Verizon customer service phone number

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Verizon maintains a robust customer support system comprising dedicated teams for customer service, technical aid, and local installation. They offer extensive assistance available virtually 24/7 to address your needs promptly and efficiently.

Verizon customer service & tech support

For assistance with Verizon services, reach out to their customer service and tech support at (800) 837-4966. They’re available to help you from Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., and on weekends from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time. Contact them for various concerns including billing and payments, adjusting services, and making alterations to your account.

Additional Verizon customer service numbers

Here are various customer service contact numbers for Verizon:

  • Prepaid customer service: Dial (888) 294-6804 if you’re using Verizon’s prepaid services and need assistance.
  • Business contacts: For inquiries related to business accounts, call (800) 465-4054.
  • National Accessibility: Contact (888) 262-1999 for accessibility-related support.
  • 5G and LTE Home Internet: To address queries about 5G or LTE Home Internet services, dial (800) 922-0204.
  • Bill pay: For assistance with bill payments, call (800) 345-6563.

Verizon customer service contact options

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the various customer service contact options available through Verizon:

  • Specialized Verizon Fios Customer Service Departments: Reach out to specific Verizon Fios customer service departments tailored to address particular needs or concerns.
  • Verizon Customer Support via Social Media: Stay connected with Verizon’s customer support through social media platforms for assistance. This includes engaging via Facebook Messenger or tweeting @VerizonSupport (for Fios-related issues) or @VZWsupport (for Verizon Wireless issues) on Twitter.
  • Verizon Community and Forums: Seek help, share experiences, and find solutions by engaging with the Verizon community and forums, where users can connect and assist each other.
  • In-Person Assistance at Verizon Store Locations: Visit a physical Verizon store to speak directly with a Verizon representative for personalized assistance.

For Online Customer Support:

  • My Verizon App: Utilize the app to access technical support, explore purchasing options, and manage billing conveniently.
  • Verizon Live Chat: Initiate a real-time conversation with support staff by signing in to your active account and accessing the live chat feature.
  • Verizon Social Media Platforms: Engage through various social media channels, such as Facebook Messenger, and reach out on Twitter for a prompt response via direct messages or tweets.
  • Video Forums: Connect with a community of users to find helpful information and answers to frequently asked questions via video forums.
  • Video Chat: Access a live customer service agent for assistance through a video chat interface for a more personalized support experience.

Verizon in-person customer support

Verizon offers in-person customer support through its many nationwide stores, allowing customers the option to directly engage with a representative for assistance with their support-related concerns.

These stores are widely spread across the country, offering individuals the chance to have face-to-face discussions about their customer service issues. To locate the nearest Verizon store, customers can use the Verizon store locator tool.

How to pay your Verizon bill

To settle your Verizon bill, you have various payment options available to suit your convenience. Pay with cash, check, E-check, or major debit/credit cards. If you’re a Verizon business client, you can manage your payment here.

Here are ways to pay:

  • By Phone: Dial (800) 345-6563 to connect with Verizon bill pay services.
  • Online: Log in to to make your payment.
  • Via My Verizon App: Download the app to your smartphone for easy bill payments.
  • In Person: Visit a Verizon store location to settle your bill.
  • Calling Customer Service: Reach out to Verizon customer service at (800) 837-4966 to pay over the phone.
  • By Mail: Send a check or money order to the nearest Verizon payment address.
  • Using Disconnected Account Website: Go to the disconnected account site with your cellphone number, last name, and ZIP code related to your previous account.
  • Online Payment Without Sign-In: Go to Pay My Bill on Verizon’s website for quick payment without signing in.
  • Setting Up Auto Pay: Never miss a payment by enrolling in Auto Pay. Manage this feature by signing in to My Verizon.
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Verizon troubleshooting and quick help guides

Verizon offers troubleshooting and quick help guides for resolving service issues promptly without needing to contact customer service. You can save time by addressing problems yourself. However, if needed, Verizon’s technical support is available 24/7 at (800) 837-4966.

For those setting up Verizon Fios, accessing MyVerizon or downloading the My Fios app provides step-by-step instructions for quick TV and internet installation. Additionally, self-installation videos are available to guide you through the process seamlessly.

To track the progress of your Verizon repair ticket, simply log in to My Verizon using your user ID and password. You can view or close your repair ticket and also check repair requests using your ticket number and ZIP code or your email and Verizon telephone number.

To stay informed about Verizon outages in your area, visit the Verizon service outage page. Here, you can identify outages and troubleshoot potential reasons for your service disruption. You can also report a Verizon service outage in your area through this platform.

For any security concerns related to your Verizon Fios service, there are multiple ways to report them to the Verizon team. You can visit Verizon’s security vulnerability forum, call the Verizon Security Control Center at (800) 294-3496, or email your issue to

How do I call Verizon customer service?

To reach Verizon customer service, dial (800) 837-4966. If you need assistance with residential services, after dialing, press the pound key (#) followed by 2.

Is Verizon customer service 24 hours?

Verizon offers round-the-clock assistance through Facebook, chat, and Twitter. For direct phone support, representatives are available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends, aligning with your local time zone.

How do I talk to a real person at Verizon?

If you’re looking to speak directly with a live representative at Verizon, consider visiting one of their local stores for a face-to-face conversation. Alternatively, you can use their video chat feature for a virtual interaction with a Verizon representative, accessible on the same page.

Is Verizon customer service 866 266 1445?

Verizon’s customer service phone number is 866-266-1445. This line specifically serves their financial services department and operates from Monday to Saturday, available from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time.

How do I cancel Verizon service?

To cancel your Verizon service, you have a couple of options available. Firstly, you can easily cancel online by logging into your Verizon account using your User ID and password. Alternatively, you can contact a Verizon customer service representative by calling (844) 837-2262 during their operating hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

How do I return my Verizon Fios equipment and how long do I have to return it?

Returning your Verizon Fios equipment is simple and free. Log in to your account, print a prepaid return label, and drop off the equipment at any UPS location. Ensure you return the items within 30 days after your service is disconnected to avoid any additional charges.

How do I set up Verizon Paperless bill pay?

To set up Verizon Paperless bill pay, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the My Verizon page on their website.
  2. Click on the My Bill dropdown menu.
  3. Choose Paperless Billing from the options.
  4. Review the details presented on the Paperless Billing page.
  5. Select “Continue” to finalize your enrollment in Paperless Billing.