationwide.

18. Does Chase deposit checks instantly?

Chase does not deposit checks instantly. Most check deposits with Chase get cleared the same business day. Checks processed by Chase before 8 PM will be deposited by midnight. Checks cleared after 8 PM local time will be deposited the following business day.

19. Why is my Chase direct deposit late?

Chase direct deposits never arrive late. Chase will process your deposit immediately after receiving it from your employer or benefits provider. The timing of your deposit will largely depend on when the depositor sends the payment to your Chase account. Direct deposit to your Chase account usually arrives 3 AM to 5 AM EST (12 AM to 2 AM PST) the following business day.

If your Chase deposit continues to delay, you should contact customer service at 1-800-CHASE38 (1-800-242-7338).

20. What time will Chase deposit my unemployment pay?

Chase treats all deposits as the same, including unemployment benefits and payroll deposits. Therefore, your unemployment pay should be available between 3 AM to 5 AM EST the following business day.

21. Does Chase accept SBA loan deposits?

Chase does accept SBA loan deposits into Chase business accounts. However, Chase will reject SBS loan deposits into a personal account.

22. Does Chase accept PPP loan deposits?

Chase will accept PPP loan deposits. However, similar to SBA loans, PPP loan deposits into a Chase personal account will be rejected.

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