11 Best places to sell used sports equipment near me (2024)

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Looking to sell your used sports equipment near you? You’re in the right place!

If you’ve ever played sports or have kids who did, you likely have a bunch of old sports gear sitting unused in your garage or closet.

Discover how to turn your old sports gear into cash!

In this post, I’ll discuss where you can sell your used sports equipment locally and online.

What types of sports equipment can you sell?

You can sell gear for various sports, such as:

  • Football: Football, practice jerseys, pads, and helmets.
  • Hockey: Helmets, elbow pads, and gloves.
  • Skiing: Skis, ski boots, and winter outerwear.
  • Soccer: Soccer cleats, balls, and goals.
  • Lacrosse: Arm pads, gloves, and lacrosse balls.
  • Baseball: Baseball bats, baseballs, and ball gloves.
  • Softball: Bats, shin guards, and softballs.
  • Golf: Putters, golf balls, and iron & hybrid sets.
  • Basketball: Basketballs and apparel.
  • Ice hockey: Shoulder pads, protective gloves, hockey sticks, and skates.
  • Cycling: Bikes and apparel.
  • Skateboarding: Skateboards and protective equipment.
  • Wrestling: Apparel, protective gear, and shoes.
  • Water sports: Body boards, surfboards, and stand-up paddleboards.
  • Racquet sports: Tennis gear, badminton equipment, and racquetball gear.

In addition to sports gear, you can sell various types of fitness equipment, such as:

  • Elliptical machines
  • Heavy bags
  • Recumbent bikes
  • Treadmills
  • Kettlebells
  • Free weights
  • Upright bikes
  • Resistance bands

Where can I sell used sporting equipment?

You have plenty of choices for selling sports gear, fitness equipment, or gym gear. You can opt to sell them locally or online.

Here are some places where you can sell your used sports equipment:

1. Facebook Marketplace

You can sell both new and used sports equipment on Facebook Marketplace.

Listing items for sale is free, allowing you to set your own prices and have more control over your earnings

2. Play It Again Sports

Selling your used sports gear to Play It Again Sports is easy.

Just bring your items to the nearest store, no appointment is necessary. They’ll assess the condition and demand for your gear. If they’re interested, they’ll make you an offer and pay you immediately.

3. Offerup

With OfferUp, just like on Facebook, you can easily list your sports gear for free!

When your items sell, you’ll be charged a service fee. This fee is either a minimum of $1.99 or 12.9% of the sale price.

Remember to factor in this commission fee when listing your items for sale.

4. SidelineSwap

Check out SidelineSwap, a platform where you can sell various sports gear quickly and easily. Listing your items is free, and you can set your own prices. Plus, they offer a pricing guide to assist you in valuing your gear.

5. Craigslist

Next up is Craigslist. I prefer selling on CL because it’s free to list items and they don’t charge any fees when you make a sale.

What’s great about it is that you can set your own prices and sell used sports gear in your area.

With Craigslist, you can easily create free listings and include photos too.

6. Swap Me Sports

Swap Me Sports is an online platform for buying, selling, or donating used sports gear.

Signing up is free. However, to sell items, you’ll need an annual membership for $12 or a 30-day membership for $5.

After approval, your item will be listed on the site. You have the option to either meet the buyer in person or ship the item.

7. 5miles

5miles is a platform where you can sell various items, such as sports gear, within your local area. One notable advantage of 5miles is that it doesn’t impose any fees for listing items for sale.

8. Local pawn shops

Consider local pawn shops an option for selling your sports gear, as many of them accept such items. However, pawn shops may not offer the best prices if your goal is to maximize profits.

Typically, they aim to buy items at a lower price to resell them at a higher one.

Pawn shops are a viable option for quick cash as they often pay instantly for items they’re interested in.

To locate nearby pawn shops, simply search online using phrases like “pawn shop [city name or zip code]” or “pawn shop near me.” Additionally, you can call ahead to inquire if they buy used sports equipment.

9. eBay

eBay is a top choice for selling unused sports equipment and fitness gear. You can list your items for sale and set your own prices.

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Listing up to 50 items is free on eBay, but after that, there’s a $0.30 fee per listing. When your item sells, eBay takes a 10% commission fee. Keep these fees in mind when selling on the platform.

10. Mercari

Mercari is an app where you can sell various items to people nearby. You can list anything from clothes and home décor to games, puzzles, and sports equipment.

Listing items on Mercari is free, but each item sold costs a minimum 10% fee. Keep this fee in mind when setting your prices.

11. Local sports equipment stores

You likely have sports equipment stores nearby. Nearby sports equipment stores often buy used gear to resell, providing a quick way to earn some cash. However, they might not offer the best price since they aim to make a profit. Still, it’s a convenient option if you want to get rid of unwanted gear and make a bit of extra money.

To locate these stores, simply search “sports equipment store [your city or zip code]” or “sports equipment store near me” on Google or your preferred search engine. Not all sports gear retailers buy used items, so it’s wise to call ahead and ask if they do. Many stores accept used equipment, making this a viable option for selling your gear.

How to sell used sports equipment: step-by-step instructions

Selling sports gear can be approached in various ways, but there are essential steps to follow, especially for online sales. Here’s a guide tailored to online selling, as in-person sales are typically simpler.

Step one: Write down your goal

Are you looking to sell your old sports equipment casually or turn it into a business venture? If you’re just clearing out a few items, you can skip the research step and use any marketplace.

However, if you aim to make a substantial income, you’ll need to find a strategy to acquire used items at the lowest cost possible and sell them for a higher price.

Step two: Fetch what you’ll sell

If you have sports equipment, you’re set. If you plan to buy and sell, you need inventory.

Check local pawn shops for affordable sports gear. They often have gear at a good price.

Step three: Do some research and find a suitable platform

When selling your items, choose a platform wisely to maximize your earnings. Different platforms have hidden fees such as processing, listing, shipping, and transaction fees, so be sure to review their terms and conditions carefully.

For instance, opting for a platform like SidelineSwap over Mercari, despite higher fees, can be worthwhile because it caters exclusively to sports equipment.

Think of it this way, would you prefer shopping for diving gear at Walmart’s limited selection or a specialty diving store? The same principle applies to selling. Advertising sports equipment on a platform dedicated to that specific gear increases your chances of making a sale.

Step four: List your used sports equipment

After choosing a platform, it’s essential to grasp how it functions. Though there may be minor differences, the core process remains consistent.

Capture an image, craft a thorough description, add relevant hashtags, specify a price, and await potential buyers.

Step five: Adapt your price according to the waiting time

If you’re confident in pricing, you can skip this step. However, many new buyers struggle with getting pricing right. You might overprice, making it hard to sell, or underprice, cutting into your profit.

Study the market for what you’re selling. Know the average price on the platform you’re using and adjust your price accordingly.

Platforms like Mercari offer smart pricing features that automatically lower your price within set limits. This saves you time and effort from manually adjusting the price.

Things to consider when selling sports equipment

Here are some key points for successful selling:

  • Equipment maintenance: Ensure your sports gear looks its best by cleaning and repairing any issues before selling. This boosts your chances of attracting potential buyers.
  • Honesty: Be transparent about wear and tear on sports equipment when taking pictures. Concealing defects can lead to unhappy customers, resulting in negative reviews or refund requests. Being honest about any flaws builds credibility.
  • Stay informed: Pay attention to trends in sales. Different items may sell better at certain times of the year. Stock up on popular items when their season arrives to maximize profits.

Is it profitable to sell used sports equipment online?

The amount you earn from selling equipment varies based on what you’re selling and how much effort you invest.

For instance, if you sell small items like baseball bats and gloves, you won’t make much money.

On the other hand, selling bigger items like treadmills, bikes, and racing helmets can bring in much more income.

What are the most profitable sports gear to sell?

Certain items tend to have higher resale values than others. Among them are racing bikes, rowing machines, and treadmills. Additionally, racing suits, golf clubs, and American football helmets tend to retain their value well.

The bottom line

Looking to sell your used sports equipment? Whether you’re asking, “Who buys used sports equipment near me?” or “Where can I sell used sporting goods online?” check out the options listed above.

The best place to sell used gear depends on your needs. If you need quick cash and maximizing profit isn’t your top priority, pawnshops and local sports stores are good options.

If you want control over your pricing, consider using platforms like Craigslist, OfferUp, and 5miles.

Play It Again Sports is an excellent option for selling various sports equipment in your local area.

Explore numerous excellent options to sell your used sports equipment and fitness gear and start earning money!