22 Places to make copies near me for cheap & free (2024)

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Are you in search of affordable printing solutions nearby? We’ve compiled a list of 22 budget-friendly options for making copies, both in person and online.

Sometimes, a digital copy of a document just doesn’t cut it. Whether it’s your automobile insurance card or official paperwork, there are instances where you need to have a physical printed version.

Like many people, I prefer not to spend a fortune on tasks that can be completed inexpensively or even for free. This is a common concern, leaving many wondering, “Where can I make copies near me for cheap?”

If you don’t have a printer at home, there are numerous places in your local area where you can fulfill your printing needs without breaking the bank, allowing you to allocate your resources for other necessities.

With cost considerations out of the way, let’s explore the optimal choices for making copies in your vicinity.

Best places to make free copies

An office supply store is not your sole option for copy services. While such stores are included in our list, there are other alternatives for document printing.

In fact, there are places where you can make copies for free. Here are the top three locations for complimentary copying.

1. Workplace

Are you pondering, “Where can I find the best places for making copies near me?” and unsure where to initiate your search? Look no further than your workplace.

Many employers don’t mind granting you access to their equipment for printing a document or two. Depending on the quantity, they may even allow you to create color copies inexpensively or at no cost.

It’s important to confirm with a supervisor before proceeding and not to assume that copy privileges are granted. The last thing you want is to get into trouble.

If your boss approves, this option can be a money-saving opportunity.

2. Friends and family

Friends and family members might possess a copier or printer with copying capabilities, allowing you to bypass paid services when you need to make copies. Before looking elsewhere, consider asking around when you require copies.

If your friends and family live nearby, it’s a practical choice to use their equipment and avoid a trip to the office supply store. Most loved ones are generally happy to assist when you need some copies.

If you don’t have acquaintances with a printer, and you reside in an apartment complex, you could inquire with your landlord. They may be open to allowing you to print documents for free on occasion.

In instances where your complex features a clubhouse or business center, you might gain access to complimentary copying services.

3. Post office

Some post offices offer copy machines for customer use, but not all locations provide this service.

To avoid unnecessary trips, it’s advisable to call ahead and ascertain whether this service is available at your local post office. Most cities, including small towns, usually have a post office, so accessing this service should not entail extensive travel.

Using your neighborhood post office for making copies may be convenient if you need to send an item overnight. Refer to our guide on the best cost-effective next-day air options for shipping items.

Where to make cheap copies near me

Making copies for free isn’t always an option. An online search for the “best printing services near me” may yield several promising choices, though pricing can vary widely.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best places for cost-effective copying.

4. Library

Local libraries are among the most cost-effective places to make document copies. Similar to post offices, most towns have at least one library.

While this service isn’t typically free, the fees are generally quite reasonable. In my local library, it’s merely $0.10 for black and white copies and $0.25 for color copies.

Libraries tend not to be excessively crowded, ensuring the copy machine is often readily available. This means you can get your copies swiftly, usually within a few minutes. College or university libraries often make their copy machines accessible to the public as well.

5. Office Depot/Office Max

Office Depot provides same-day printing and copying services. By signing up for Office Depot/Office Max emails, customers receive a 15% discount on one regularly priced item.

Black and white copies at Office Depot/Office Max cost just $0.09 per copy. For color copies, the price is a mere $0.42. Orders are usually ready within an hour, and there is no additional fee for pick-up.

For customers unable to visit a store, there’s also a free shipping option for qualifying orders of at least $45.

6. The UPS Store

The UPS Store boasts a global network of over 4,400 stores, offering excellent copying services. You can either visit a store to make copies or order them online in advance.

Customers who subscribe to their news and special offers enjoy a 15% discount on their next online order. The UPS Store provides various sizes, accommodating both thick and thin paper. They specialize in copying services and can even replicate items like W2s, church bulletins, or legal documents. Prices typically start at around $0.12 for black and white copies and approximately $0.50 for color copies.

7. FedEx Office

Formerly known as Kinkos, FedEx Office presents another viable option for printing services. The company has been expanding its presence and can now be found in select Walmart locations.

This expansion enhances convenience for individuals juggling multiple errands, sparing them an additional trip to a dedicated printing service location.

Much like The UPS Store, you can pre-order copies to save time.

8. Staples

When I’m in need of copying services, I often choose Staples because of its proximity. Staples offers competitive prices and is among the most economical places for making copies. They charge $0.53 per color page and $0.11 per black and white copy.

Bulk orders can drive these prices down to as low as $0.13 and $0.04, respectively.

9. Local grocery store

In towns without major retailers, some local grocery stores may allow customers to utilize their copy machines for economical copying.

When there’s limited competition from big retail chains, smaller stores may be inclined to provide this convenient service. Pricing typically aligns with the usual rates, such as $0.10 for black and white copies and $0.25 for color copies.

On a related note, if you’re in need of quarters, your local grocery store can be a reliable source.

10. Community centers

Do you reside in a neighborhood with an HOA clubhouse or a local recreation center? Many of these facilities, whether managed by fraternal organizations or local governments, often make copiers available for public use.

If you’re situated near a community center or clubhouse, it’s worth inquiring if they offer copy machine access. While this may not be suitable for extensive copying tasks, it can be an ideal fit if you require only a few copies.

11. CVS

The photo department at CVS offers copying services to customers. With 3,400 locations providing this service nationwide, it’s a convenient choice.

CVS stores typically feature Kodak kiosks for printing and copying services, ensuring a rapid and effortless experience. For single-sided black and white copies, the cost is $0.29 per page, and for double-sided copies, it’s $0.20 per page.

Color copies are priced slightly higher compared to some alternatives. Single-sided copies cost $1.19 per page, and double-sided copies are $0.65 per page.

12. Walgreens

Walgreens is an excellent destination for individuals seeking photo copies. Walgreens is a widely recognized retail chain with a presence in most cities, making it a convenient choice for many. However, it’s worth noting that while Walgreens is excellent for photo printing, not all locations offer document printing services.

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The pricing at Walgreens for photo copies is quite reasonable, typically around $0.20 for a 4×5 photo. Unfortunately, not all Walgreens stores provide document printing services, so it’s essential to verify if the service is available at your nearest location.

Best places to order copies online

While physical stores are suitable for quick document copying, they might not be the most cost-effective option, especially for large quantities. Online printing services can be a more economical choice when you need to make multiple copies of a document.

Here are some of the top online options for bulk copying:

13. Rakuten

If you need to make copies from the comfort of your home and don’t own a printer, Rakuten is an excellent platform for ordering copies online. Rakuten often features coupons and discount options for printing services. Some of the companies listed in this guide also provide discount offers through Rakuten. For instance, Vistaprint and FedEx offer three and five percent cashback on orders, respectively.

Throughout its history, Rakuten has helped Vistaprint customers earn over $950,000 in cash-back rewards. Additionally, when you refer friends, both you and your friends can enjoy $10 coupons for their next order. Several other businesses offer cashback as well, with some providing as much as 11 percent back on orders.

14. Best Value Copy

Best Value Copy has been in the printing industry for 25 years, and they offer a unique deal for first-time customers. When you place your initial order, you’ll receive 200 free black and white copies or 50 free color copies. However, keep in mind that this offer is available for your first purchase, and you’ll be responsible for covering the shipping costs.

After your first order, Best Value Copy continues to impress with their cost-effective pricing. Black and white copies are only $0.032 per copy, while color copies cost a mere $0.099 each. Orders exceeding $125 qualify for free shipping, available on weekdays. Best Value Copy does not impose minimum order sizes, and they guarantee that your order will be shipped within 48 hours or less.

15. Color Copies Today

Color Copies Today has been a reliable printing service provider for over 35 years. A division of Rogers Marketing and Printing, Inc., based in Avon, Indiana, they are known for their speedy service. Copies are printed and shipped on the same or next business day following the submission of your order. They offer a straightforward upload option, making it easy to send your requests.

This company primarily focuses on bulk pricing for copies. For instance, if you need 1,000 color copies, you’ll pay just $0.06 per copy. Even the least expensive single-sided color copy, in a bulk order of 150 copies, costs only $0.10 per page. For black and white copies, the price is $0.04 per page for 500 single-sided copies.

16. Docucopies

Docucopies is a website that excels in providing cost-effective color copying services, particularly for bulk orders. If you require a large order of 10,000 copies, you can count on Docucopies to produce them at a remarkably low cost of $0.05 per page. For those who don’t need such excessive quantities, they also offer packages of 1,000 color copies at just $0.07 per copy.

Orders from Docucopies are typically shipped on the next business day, and their customer service is available to assist with any questions you may have during the week.

17. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is a go-to company for various small business needs, offering services such as business cards, marketing materials, and customizable calendars. However, it’s important to note that Vistaprint doesn’t provide standard document copying services. Instead, they cater to a range of other business-related requirements, making them a versatile choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Make copies without a Copier

Imagine you’re in a situation where you urgently need copies of a vital document, yet you lack access to conventional photocopying services or a copy machine. How can you reproduce these documents without a printer? The solution lies in the realm of mobile apps.

Indeed, several applications are at your disposal, allowing you to replicate documents with ease through the simple act of scanning them using your smartphone. Subsequently, you can transmit the scanned copies to individuals or archive them for future reproduction.

These ingenious apps effectively transform your smartphone into a digital photocopier, ensuring your document-copying needs are met. Let’s explore a few of these remarkable apps:

18. Mobile Scan Pro – Document Scanner

Mobile Scan Pro is available for iOS and Android devices and promises a convenient and reliable solution for on-the-go document duplication. It effortlessly converts your smartphone into a pocket-sized scanner, ensuring that you can efficiently scan documents wherever you may be.

You can then export these scanned documents as either JPEG or multi-page PDF files for convenient sharing or future reproduction.

19. Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. The company behind the app describes it as a portable scanner. It allows you to scan documents swiftly and easily from your smartphone or tablet.

After scanning, you can save the documents as either JPEG images or multi-page PDF files. This means you can capture documents on the go and have them stored in a digital format for future use.

20. CamScanner

CamScanner is a free app available for both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to use your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or computer to scan, store, sync, and collaborate on various digital content. While the app is free to download and use, it also offers in-app purchases for additional features or functionality.

21. Google Drive

Google Drive is a versatile platform that goes beyond file storage. It allows you to store not only pictures and videos but also scan documents and images. Google Drive is available for iOS and Android devices, making it accessible on various mobile platforms.

22. ScanMaster – Digital Document Duplicator

ScanMaster is a user-friendly mobile app designed to serve your document-replicating needs. Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, this app is your portable document scanner, allowing you to scan documents quickly and accurately. You can export the scans in various formats, including JPEG and multi-page PDF, ensuring you have the flexibility to manage your digital copies.

In essence, these innovative apps empower you to harness the capabilities of your smartphone, transforming it into a versatile digital photocopier. With the ability to scan, store, and share your documents, they offer a practical solution for those times when a traditional photocopier is out of reach.

How much does copying cost?

While it’s possible to make copies for free in some cases, most of the time, there will be a nominal charge. The cost of making copies varies from one location to another, although some chains and stores have standardized pricing, regardless of location. The most crucial factor influencing the cost of making copies is whether you opt for black and white or color copies.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect to pay for making copies:

Black and white copies: Prices typically range from $0.03 to $0.25 per page.

Color copies: Costs can vary between $0.10 and $0.75 per page.

These prices typically apply to standalone copies. If you require additional services, such as binding copies into a presentation, you should anticipate paying more. The exact additional costs will depend on the specific services you need.

The bottom line

In conclusion, Whether you need photo prints, business cards, or document copies, there are likely several affordable options available in your local area. While some of these choices may be familiar, others may be new to you, offering valuable alternatives for your printing needs.

For those who are unable to print at home, the availability of these convenient locations can be a significant asset. Some of these businesses even offer same-day services, ensuring you can quickly get in and out. Keep in mind that the time it takes to receive your prints may vary depending on your chosen option, but in any case, printing documents inexpensively is generally straightforward.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with cost-effective copying services. Where have you discovered the most budget-friendly places to make copies? Are there online printing services you rely on to save money? Feel free to share your insights and recommendations.