14 Hacks to get free clothes from Shein in 2024

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Looking to score big discounts or even snag free SHEIN clothes while shopping for fashion?

SHEIN is a well-known fashion retailer that offers a wide range of clothing items at affordable prices. The online store is a go-to destination for shoppers who want to stay on-trend without breaking the bank.

The company’s Shein.com website offers a massive selection of clothing items for men, women, and kids, including plus-size options. Customers can enjoy free returns for their orders, which adds to the convenience of shopping with SHEIN.

SHEIN has gained immense popularity over the years, and it’s not hard to see why. The shopping app has an estimated 43.7 million active users, with 7.5 million based in the United States alone. In 2021, the app was downloaded a staggering 157 million times, making it the second most-downloaded shopping app of that year.

With its vast collection of affordable and trendy clothing items, SHEIN has become a must-have shopping destination for fashion-forward and budget-conscious shoppers.

That’s what this post is all about. I’ll share tips on saving money and getting free clothes from Shein.

SHEIN free clothes codes

Follow these steps to get free codes from Shein

1. Participate in the SHEIN free trial program

Sign up for the SHEIN Free Trial program to score free clothes from Shein.

You’re allowed to pick up to three items weekly. Just browse the Free Trial products, choose what you want (max 3 items), and hit “Free Trial.” Enter your size and shipping details, then hit submit.

Your chosen items will show as “Pending” under “My Application.” Winners are announced on the main Free Trial page after Shein reviews applications.

If your product doesn’t win, it’ll be labeled “Failed.”

If you win, it’ll be marked as “Approved,” and the free product will be sent to the address you gave.

You can check your results in “My Free Trial,” usually within a week. Once approved, your order will be processed and shipped automatically.

Once you get your free product, you’ve got 10 days to submit a review.

In essence, you’re getting free clothes for a review. Click the “Post Report” button in your order list to upload your review after receiving the item.

Please thoroughly review aspects such as quality, style, fit, and construction. Your review should include comments on the material, texture, and overall product quality, photos, and a comprehensive description. Reviews that are outstanding will be labeled as “High Quality” and receive extra Shein points. More information about Shein’s points and their workings will be provided later in the post.

After submitting your review, Shein will review it for compliance with their guidelines. You can track the status of your report on the “My Report” page.

If your review report doesn’t meet requirements or fails to upload, you have one more chance to submit it. You get only one chance to rewrite if the initial review doesn’t meet the requirements.

After approval, your words, images, and videos will appear on the company’s product review page. Your username and personal info remain hidden, which is a good privacy measure.

2. Shop SHEIN sale items

Check out the SHEIN sale section for great savings. You can find awesome deals with discounts of up to 50% or even 60% off. This means you could get half of your order for free sometimes!

Plus, you can easily browse items by price, such as “All Under $5,” “All Under $10,” and “All Under $15.”

3. Get 15% off your first order

Shein provides a 15% discount for new users, allowing you to save on your order. However, there’s typically a minimum order requirement to qualify for the discount. Be sure to review the specifics when placing your order.

This offer is akin to a “Shein free clothes code.”

4. Get a student discount at Shein

Students can enjoy an additional 15% discount on Shein by using UNiDAYS. Find out more details here.

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5. Get free shipping on orders of $9.99 (promotional) or more

Shein offers affordable prices, but shipping costs can add up. It’s wise to use their free shipping offer to save money. By saving on shipping, you could get a piece of clothing for free.

For instance, if you save $4 on shipping, you can use that amount to buy an item priced similarly, effectively getting it at no extra cost.

You typically need to spend $49 to qualify for free standard shipping. However, sometimes the shipping minimum is lower, like $29 or even $9.99, especially during holidays. Check the current minimum when placing your order.

Additionally, spending around $129 usually gets you free express shipping.

6. Get the Shein app

To save money and snag freebies on Shein, try using the SHEIN app. It regularly offers promotions, discounts, and sales alerts. It’s perfect for budget-conscious shoppers or those seeking free clothes.

You can download the Shein app on:

7. Get free clothes with Shein’s Bonus Points

Earn points on SHEIN and redeem them for discounts on your orders, making it a great way to get free clothes.

You receive 1 point for every US dollar spent on qualifying purchases, excluding taxes, shipping, and fees. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, you can earn points by verifying your email on your profile page and reviewing products.

On SHEIN, every 100 points translate to $1. You can redeem these points to slash up to 70% off the total price of your order, except for tax, shipping, and insurance.

This means you could potentially snag up to 70% off your clothing purchases on SHEIN.

Find out more about SHEIN’s points program here.

8. Join the SHEIN influencer program

SHEIN offers an influencer platform where you can receive free PR gift boxes and generous bonuses upon joining.

Discover more about the SHEIN influencer program here.

9. SHEIN coupons & promo codes

Before you shop on SHEIN, it’s wise to hunt for coupon codes to save money on your order or even snag free clothes. Checking for discounts can help you save cash each time you shop.

You can find SHEIN coupon codes and other savings at these spots:

10. Follow SHEIN on social media

To save money when shopping at SHEIN, follow their social media accounts. SHEIN regularly offers sales, promos, and deals that can help you save money on their social platforms.

Here are their official profiles:

11. Do tasks on reward websites

To score free clothes from SHEIN or snag discounts on your purchases, consider completing tasks on reward websites. These sites pay you for various online activities, some of which you might already do. Tasks include:

  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Browsing the web
  • Shopping online
  • Reading emails
  • Taking surveys

Earn cash rewards directly to your PayPal account by using reward websites. Then, use this cash to get free clothes from SHEIN.

Here are some reward websites where you can earn free money to spend on SHEIN:

12. Complete surveys

To score free clothes on SHEIN, try completing surveys. They’re easy and earn you cash you can use on SHEIN.

The beauty of surveys is you can do them whenever you have spare time.

Many survey sites pay you via PayPal, letting you use the cash for SHEIN shopping.

Here are some survey sites to check out:

13. Shein free clothes hack

This isn’t exactly a hack, but it’s the closest thing you can get to scoring free money for shopping at Shein through a reward site, Flash Rewards. They offer a program where you complete a few offers to earn a Shein gift card at no cost.

14. Referral programs: Sharing the love of fashion

Shein’s affiliate/referral program benefits both existing and new customers. Existing customers earn points for successful referrals, while new customers get discounts on their first purchase. It’s a great way for loyal customers to earn free clothes from Shein.

These points can be used to redeem products, allowing you to shop for free!

Start referring friends now to reap the rewards.

The bottom line

It is possible to get free clothes and save money while shopping on SHEIN. However, it requires a bit of effort on your part. There are legitimate ways to receive free clothing items, such as participating in giveaways, taking advantage of referral programs, and subscribing to SHEIN’s email newsletter for exclusive offers and discounts.

Additionally, you can save money by watching for seasonal sales, using discount codes, and using reward programs. With some research and patience, you can get great deals and even snag some free clothes on SHEIN.