15 Best places to sell used rims near you & online (2024)

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Selling used rims can be a profitable and enjoyable way of getting extra cash and interacting with car enthusiasts in your community. Besides providing funds for your future car upgrade, selling used rims can also help declutter your garage and create more space for your other projects.

When it comes to selling used rims, various options are available for you. With today’s technology, online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Mercari, and eBay Motors are viable options to reach a broader audience looking for used rims. You can also take your used rims to local scrapyards and tire shops for an offer.

Before you begin selling your used rims, there are essential steps and considerations that you should keep in mind to ensure that your experience is frustration-free. These steps include properly cleaning and inspecting your rims, setting a fair price, taking clear and high-quality photos, and creating an accurate and detailed description of your rims.

In this article, we’ll explore both local and online options for selling your old rims.

Where to sell used rims locally

Selling locally can swiftly turn your rims into cash, especially when dealing with a junk car. Explore these options for selling rims nearby:

1. Automobile salvage yards (Nationwide)

Automobile salvage yards can be found in numerous cities and towns across the United States, making it likely that there’s one near you.

If you have a local junkyard or salvage yard specializing in used auto parts, you may have the option to sell your used rims there. However, keep in mind that these places only purchase rims in good condition that can be resold.

It’s important to note that automobile salvage yards aim to profit by reselling items, so their deals might not always be the most favorable. Typically, they base their offers on the scrap metal weight of the rim, providing you with the going rate for scrap metal.

2. Corporate Tire (South Carolina)

If you want to sell your truck rims, contact Corporate Tire at (864) 469-9118 for more information on the selling process, or complete this online form.

3. Scrap metal yards (Nationwide)

Scrap metal yards across the nation buy used rims regardless of their condition. They pay based on the scrap metal value determined by the weight of the rims. Rims are commonly made of steel or aluminum. You can check the current values for these metals, multiply by the weight of your rims, and calculate the potential earnings.

4. Tire retread shops (Nationwide)

Local tire retread shops could be potential buyers if you’re looking to sell used rims. To locate these shops, use a search engine like Google and enter “tire retread shops near me.” This search should display nearby options.

It’s advisable to call ahead to confirm whether a particular store accepts used rims. Typically, these shops prefer rims that are in good condition that can be reused.

5. Wheels America (California, Pennsylvania, and Texas)

Wheels America operates in California, Pennsylvania, and Texas, offering convenient services for rim transactions. Residents in these areas can bring their rims to a local facility or opt for the company’s pickup service.

Wheels America states that wheels in good condition may fetch between $5 and $85 each, depending on their usability.

6. Sell My Tires (Nationwide)

Sell My Tires is a nationwide platform that purchases tires and other car parts. It operates as a classified ads website, allowing you to list your rims for sale online easily. Connect with local buyers, meet up, and receive cash for your rims.

Where to sell used rims online

Selling used rims online opens up a broader market beyond local buyers. With access to thousands of potential buyers, this option provides increased selling opportunities. Keep in mind shipping costs, although buyers typically cover these expenses. Consider these online platforms for selling used rims:

7. Auto Rim Shop

Auto Rim Shop offers a platform for purchasing factory wheels and allows selling your undamaged, factory-original wheels for a rebate. Determine eligibility by emailing photos of your wheels and your vehicle’s year, make, and model to purchasing@autorimshop.com.

8. Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions

Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions buys used Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) rims manufactured in 2008 or later, including alloy and steel rims. However, custom or aftermarket rims are not accepted.

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9. eBay Motors

Sell your used rims on eBay Motors, but be aware of associated selling fees. Explore fee details on the platform.

10. Mecari

Mercari is a free platform for selling diverse items, including rims. While listing your items is free, there is a 2.9% fee plus a $0.30 payment processing fee when your rims are sold. Shipping to the buyer is your responsibility.

11. eBid

Consider checking out eBid as an alternative to eBay. It’s a reliable platform where you can sell various items, including rims.

There are different membership levels available. The free Basic Seller account is suitable for casual sellers, but a 5% final value fee is applied when your rims sell. Opting for a paid membership can help you avoid this fee.

Sell your used rims, both locally and online.

Discover convenient options for selling used rims, whether you prefer local or online platforms. Explore the following places to sell your rims efficiently:

12. American Factory Wheel (California)

American Factory Wheel, based in San Diego, California, is the go-to destination for selling your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) aluminum and steel rims.

To sell in person, contact them at (619)795-1048 or via email at info@allusedrims.com. You can also visit their location at 8745 N. Magnolia Ave # D, Santee, CA 92071.

For a convenient online option, fill out the form on their website to receive an offer. If you agree, ship your rims to American Factory Wheel, and they will cover the shipping costs. It’s that simple!

13. Craigslist (Nationwide)

Craigslist remains one of the top choices for local buying and selling. You can set your prices, and listing items for sale is free with no commission charges.

Ensure your safety by meeting buyers in public places when conducting in-person transactions.

14. Facebook Marketplace (Nationwide)

Facebook Marketplace is a platform for buying and selling items locally, including rims and vehicles. You can list your vehicle for free with options for local pickup or shipping.

15. Santa Ana Wheel (California)

Santa Ana Wheel in California buys OEM wheels only, not aftermarket or replica ones. To sell your wheels, visit their location at 1420 North Burton Place, Anaheim, California 92806. Alternatively, you can ship your wheels using the provided USPS shipping label.

Payments are made through checks or Zelle. For inquiries, call (714) 239-1122. Learn more about selling your rims to Santa Ana Wheel on their website.

What you’ll need to sell used rims

To sell used rims efficiently, you only need a few essentials:

  • Quality used rims: OEM rims in good condition fetch the best prices. For third-party rims, ensure they are polished and repaired before seeking buyers.
  • Online marketplace account: If you sell online, create an account on platforms like eBay. This expands your reach to potential buyers.
  • Payment method: If selling to automobile salvage yards, they often pay in cash. For online transactions, be prepared to receive payment via check, deposit, or PayPal.
  • Internet-enabled device: Access digital marketplaces easily by using a device with internet access. This simplifies the process of connecting with buyers online.

Considerations for selling used rims

Before diving into selling used rims, it’s crucial to understand a few key factors.

  • Prioritize quality: Sell rims in good condition or OEM quality to ensure better sales. Some buyers, like Blackburn Wheels, specifically seek OEM alloy and steel rims.
  • Effective bargaining: Learn to bargain effectively, especially when dealing with individual buyers and resellers aiming for profit.
  • Strategic advertising: Utilize platforms like Facebook Marketplace or eBay Motors for advertising. Share appealing pictures on car enthusiast communities and social media, accompanied by honest and persuasive product descriptions. In a competitive market, offer attractive prices and exceptional service.
  • Customer satisfaction: Make customer satisfaction a priority by using high-quality shipping services, secure packaging, and maintaining friendly and attentive communication, whether online or in person.

Which used rims are worth the most?

The most valuable used rims from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) are those in mint condition. These rims are made by the car’s original manufacturer and fit perfectly on the wheel. Additionally, well-maintained third-party rims also hold value and are worth selling.

How much can I sell my used rims for?

Determining the value of your used rims varies but generally ranges from $5 to $400. Companies like Wheels America may offer $5 to $85, salvage yards provide rates based on scrap metal value, and tire shops consider factors like your rims’ condition, weight, and demand.

The bottom line

There are numerous local and online options to sell your used rims for cash. To maximize your earnings, get quotes from multiple places and choose the one offering the highest payment for your rims.

At the end of the day, the success of your rim-selling venture will rely on how well you market your product and how effective you are in communicating with potential buyers.

Therefore, ensure that you are polite, responsive, and transparent in your interactions with potential buyers. We hope that this guide has provided you with valuable insights into how to sell your used rims successfully. Your feedback is crucial to us, so please let us know what you think of our guide and share it with others if you find it helpful.