How much does dry cleaning cost? (2024)

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Wondering how much dry cleaning costs?

The cost of dry cleaning can indeed vary based on several factors, including the type of garment, your location, and any additional services you may require. Here’s a quick breakdown of dry cleaning costs for various types of garments:

  • Shirts and Blouses: The cost for dry cleaning a simple shirt or blouse typically ranges from $3 to $8 per item.
  • Pants and Trousers: Dry cleaning a pair of pants usually costs between $4 and $14.
  • Skirts and Sweaters: The cost for dry cleaning these items may be around $4 to $15 each.
  • Dresses: Depending on the style and material, dry cleaning a dress can cost anywhere from $4 to $26 or more.
  • Suits: A two-piece suit may cost between $6 and $30 to dry clean.
  • Coats and Jackets: The price for dry cleaning outerwear can vary widely, from $10 for a light jacket to $30 or more for heavy coats.
  • Bedding and Linens: Comforters, duvets, and bedspreads can range from $20 to $50 or more. Sheets and pillowcases are generally less expensive.
  • Wedding Dresses: Dry cleaning a wedding dress, which often requires delicate handling and preservation, can cost several hundred dollars, sometimes even over $500.
  • Specialty Items: Prices can be significantly higher for items like leather or suede garments, fur coats, and other specialized clothing.

It’s essential to keep in mind that these are average price ranges, and actual costs may vary based on your location, the dry cleaner’s reputation, and any additional services you request, such as stain removal, alterations, or pressing.

Additionally, some dry cleaners offer discounts for bulk items or loyalty programs, so it’s worth inquiring about any available promotions or packages to save on your dry cleaning costs.

Dry cleaning is a convenient way to keep your clothes in good condition and looking their best. It’s a great choice for people who are too busy or don’t want to clean, iron, and press their own clothing. Plus, it’s often more affordable than you might expect.

Keep in mind that the cost may vary depending on the dry cleaning service you choose, so it’s a good idea to compare prices in your area. To help you with this, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to dry cleaning pricing so you can determine if it fits your budget.

How much does dry cleaning cost?

Here’s a more details on the cost of dry cleaning:


The cost of dry cleaning a shirt typically ranges from $3 to $24 on average. If you decide to have the shirt hand-pressed after dry cleaning, the cost may go up by a few additional dollars.


Dry cleaning pants involves cleaning them without using water. The cost can range from $3 to $14, with an average of $5 to $8. The price depends on the pants’ material, like cotton, leather, or linen. For instance, leather pants are more expensive to clean than linen pants.


Dry cleaning a dress typically costs between $10 and $18, although the price can range from as low as $4 to as high as $30. The cost depends on factors like the dress material and its length. For instance, a simple linen dress is usually cheaper to dry clean than a fancy silk or chiffon gown.


Dry cleaning a blouse typically ranges from $3 to $15, with an average cost of about $5. This cost is generally higher compared to cleaning a men’s shirt due to differences in material and size.

Dry cleaner press machines are designed to accommodate the size of a men’s shirt, which means they might not fit smaller women’s blouses. As a result, some blouses may need to be hand-pressed, which increases the cost due to the additional labor involved.


Dry cleaning a skirt typically ranges in cost from $4 to $14, but the average price is approximately $5. The price can vary depending on factors like the fabric type, skirt length, and the level of detail on the skirt.

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If your skirt is made from a delicate fabric or is longer in length, it may cost more to have it dry cleaned. These factors influence the final price you’ll pay for dry cleaning your skirt.


The price to dry clean a sweater typically falls between $3 and $15, with an average cost of approximately $5. The cost of dry cleaning a sweater can vary based on two main factors:

  • Size: Larger sweaters may cost more to clean than smaller ones because they require more cleaning solution and space in the dry cleaning machine.
  • Material: The type of material the sweater is made of plays a significant role in determining the cost. For instance, a cotton sweater is usually less expensive to dry clean than a cashmere sweater. Delicate or high-end fabrics often require more care and attention, hence a higher cost.

In summary, the price for dry cleaning a sweater typically ranges from $3 to $15, with the average cost being around $5. The specific cost can be influenced by factors like the sweater’s size and the material it’s made of, with more delicate and luxurious materials generally costing more to clean.


Dry cleaning a suit typically costs between $6 and $35, with an average price of $10. The specific cost varies based on factors such as the suit’s material, whether it requires pressing, and whether it’s a two-piece or three-piece suit. For instance, a three-piece wool suit usually incurs a higher cleaning cost compared to a two-piece polyester suit.


The cost of dry cleaning a tie can range from $2 to $16, with the typical cost being approximately $4. The price you pay for dry cleaning your tie is influenced by the material the tie is made from.


Dry-cleaning a coat typically ranges from $10 to $50, with an average cost of around $15. The specific price you pay depends on the coat’s type and the materials used in its construction.

Wedding dress

Dry cleaning a wedding dress can cost between $100 and $500, with an average price of about $200. The expense varies depending on factors like the dress’s fabric, the number of layers, and its length.

Additional services such as pressing, stain removal, or specialized cleaning can also raise the cost. Furthermore, cleaning a wedding dress may take several days or even weeks.


A comforter is a type of bed covering, and getting it dry cleaned can cost you between $20 and $40, with an average cost of $30. The price varies depending on the size and material of the comforter.

For instance, cleaning a king-sized down comforter is usually more expensive than cleaning a smaller cotton twin comforter or duvet cover. Comforters are often among the pricier items to have dry cleaned because of their size and the use of delicate fabrics in some of them.

Curtains and draperies

Dry cleaning curtains or draperies can be costly because most dry cleaners charge based on the size and material. They typically charge $1 to $5 per foot or pleat, with the average cost being around $3 per foot.

The total cost for cleaning curtains can range from $189 to $360 on average. The material of your curtains also affects the price, with materials like silk being more expensive to clean than linen.

The bottom line

The cost of dry cleaning varies widely based on several factors. Firstly, the type of item being cleaned is a significant factor. Simple items like shirts, pants, and skirts can cost as little as $2 to $5, while more complex items like wedding dresses, curtains, and drapes can cost hundreds of dollars to dry clean.

Additionally, the material of the garment plays a role in determining the price. Delicate materials like silk often incur higher costs. Finally, the size of the item also influences the dry cleaning cost. If you’ve been wondering about the cost of dry cleaning, this explanation should provide you with the information you need.