17 Free apps to track someone’s phone without them knowing (2024)

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Phone tracker apps function by activating a target device’s tracking system, providing real-time location information and access to the user’s location history. Additionally, these apps offer a range of features, including monitoring social media activity, tracking web history, viewing call logs, and reading text messages, enabling comprehensive surveillance of the target’s phone activities.

1. uMobix

uMobix stands as a popular spy app, enabling users to track the exact whereabouts of their loved ones using their devices. Setting up involves creating an account, installing it on the target device, and effortlessly accessing location information via a personalized dashboard.

Its utility extends to monitoring where your children or spouse frequent, ensuring appropriateness and safety. Beyond location tracking, uMobix offers an array of features for comprehensive monitoring:

  • Call logs tracking
  • Contact list access
  • Keylogger functionality
  • Automatic updates
  • Text message surveillance
  • Monitoring of social media applications
  • Streaming oversight
  • Viewing deleted information (messages, calls, contacts)
  • Tracking web browser usage
  • Remote control features (deleting unwanted apps, restricting apps, blocking websites, call restrictions, message deletion, etc.)
  • Media tracker for photos and videos
  • Notifications alert system

Pros of uMobix include easy one-click installation, a user-friendly interface, a live demo option, compatibility with both iPhone and Android devices, a 14-day money-back guarantee, and a $1, 1-day trial offering full access to advanced features.

However, its only drawback is that it offers just a one-day free trial, limiting extended exploration before committing to the service.

2. mSpy

mSpy ranks high alongside uMobix due to its cutting-edge tracking capabilities that operate stealthily, allowing you to monitor a target device covertly. It furnishes comprehensive insights into both online and offline activities on the targeted device. With mSpy, you can oversee various aspects on the target phone:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Social media monitoring
  • Web activity surveillance
  • Monitoring call logs
  • Viewing the contact list
  • Remote control functionalities (blocking contacts, messages, apps, etc.)
  • Text message monitoring
  • Access to emails
  • Call recording
  • Ambient recording
  • Accessing media files (videos and photos)
  • Geo-fencing
  • Keylogger functionality
  • Keywords alert
  • Screen recording

Advantages of using mSpy include effortless installation, compatibility with both iPhone and Android, an intuitive control panel, access to a free live demo, diverse support options including live chat, a 14-day money-back guarantee, no requirement for root or jailbreak, data encryption ensuring privacy, and a 30% discount for new users.

However, mSpy doesn’t offer a free trial as one of its drawbacks.

3. Intelius

Intelius is a phone monitoring application designed for hassle-free tracking of your children’s activities. With features like setting up geo-fences for alerts when your child enters or leaves specific areas, this tool provides a clear visual location tracking on Google Maps for the targeted device. It supports Android, iOS, and Windows devices, offering GPS location tracking, remote monitoring, and a 5-day free trial.

Key features include quick access to mobile phone files from anywhere, real-time data syncing via network connections, enterprise security supervision, call recording on the child’s phone, multilingual support, remote screenshot capture, and accessing someone’s data and passwords.

Pros of Intelius include the ability to explore potential relationships, reverse phone and address lookup features, maintaining your contact list, and tracking public and criminal records.

However, drawbacks include the absence of disclosed pricing on the website and incomplete details about names and addresses. Notably, key specifications encompass GPS tracking, live screen recording, and pricing starting at $0.95 per month after the free trial period.

4. Spokeo

Spokeo stands out for its comprehensive caller identification service. It’s a robust platform enabling users to track down individuals using phone numbers and names. What sets Spokeo apart is its ability to unveil extensive personal details, including wealth profiles, birthdates, and even marriage anniversaries.

The platform’s unique feature set includes a quick, free search option for reverse cell phone lookups, lightning-fast data retrieval, and enterprise packages for business management. Subscribers benefit from regular updates on any changes to the searched data, ensuring accurate and updated information.

Although limited to the US, Spokeo impresses with its speed, detailed information provision, and offers unlimited searches through paid memberships. With plans starting at $0.95 for a 7-day trial, Spokeo provides a reliable and comprehensive caller ID solution for its users.

5. CocoSpy

CocoSpy, a highly rated parental control app, offers a simple solution to monitor your loved ones. Installing it on the target device allows access to comprehensive device information through your personal Cocospy dashboard.

Key Features:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Call and SMS monitoring
  • Geofencing
  • Social media oversight
  • Stealth mode for discreet monitoring
  • Web browser tracking


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Compatible with Android and iPhones
  • Operates covertly
  • Free account creation and app installation
  • Offers a free Live Demo
  • Up to a 60-day refund policy


  • Limited features available for iPhone users

6. EyeZy

EyeZy claims to be the most powerful phone monitoring software globally, and our investigation into its capabilities supports this assertion. The app boasts an array of robust technological features designed to assist parents in overseeing their children’s phone activities comprehensively.

For instance, its GPS location tracker activates the target device’s GPS system, enabling users to track real-time locations and access historical location data. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Monitoring text messages
  • Accessing call logs and contact lists
  • Keylogging
  • Retrieving deleted text messages
  • Screen recording
  • Monitoring social media activity
  • Accessing calendars, notes, and events
  • Monitoring media files (photos and videos)
  • Tracking web browser activity
  • Remote control functionalities (app blocking, WIFI, website restrictions)
  • Geofencing
  • Keyword alerts

EyeZy’s advantages include compatibility with both iOS and Android, straightforward installation, user-friendly navigation, a free Live Demo, a 14-day money-back guarantee, reliable 24/7 customer support, absence of the need for rooting or jailbreaking, and its undetectable nature. However, it lacks a free trial option for users.

7. Spyic

Spyic stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking a straightforward, user-friendly phone tracking app. With an easy setup process, the application operates in stealth mode, making it discreet. It is compatible with both Android and iPhones, offering a range of features such as location tracking, call monitoring, SMS tracking, geofencing, and social media monitoring. The app covers over 40 data types, ensuring comprehensive surveillance.

To begin, users can sign up for free and install the application on the target device effortlessly. Spyic’s key features include a location tracker, call tracker, SMS monitoring, geofencing, and social media monitoring. Notably, it operates in stealth mode, ensuring discreet monitoring. Other features encompass website history monitoring and the ability to track SIM location.

Pros of Spyic include a free live demo for both Android and iOS, free sign-up, easy setup and installation, user-friendly interface and navigation, compatibility with Android and iPhones, a generous up to 60 days refund policy, and responsive customer service. Additionally, Spyic does not require jailbreaking for iOS, offering convenience.

However, it’s important to note that some advanced features may require jailbreaking or rooting the device. Overall, Spyic provides a reliable and comprehensive solution for phone tracking with its user-friendly interface and extensive monitoring capabilities.

8. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor offers comprehensive parental control tools, allowing monitoring of online and offline activities. It provides access to social media accounts, emails, texts, call logs, and device location, facilitating an understanding of your child’s digital behavior. Beyond parental use, it can discreetly track other devices, aiding in situations like identifying infidelity or monitoring employees without their awareness.

Its key features encompass GPS tracking, call history logs, text and email monitoring, keylogging, web history tracking, screenshots, geofencing, live screen video, multimedia access (videos, images, voice messages), remote control functionalities (app blocking, screen limits), and keyword alerts.

Pros of iKeyMonitor include its user-friendly installation and setup, intuitive navigation, compatibility with Apple iOS devices, Android phones, and tablets, alongside free live demos and trial downloads. However, limitations on most features exist within the free trial version.

9. SpyBubble

SpyBubble employs advanced technology, granting access to another device’s activities. Begin by creating an account, setting it up on the target device, and initiating monitoring.

It allows access to GPS locations, monitoring social media, emails, texts, and more. Here are additional features:

Key Features:

  • GPS tracking
  • Call recording
  • Keylogger
  • SMS monitoring
  • Internet activity monitoring
  • Social media tracking


  • Easy navigation
  • Compatible with Android, iPhone, Mac, and PC
  • Reliable GPS tracking


  • Requires jailbreak/rooting
  • Limited features
  • Potential for easy detection

10. HoverWatch

Hoverwatch, a widely-used phone tracking application, serves multiple purposes like parental control, employee oversight, and discreetly monitoring individuals for valid reasons through their devices. It’s user-friendly and straightforward to install, offering an array of monitoring features:

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Key Features:

  • Phone tracking
  • Social media tracking
  • Text messages monitoring
  • Call logs tracking
  • View contact list
  • Internet history access
  • Screenshot capture
  • GPS location tracker
  • Access to calendar and notes
  • Screenshots capture


  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Easy setup process
  • Offers a 3-day free trial


  • Lacks a money-back guarantee

11. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY offers comprehensive phone tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor various aspects of the target device effortlessly. Upon setting up your account and activating monitoring, you gain access to installed apps, social media activities, text messages, and location history, providing insights into the user’s whereabouts.

Key Features include:

  • Recording phone calls
  • GPS location tracking
  • Recording ambient environment
  • Monitoring social media
  • Call notification alerts
  • Remote control functionalities
  • Monitoring text messages and call logs
  • Tracking dating apps (like Tinder and WeChat)
  • Accessing contact lists, MMS, geofencing, installed apps, photos, videos, and audio files
  • Operating discreetly in stealth mode


  • Swift and user-friendly installation and navigation
  • Secretly track a target phone
  • Offers multiple monitoring features
  • 10-day refund policy in place
  • Provides a 24-hour full premium access free trial
  • No need for rooting or jailbreaking for most features


  • Only offers a 1-day free trial access
  • Advanced features may require rooting or jailbreaking the device

12. Spyera

Spyera stands out as a reliable phone tracking application, adept at monitoring social media activity, app usage, and GPS location on both Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows PC and Mac OS.

Its key features include a GPS location tracker, live call recording, surrounding listening/recording, social media monitoring, keyword monitoring, remote control, keylogger, screenshot capture, notification alerts, access to saved contact lists, SMS and MMS monitoring, email spying, web browsing monitoring, calendar access, geofencing, and SIM change notifications.

Pros of Spyera encompass easy installation, the ability to conceal jailbreak and root status, compatibility with various platforms such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac, and a 10-day refund policy. However, it should be noted that Spyera lacks a free trial and does not offer a free live demo.


XNSPY, a comprehensive spy app designed for Android and iOS, caters to various needs—tracking a suspicious partner or friend, safeguarding kids, or monitoring employees. It offers extensive features like accessing messages, call logs, web history, and even tracking physical locations.

Key Features:

  • Monitor calls and text messages
  • View contact lists
  • Access internet history and WiFi activity
  • Check calendar entries
  • Monitor various messenger activities (WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Read emails
  • Receive alerts and notifications
  • Remote control capabilities (wipe data, lock phone, take screenshots, etc.)
  • Access multimedia files (photos and videos)
  • Location tracking


  • Easy setup process
  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone
  • Stealthily monitors all device activities
  • Offers a free live demo
  • Provides a 10-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers up to 40% discounts for new users


  • No free trial

14. Spylix

Spylix offers a user-friendly dashboard for easy installation and setup, featuring advanced phone tracking capabilities. With options such as text message and call tracking, access to contact lists, monitoring social media apps, and more, it provides a comprehensive suite of tools.

Key features include GPS location tracking, call logs, text message monitoring, access to contact lists, notes and calendar spying, photo and video monitoring, WIFI tracking, keyword alerts, a keylogger, app monitoring, web browsing monitoring, email access, social media monitoring, geofencing, remote control functionalities, and screen recording.

Pros of Spylix include fast and easy installation, a navigable dashboard, free account registration, remote installation, a free live demo, additional features for iOS, and a 14-day refund policy. However, it’s worth noting that there are fewer features available for Android users.

15. Scannero.io

Scannero.io stands out for its adaptability across various operating systems. This phone tracking service allows you to pinpoint anyone’s location globally just by using their phone number. It functions seamlessly irrespective of the operating system they’re using, eliminating the need for that specific information.

The tool efficiently locates individuals worldwide, though it requires installation on the device you’re tracing. It supports Android and iOS, offering GPS tracking but lacks remote monitoring.

Scannero.io guarantees a 14-day refund policy starting at $42.57 per month, providing unlimited phone number tracking and the ability to send custom messages without requiring the target’s device to be modified. However, it might lack some advanced features and live screen recording capabilities.

16. Geofinder

GEOfinder is a powerful phone tracking application designed to accurately pinpoint the location of any mobile number across different networks. This user-friendly app allows users to specify the sender’s name and SMS content while tracing the location of a phone. Compatible with all phone brands and configurations, GEOfinder is accessible via web browsers and provides an effective means to trace devices by their phone numbers.

Operating seamlessly on Android and iOS devices, GEOfinder offers GPS location tracking and remote monitoring capabilities. With its free trial, users can access features like unlimited geo-location requests and customized messages for recipients. Its ability to fetch detailed locations on a map enhances its utility.

Pros include the app’s capacity to locate individuals by entering their phone numbers and track cell phone locations discreetly without requiring a jailbreak. However, it’s noted for being slower in providing location and coordinates and requires the phone owner’s interaction for tracking to commence.

Key specifications include GPS location tracking, absence of live screen recording, and a one-time payment pricing model of $29.99.

17. ClevGuard

ClevGuard is an advanced GPS location app designed for discreetly tracking targets in real-time. It prioritizes security in today’s digital landscape, especially for safeguarding children. Beyond location tracking, it offers monitoring of a phone’s media, messages, browser history, and more.

Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows, it grants remote access without the need for jailbreaking. Its features span from remote photo capture to tracking smartphone activities without compromising the device’s integrity. Notably, it supports various social media and chat platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Line.

Pros include comprehensive monitoring of call logs, contacts, and messages, alongside 24/7 multilingual support. However, limitations arise in the inability to monitor multiple devices simultaneously and the absence of a free trial version. Its pricing starts at $29.95 per month, accompanied by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to choose the right phone tracking app

When choosing a phone tracking app without permission, consider these key factors:

  • Features: Look for an app with the necessary monitoring features. Some, like mSpy, offer more functionalities for a similar cost.
  • Installation and Usability: Opt for an app that’s easy to install and navigate on the targeted device to avoid frustration.
  • Reliability: Choose a phone tracker known for its consistent performance without glitches or disruptions.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the app is compatible with various phone models to effectively track different devices.
  • Price: While price matters, it shouldn’t be the sole factor. Some pricey options might not offer extra value. Consider apps with fair prices and adequate support rather than just brand recognition. Keep an eye out for one-time payment options, although they might come with limited support.

How does the phone tracker app work?

The phone tracker app, such as uMobix and mSpy, operates by following a simple process:

Step 1: Visit the uMobix and spy app’s website and opt for the “Try Now” option.
Step 2: Register for an account by providing necessary details.
Step 3: Choose the specific phone tracker device.
Step 4: Pick a subscription plan suitable for mobile tracking.
Step 5: Log in to your newly created account.
Step 6: Follow the provided instructions to install and set up the mSpy app on the target device.

This app functions by allowing users to select a subscription, install the software on the desired device, and access tracking features through an online dashboard after setup.

Is there an app to track someone’s phone without them knowing for free?

While there are apps available for tracking someone’s phone without their knowledge, it’s crucial to note that the most powerful and reliable options often offer subscription plans. These plans allow you to select options that align with your budget.

Additionally, these apps typically provide live demo features, enabling you to test their functionality for free before making a financial commitment. Moreover, many of them have refund policies in place, ensuring you can receive a reimbursement if you’re dissatisfied with their services post-purchase.

Do I need access to the target phone to install a tracking app?

To install tracking apps such as mSpy, uMobix, and Cocospy on a target phone, you can set them up without needing physical access to the device. These apps offer remote installation methods, allowing you to install and set them up on the target device easily. Visit the app’s website for instructions on how to remotely install or set up the app on the desired phone.

The bottom line

Technology has led to the creation of numerous phone tracking apps like mSpy, CocoSpy, uMobix, iKeyMonitor, and others mentioned here. They’re user-friendly, offering various tracking features.

But before using them, consider ethical and privacy implications. While you might have good intentions like finding the truth or safeguarding loved ones, using these apps could lead to legal issues due to privacy concerns.