4 Simple ways to save with Cricket Wireless in 2024

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Consider taking a moment to think about how much you pay for your wireless service every month. The way we use wireless services keeps changing. While we’ve moved away from restrictive and expensive contracts, they’ve been replaced by phone leases and other strategies.

Regardless of whether the pandemic has affected your finances, saving money is always a good idea. If you’ve recently aimed to cut down on your monthly expenses, examining your wireless plan might be worthwhile. You could potentially save money by switching to Cricket Wireless, a reliable option with over 10 million customers in the US.

Cricket offers reasonably priced plans starting at $30/month** before additional savings, and all their plans cover monthly taxes without requiring an annual contract. You’ll still get access to a dependable nationwide 4G LTE network that reaches over 99% of Americans. If you’re new to Cricket, you can either bring your own compatible device or select from their available options.

Here are four ways to save with Cricket Wireless:

1. Auto Pay

When customers opt for Auto Pay on specific plans, they receive a $5 discount on their monthly service. Enrolling in Auto Pay can potentially save them up to $60 annually.

Auto Pay Setup with Cricket simplifies bill payments by automatically deducting your monthly plan charges, including additional features, from your credit or debit card. Signing up for Auto Pay not only ensures you never miss a payment but also qualifies you for a potential $5 service credit each month.

To receive this credit, your individual line must be active on a plan of $40/month or higher, excluding certain plans like Simply Data and multi-month ones. It’s important to note that the Auto Pay credit isn’t available with Group Save discounts, multiline discounts, or specific promotional offers.

Enrolling in Auto Pay allows for a hassle-free $5 monthly service credit applied to your account at the end of each billing cycle, provided you maintain Auto Pay. Accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and certain reloadable prepaid debit cards carrying respective logos.

The payment is processed two days before your due date, with reminders sent beforehand. Auto Pay remains active until you choose to cancel it, which can be done through My Account, the myCricket App, or by calling 611. To ensure eligibility for the Auto Pay credit, enroll at least six days before your payment due date. If enrolled less than six days before, you’ll start receiving the credit from the following billing cycle.

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Auto Pay charges the full amount due, covering your plan, added features, and applies to all lines within your account. The setup process involves entering your card details, choosing a notification line for expired cards (for accounts with multiple lines), and accepting terms and conditions via My Account online or the myCricket App.

For multiline accounts, only one credit or debit card can be used for Auto Pay. Additionally, for Multi-Month Plans, your payment method will be charged every 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on your plan’s duration.

Regular updates for expiring cards are essential to prevent interruptions in service. Failure to update your card information may require manual payments to avoid disruptions. To disable Auto Pay, simply access My Account, the myCricket App, or call 611 and follow the provided steps to turn it off.

2. Refer a friend

When you recommend someone to join Cricket, you’ll receive up to $25 in bill credits for each person you refer. This reward is capped at 10 referrals per year, totaling a maximum of $250 in bill credits. Once your friend stays active with Cricket for 60 days, both you and your friend will each receive $25 in bill credits as a thank-you gesture.

3. Ad It Up app

The Ad It Up app, created by Adfone for Android users, offers a way to save money by engaging in various activities on your phone. By playing games, watching ads, completing surveys, and viewing videos, users accumulate points that can be exchanged for Cricket bill credits or gift cards.

This straightforward process of earning points and redeeming them within the app makes it convenient for users to benefit from these rewards effortlessly.

4. Bridge Pay

Bridge Pay offers flexibility for payments by allowing you to split your monthly payment into 2 or 3 parts, with an extra 7 days to settle. Pay a part of your bill when it’s due, then clear the rest a week later, ensuring continuous service and sidestepping a reconnection fee.

Despite a fee for using Bridge Pay ($5 for a single line or $10 for multiple lines), it’s a cost-efficient option, saving you from a $25 reactivation fee while keeping your service uninterrupted.

* First month rate plan charge due in full. $5 credit applied upon enrollment in Auto Pay. Credit received at end of billing cycle. Auto Pay not available with Group Save discounts or select promotional offers. Visit mycrick.it/AutoPay

** Exclusions and restrictions apply. See mycrick.it/RAF for details.