Is Speedway top tier gas? We investigate

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Speedway operates as part of Marathon Oil Corporation, which holds a prestigious TOP TIER license as a fuel retailer. Despite this affiliation, Speedway gas stations are not reported as providers of TOP TIER gasoline, a designation known for its higher detergent standards that help improve engine performance and cleanliness. However, Speedway claims that its gasoline complies with all federal regulations established to ensure the fuel’s quality and performance.

When it comes to choosing where to fill up your vehicle’s gas tank, most people do it without much thought. Convenience often dictates the choice, based on proximity to your current location. However, as gas prices continue to rise across the nation, consumers are becoming more mindful of their fuel purchases.

Speedway might not be the most widely recognized gas brand, but it’s found almost everywhere. But is Speedway a reliable gas station? How do Speedway gas prices stack up against other fuel companies?

In this post, we’ll delve into the essential aspects of Speedway stations. This includes assessing Speedway’s gas prices, evaluating the quality of their fuel, and sharing some tips to assist you in saving money when fueling up at Speedway.

Is Speedway top tier Gas? Speedway gas quality reviewed

The Marathon Oil Corporation owns both Speedway and ARCO gas stations, supplying fuel to both. Marathon and ARCO are considered TOP TIER gasoline retailers known for high-quality fuel.

Despite this, Speedway, owned by Marathon, isn’t listed as a licensed TOP TIER gasoline retailer. Neither the Speedway nor Marathon website mention Speedway as a provider of TOP TIER fuel, unlike Marathon and ARCO stations.

Speedway gets its gasoline from Marathon, but it’s a different formulation from what’s supplied to Marathon and ARCO stations. Speedway can also use third-party suppliers if Marathon can’t provide fuel. Speedway’s website states that its fuel meets local, state, and federal regulations, emphasizing consistent quality and competitive prices.

Gas station maintenance significantly impacts fuel quality, and Speedway maintains transparent safety instructions and policies on its website. They make safety data sheets publicly available, underscoring their commitment to safety and quality standards.

What is top tier gasoline?

TOP TIER gasoline is a specialized fuel developed by a group of car manufacturers in 2004. It contains a higher concentration of detergents compared to what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires.

These added detergents, three times more than the EPA’s standard, help prevent the buildup of deposits that can harm your engine. A study by the American Automobile Association (AAA), as reported by Consumer Reports, showed significant benefits in engine performance and longevity with TOP TIER gasoline.

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This led the consumer advocacy organization to suggest that the EPA consider increasing the minimum detergent standards for all fuels to ensure better performance for drivers. You can find TOP TIER gas stations by checking the organization’s list of licensed retailers if you’re looking to fill up with this specialized fuel.

How can you save on Speedway gas prices?

The primary way to save at Speedway is through their Speedy Rewards program. You can join this program by signing up on their mobile app or website. Being a member means your purchases at Speedway stores can earn you points that you can later redeem for free fuel or food.

For every dollar spent at a Speedway convenience store, you earn 20 base points for merchandise and 10 base points for fuel. This point system works well if you frequently visit Speedway.

However, regularly shopping at a convenience store might not be sustainable for everyone. To get a discount on gas, you need to collect points—1,750 points for a 10¢ per gallon discount, 4,375 points for 25¢ off, and 8,750 points for a 50¢ discount.

To earn more points, Speedway offers bonus points on specific items like a Google Play Card or Mountain Dew. These bonus items change regularly, so it’s advisable to check the store for the latest deals to maximize your points.

Speedway also collaborates with certain stores in specific states, like Lowes Foods or Just Save in North and South Carolina. By linking your Speedy Rewards account with their loyalty program, you can earn 5¢ off per gallon for every $100 spent at these stores.

However, these collaborations are limited to certain regions, and not all states have these partnerships. You can find more details about these partnerships on Speedway’s website.

While Speedway provides various ways to save on gas, these options might not be widely available. Nonetheless, Speedway’s gas prices are generally reasonable, so it’s most beneficial for those who regularly visit Speedway.

How do I know if my gas is top tier?

To confirm if your gas is top tier, look for the TOP TIER™ logo at the fueling station. This logo is typically shown on the pump, pump handle, canopy, or station window of stations that sell TOP TIER™ licensed brands. When you see this logo, it means the fuel meets the standards set by engine manufacturers for better performance. Another way to ensure your fuel is top tier is by checking the TOP TIER™ Fuel Stations list.