How do I check my T-Mobile prepaid balance in 2024

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There are two ways to check your T-Mobile prepaid balance. You can check your account balance and remaining minutes by dialing #999# or log in to and get a temporary password to reveal your remaining balance.

A better way to save money on phone service is to use a prepaid phone plan like the T-Mobile “Pay as You Go” plan.

“Pay as You Go” is a T-Mobile plan that enables you to open a cellular phone account without the need to sign a contract or pay a monthly fee. You can buy more minutes with a debit or credit card or change the features of your service, using your phone or over the internet at You can also visit local retailers like Target, CVS, and Walmart to reload more minutes on your phone.

Keeping track of your prepaid T-Mobile minutes and the remaining balance is straightforward. Here’s how:

Check T-Mobile prepaid balance by dialing #999#

The first method is to Dial #999# on your cell phone and then press “Send.” This will contact T-Mobile’s free Minute Messenger. Within a few moments, you’ll see on your phone screen how much balance you have left and when your minutes will expire.

Check T-Mobile prepaid balance on the website

The second method is to go to T-Mobile website to check your remaining balance.

1. If this is your first time, click “Register” located under the login box. That will open a sign-up page.

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2. Enter your T-Mobile phone number into the first box. Next, click “Send Password.”

3. T-Mobile will send a text message to your phone containing a temporary password.

4. After receiving the password, enter it into the second box and click “Log in” or “Continue.”

5. T-Mobile will verify your cell phone number and password, and then display your account status, including how many minutes you have remaining.

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