22 ATMs with free EBT transactions near me

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Having an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card grants you access to cash assistance benefits, distinct from food benefits provided by programs like SNAP. With an EBT card, you’re able to withdraw cash from ATMs.

While some ATMs impose fees for EBT transactions, several banks and ATM networks offer fee-free EBT withdrawals. This ensures that recipients can conveniently access their funds without incurring additional charges.

To locate surcharge-free ATMs in your state and identify major banks that provide EBT ATM transactions without fees, we’ll guide you through the process below.

What are EBT cash benefits?

EBT cash benefits refer to funds deposited onto an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. Unlike SNAP benefits, which can only be used for specific food items at authorized stores, EBT cash benefits offer more flexibility. These funds can be used for various purposes, including getting cashback and withdrawing money from ATMs.

Governments issue benefits like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) through EBT cards since June 2004. EBT is utilized across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam.

TANF is the primary program providing EBT cash benefits. Eligible individuals receive automatic deposits onto their EBT card, allowing them to withdraw cash from ATMs as needed.

Where can I withdraw my EBT cash benefits?

To withdraw your EBT cash benefits, each state has specific rules and designated ATMs for this purpose.

Typically, you can use ATMs that show the QUEST logo and indicate that they accept EBT cards. These locations are where you’ll be able to access your cash benefits.

However, there are limitations in most states. You generally can’t use your cash assistance EBT card at ATMs in places like liquor stores, casinos, racetracks, adult entertainment establishments, medical marijuana dispensaries, tattoo or body piercing facilities, or places offering psychic services. These locations are restricted for EBT cash withdrawals in many states.

Finding surcharge-free EBT ATMs

Finding ATMs that don’t charge extra fees for using your EBT card can vary based on location. Different banks or states might offer these fee-free transactions within specific areas or at certain ATMs. To locate these surcharge-free ATMs, the best approach is to reach out to your benefits agency.

Some states like Alaska, California, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, and West Virginia have public lists of ATMs where you won’t face extra charges for EBT transactions. If your state doesn’t have a public list, you can typically find this information on your EBT cardholder portal or by contacting your benefits agency. Our research includes details for each state’s portal and contact information.

It’s essential to note that apart from ATM surcharges, your state might have its own fees for EBT withdrawals. For instance, West Virginia imposes a $1 fee on your fourth ATM transaction per month, while Colorado charges $0.32 for every withdrawal.


“Free EBT ATMs” refers to automated teller machines (ATMs) where individuals with Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards and cash assistance benefits can withdraw cash without incurring additional fees.

There are major national banks like Bank of America, Bank of the West, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Flagstar Bank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo that offer surcharge-free EBT ATMs. Moreover, numerous smaller regional banks and credit unions also provide fee-free EBT transactions at their ATMs.

For example, California has over 40 banks and credit unions allowing EBT transactions without fees. You can access the full list for California on a specified resource.

To discover local banks and credit unions in your state providing fee-free EBT transactions, it’s advisable to contact nearby branches directly. Simply inquire about their policies regarding EBT transaction fees at their ATMs before making withdrawals.

Free ATM networks

Free ATM networks are groups of companies that provide access to ATMs across the country without charging additional fees for withdrawals. These networks are available at various locations like certain banks, credit unions, retail stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

They collaborate with financial institutions to offer these services. However, while the network itself doesn’t impose fees, the partner institutions might charge fees at specific locations.

If any fees are applicable at a particular ATM, a notification will typically appear on the screen before you complete your transaction, giving you the option to accept these fees.

In the United States, some major surcharge-free ATM networks include Allpoint, MoneyPass, PULSE, and TransFund. These networks aim to provide widespread access to ATMs without additional charges, offering convenience and accessibility to users across various locations.

ATMs that have EBT transaction fees

Some ATMs charge fees when you use an EBT card. However, there are options available if you want to avoid these fees when using your EBT card at an ATM. It’s helpful to save money, especially during financial struggles.

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Several banks, including Ally, BB&T, Citizens Bank, City National Bank, Discover, Fifth Third Bank, First National Bank, HSBC, M&T Bank, PNC, Sterling National Bank, SunTrust, TD Bank, and Valley National Bank, typically charge fees for EBT transactions. If you’re aiming to avoid these charges, it’s advisable to explore other ATMs or banks that do not charge fees for EBT transactions.

How to find free EBT ATMs near you

You can try the ATM locations mentioned above. But you can also visit your state’s health/human resources/social department website

Below are lists of state-specific resources for finding EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) ATMs in each state. To find free EBT ATMs near you, visit the respective state’s health, human resources, or social department website. These sites often offer details on utilizing benefits locally.

For instance, some states like Arizona have dedicated apps to help locate nearby ATMs accepting EBT cards.

This list includes the websites or programs available in each state that cater to EBT benefits, helping you find relevant assistance and services concerning your Electronic Benefit Transfer cards.









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New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

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The bottom line

Try using one of the fee-free EBT ATMs listed above to withdraw your cash benefits.

If there aren’t many ATMs in your location where you can withdraw money without extra charges, or if you prefer to avoid paying ATM fees altogether, you might have the choice to receive your cash assistance benefits directly into your bank account instead of receiving them through an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card.

Whether this option is available depends on the rules in your state. To find out if you qualify for direct deposit, get in touch with your benefits agency.

Alternatively, some stores might allow you to get cash back using your EBT card when making a purchase.