Nike product testing: Get free shoes as a Nike product tester (2024)

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Interested in being among the first to test Nike’s latest releases as a product tester for the iconic brand? Nike has an exciting program in place where individuals like you have the opportunity to evaluate and experience their cutting-edge prototypes.

These prototypes are fresh off the design board, not yet available to the general public, and some may never make it to store shelves. If this sounds like an intriguing prospect, I’m here to walk you through the straightforward process of becoming a Nike product tester.

How to join the ranks of Nike product testers

Steps for becoming a Nike product tester:

1. Check your eligibility

Before diving in, ensure you meet the necessary qualifications:

  • You must be a resident of the United States.
  • NCAA athletes are not eligible to apply.
  • Regularly engage in your chosen field of athletic activity.
  • Note that sample sizes are usually whole sizes, so select your whole size when applying.

2. Verify Nike’s application status

Nike seeks product testers from three distinct groups:

  • Parents applying for their children aged 12 years or younger
  • Minors between the ages of 13 and 17
  • Adults aged 18 and above

At times, all three categories may not be open for applications concurrently.

3. Gather your measurements

While there are no strict requirements, you will need to provide your body measurements and shoe sizes.

Important Note: Nike does not require your credit card details or social security number.

To obtain your body measurements, follow these steps:

  • Dress in lightweight clothing to ensure accuracy.
  • Stand upright with your feet slightly apart and your arms relaxed at your sides.
  • Measure your chest by encircling the tape around the fullest part.
  • Measure your waist at its narrowest point.
  • Determine the width of your hips at their widest part.
  • For inseams, measure from the crotch to the ankle.
  • Measure your height from head to heel against a wall.

4. Register on Nike’s website

Visit the Nike product testing website and complete the following steps to apply for their product review program.

Note: If you are applying on behalf of a child, parents must create a parent profile.

  • Specify your country or region, birth date, and email address.
  • Indicate the products you wish to test, whether it’s apparel, footwear, or both.
  • Mention if you are a Nike employee.
  • Specify if you are an NCAA athlete or intend to become one.
  • Provide your full name and email address, and create a password.
  • Choose your preferred method of communication, either email or SMS messaging.
  • Sign a release and waiver agreement to proceed.
  • Enter your recruitment code if you have one.
  • Provide your shipping address and specify your gender.
  • Select the types of products you would like to test and your preferred categories, whether you are a runner, weightlifter, or engaged in basketball and tennis, among other sports activities.
  • Share your body measurements, including height, weight, shirt size, jacket size, pants size, shorts size, and shoe size.

It’s crucial to be as precise as possible when filling out the application form since Nike uses these details to select the most suitable candidates for their product testing program.

Please remember that completing the application form does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

5. Await the acceptance notification.

The Nike product tester application process typically takes one to four weeks.

If your application is approved, you will receive an email invitation. Nike also periodically sends invitations for upcoming product tests that match your qualifications.

Nike evaluates applications based on their current needs, which may include specific athlete profiles or shoe sizes. If you don’t receive an invitation, consider reapplying after approximately six months for another chance to participate.

How the Nike testing program works

Nike, formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports, has a rich history of collaborating with top athletes from various sports.

Like many prominent sports brands, Nike relies on product testers to refine their offerings.

Product testers play a pivotal role in research and development, and one of the exciting programs they offer is the Nike 30-day wear test.

As a participant in the Nike Voice of the Athlete USA program, you have the opportunity to engage in sports like tennis while wearing a product for several weeks, allowing you to thoroughly assess new items.

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This initiative not only benefits the company but also provides valuable insights to meet consumer demands in the market.

Nike’s product testing program collects feedback to enhance existing footwear and create even better options.

Once you’ve completed the product testing period, Nike will request that you return the product and provide comprehensive feedback on its performance during your trial.

While Nike primarily requires product testers to be residents of the United States, they may also consider testers from Mexico, Japan, Italy, Canada, and China.

What does a Nike product tester do?

As a Nike product tester, you will receive a prototype or pre-release version of a product, whether it’s shoes, apparel, or equipment. Your task is to use the product as you normally would in your regular athletic activities while adhering to the company’s instructions.

Here are the typical steps involved in Nike product testing:

  1. Accept the invitation: Once your application is accepted, Nike will invite you to participate in a testing project that matches your qualifications. Upon accepting the invitation, Nike will send the product to you by mail.
  2. Test the product: Carefully read the provided instructions and wear the product during the testing period, which typically lasts one to two months. Make note of the deadline as well.

Nike may set specific deadlines for completing your testing and submitting feedback, so it’s essential to set a reminder on your calendar to ensure you meet the requirements and continue as a product tester for the brand.

  1. Provide feedback: Throughout the testing period, you are expected to document the product’s performance, comfort, durability, and any issues you encounter. Nike values honest and detailed feedback, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences.

Important Note: It’s crucial to keep all information about the product and the testing process confidential until Nike officially releases the product.

  1. Return the product: At the conclusion of the test period, you must return the tested product to Nike for evaluation. While there may be occasional instances where you can retain the product after testing, the standard practice is to return it.

Performance evaluation

At the end of each year, Nike reviews your profile to assess your performance as a tester. Depending on your profile, they may choose to continue or discontinue their partnership with you for the following year.

If you consistently adhere to Nike’s instructions and provide comprehensive feedback on their test products, you are likely to remain part of Nike’s product testing program.

Is the Nike product testing program worth it?


  • Gain an exclusive first look at pre-release Nike products.
  • Influence the development of future Nike product designs.
  • Wear high-quality, stylish gear for a limited time during the testing period.
  • Benefit from free product return shipping, as Nike provides a prepaid shipping label for returning the tested product.


  • The program does not offer monetary compensation.
  • Mandatory return of the tested products at the end of the testing period.
  • You cannot choose specific products to test.
  • Information related to the test product cannot be shared on vlogs, blogs, or social media platforms.

Other footwear brands seeking product testers

Other footwear companies like Adidas and New Balance also have testing programs that follow a similar structure to the Nike Voice of the Athlete program.

If you have a passion for testing and providing feedback on new footwear or apparel, here are some alternative options to explore:

BrandRequirementsSign Up
AdidasAt least 18 years old.
Should not be testing other competitor products.
Minimum weekly activity requirements.
Become an Adidas Product Tester
New BalanceOpen to adults and childrenBecome a New Balance Product Tester
SauconyAt least 18 years oldBecome a Saucony Product Tester
PumaMust be a player of one of their specified sportsBecome a Puma Product Tester
Under ArmourAt least 18 years oldBecome an Under Armour Product Tester

Most, if not all, of these product testing programs, are primarily looking for participants who are residents of the United States.

Is Nike product testing legitimate?

Yes, the Nike product testing program is a legitimate opportunity to evaluate the brand’s yet-to-be-released products. As a Nike product tester, you get the chance to wear pre-release models or prototypes before they hit the market.

Can I get paid to test Nike products?

No, Nike does not offer monetary compensation to individuals participating in their product testing program. While you can enjoy free gear during the testing period, you are required to return the items when the testing phase concludes.

How much do Nike product testers get paid?

There is no payment or monetary incentive associated with being a Nike product tester. Therefore, there is no fixed compensation for individuals participating in this program.

Why should I consider joining Nike’s product testing programs?

By becoming a Nike product tester, you have the unique opportunity to experience and test the latest Nike footwear and apparel before they are available to the general public. Your feedback can also play a crucial role in influencing the design and development of future Nike products.

Nike product testing: The bottom line

For those who have a genuine passion for Nike products, the prospect of being a part of their product testing program can feel like a dream come true. While you may not get to keep the Nike shoes or apparel you test, you will have the privilege of wearing their pre-release products before they hit the market.

With this comprehensive guide, you now have a clearer understanding of how the ins and outs of Nike’s product testing program work. If you are eager to participate, don’t hesitate to visit the Nike product testing sign-in page to take the first step towards joining this exclusive group of testers.