How to check T-Mobile data balance

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You can check your T-Mobile data balance through:

  • Automatic Alerts: T-Mobile sends text or email updates when a certain percentage of your monthly data allowance is used. This feature is included with all usage-based plans but might not trigger during extensive downloads.
  • My T-Mobile Account: Sign up at and log in to access your usage details. Click on “Usage” for an overview or “View Shared Usage Details” for shared plans. For specific line usage, click on the number under Minutes or Data columns. You can also use the T-Mobile MyAccount app on your smart device.
  • Request Updates via Phone: Dial specific codes like #MIN# for minutes, #MSG# for messages, or #WEB# for data to receive usage details via text. For pre-paid accounts, use #999#.
  • Call 611: Dial 611 on your phone and say “data usage” when prompted.
  • Third-Party Tools: Explore downloadable apps like 3G Watchdog, Dataman, or built-in data monitoring features on your device (refer to the device manual) to track data usage over time.

Monitoring your data usage is crucial to prevent extra charges and ensure uninterrupted phone service. T-Mobile provides multiple ways to keep track of your plan’s text, call, and data usage. For T-Mobile users, this guide outlines how to check usage through the T-Mobile website, via the T-Mobile App, or by using specific short codes when needed.

How to check T-Mobile usage online?

To check your T-Mobile data balance online, go to the My T-Mobile website and log in using your account details. Once logged in, navigate to the Usage section and choose “View all usage details.”

If you wish to view usage for a specific period, locate the Date field and input your preferred date range. This allows you to track and manage your T-Mobile usage conveniently through their online platform.

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How to view usage on the T-Mobile app?

Checking your data usage through the T-Mobile app is easy and ensures you get the latest info. If you’re on iPhone, get the app here, and if you’re on Android, get it here. Once you’re in the app, head to the ‘Bill’ section and tap ‘See all usage.’ That’s where you’ll spot your data, messages, minutes, and even mobile hotspot usage neatly listed out. Android users can also track data usage through the app.

How to use short codes to check T-Mobile usage?

T-Mobile offers four different short codes that allow you to check specific usage information using your T-Mobile phone. These codes are designed for different purposes:

  1. To check your data usage, dial #WEB# or #932# and press the call button.
  2. For checking text message usage, input #MSG# or #674# and press call.
  3. If you want to know your remaining minutes, dial #MIN# or #646# and press call.
  4. For devices with prepaid minutes, dial #999# and press call to check the remaining balance.

Remember, these codes are meant to be dialed from your T-Mobile device to obtain the relevant usage information you’re seeking.

How to check data usage on T-Mobile through text or email alert

Receive automatic text or email alerts for your T-Mobile data usage by enabling periodic updates. These alerts are sent when a specific portion of your monthly data allowance is consumed. This convenient feature is included in usage-based plans, offering real-time updates. Keep in mind, that during significant downloads, you might not receive immediate notifications.

How to check your T-Mobile data usage through third-party tools

To monitor your data usage on T-Mobile using third-party tools, consider using various downloadable apps such as Dataman, Data Monitor, and others. These applications are specifically designed to track and measure the data consumption of your device over time. Additionally, many phones and tablets have built-in data monitoring features; refer to your device’s manual to locate and use these functionalities.