Dollar General penny shopping list (2024)

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Imagine if you could enter a store and select items from the shelves that are priced at just one cent.

Yes, it might seem unbelievable, but it’s entirely achievable! And the best part? There are no hidden conditions or strings attached.

In this guide, we’ll discuss strategies for penny shopping at Dollar General.

What is penny shopping?

Penny Shopping is a money-saving trick at Dollar General.

When items linger on clearance for too long, Dollar General marks them in the system for removal. They do this by pricing the item at one cent, making it easy for staff to identify.

Ever wondered what Dollar General does with penny items? Typically, these items are discarded or donated if taken off the shelves. But if they’re missed by staff, customers like you can buy them for just a penny!

If an employee forgets to remove an item, it stays on the shelf for sale at this ultra-low price. At any time, penny shoppers can buy items for just one cent, and often the store allows it without any fuss.

Why are items marked to a penny?

Stores are still selling off merchandise they were going to toss, and you can snag items for almost nothing. It’s a win-win situation!

However, it’s important to know that some stores may refuse to sell items priced at a penny. While corporate policy might allow it, individual store decisions vary. In such cases, moving on and trying another store is best.

What is a penny shopper and why would I want to be one?

A penny shopper hunts for penny deals at Dollar General, understanding the pricing system and where to find these bargain items.

Becoming a penny shopper can lead to significant savings. While it requires some effort to learn the ropes initially, the payoff is substantial. You’ll save money on items you likely would have purchased anyway.

The beauty of penny shopping is that it is essentially free!

How can I find Penny Items?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that penny items aren’t physically labeled as costing one cent in stores. They’re simply registered as one cent in the store’s computer system.

Nevertheless, there are methods you can use to identify items likely priced at one cent.

Product code names

When shopping, check the barcode on a product’s tag. It typically contains numbers or letters with specific meanings:

  • SP: Spring
  • SU: Summer
  • FA: Fall
  • WI: Winter
  • 17: 2017
  • 18: 2018
  • 19: 2019

If you’re shopping in winter and spot a shirt labeled “SP17,” it’s likely discounted. The older the item, the higher the chance it’s a penny item that hasn’t been taken off the shelves.

Tag symbols

Tags typically feature a distinct color or shape. They often have something attached to them, such as:

  • Brown Circle
  • Blue Circle
  • Purple Circle
  • Pink Circle
  • Red Circle
  • Brown Star
  • Pink Star
  • Brown Diamond
  • Pink Diamond
  • And the list goes on!
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Stores often use colors and shapes to indicate discounts, but these vary between stores. Typically, discounts start at 10% and increase to 90% over two weeks.

Look for the 90% symbol, and if you find it, check back in a week or two to see if the item is priced at a penny.

Also, keep in mind that many stores change prices on Tuesdays.

How do you scan things at Dollar General?

To scan items efficiently, use the Dollar General app on iOS and Android. Simply open the app and tap the barcode scanning button on the main screen.

Plus, you can discover weekly deals and discounts using the app.

General tips

Here are some helpful tips to streamline your shopping experience:

  • Avoid asking employees about penny items, as they may not disclose their location and could remove them before you can find them.
  • Refrain from requesting price checks, the response will probably be that the item is unsellable, as they are typically required to remove such items.
  • If you suspect an item is priced at a penny, load up your cart with as much of it as you’d like. However, be aware that once you’ve checked out, employees may not allow you to return for more penny items, as they aim to remove them swiftly.
  • Maintain politeness with employees. Since you’ll likely interact with them frequently, building a positive rapport with them can lead to better assistance during future visits.

Tools to help you penny shop

If you’re looking for additional assistance after reading this article, here are some useful tools to help you save money on your shopping trips.

Penny shopping app

If you’re new and feeling unsure about starting something, relax. There’s an app that connects you with a supportive community to guide you along the way!

Learn more about the Penny Finder app.

YouTube videos

Having a visual reference can often make it easier to understand how to do something. Here are three helpful videos we found that can teach you about penny shopping and guide you through the process.

The bottom line

If you’re interested in penny shopping, you may find the following tips helpful. Firstly, it’s essential to understand that penny shopping involves searching for items that retailers are trying to clear out of their inventory, so you’ll need to be patient and persistent.

You can start by visiting stores that regularly mark down prices on items that aren’t selling well, such as Dollar General. You can also try visiting stores during sales and clearance events, as you’re likely to find many heavily discounted items.

Another important tip is to watch for items with a price ending in .01 or .00, as these are usually indicators that the item is on clearance. Additionally, you can try scanning items using a store’s app or website to check if they’re on clearance.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that penny shopping can be hit or miss, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t find anything immediately. With persistence and some luck, you’ll eventually find some amazing deals. So go ahead and get out there and start trying it out!