How to track a FedEx package without tracking number (2024)

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The best way to track a FedEx package without a tracking number is to use FedEx Delivery Manager or FedEx InSight. With either option, you can track and view your package before it arrives, so you’ll always know when your package is coming. You can also track any FedEx package by Reference Number. These services are free and easy to use. Additionally, you may be able to find your FedEx tracking number if you lost it by checking through the confirmation email FedEx earlier sent to you, or better still, contact FedEx directly through email or give them a call on their customer service line.

FedEx delivers more than 6.6 million shipments daily. With over 700 locations in more than 220 countries, the company serves millions of customers per month. Individuals and businesses use its services to send and receive packages, letters, documents, and more. The company employs over 400,000 team members. Through its network of FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight – the company provides global, national, and local shipping services.

Behind the scenes of FedEx’s day-to-day operations, its service and technology experts collaborate on one shared purpose: to deliver the right package to the right place at the right time.

Every package sent by FedEx is assigned a unique tracking number that allows customers to keep track of their package. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to misplace this number.

If you lost your FedEx tracking number or haven’t received any information about your shipment, there are ways to find the tracking number or track the package without a tracking number.

Most of the major package delivery companies including FedEx, USPS, DHL, and UPS have plenty of tools that make it easy for you to track your packages online without a tracking number.

You’ll need to visit the FedEx website and register to use one of these tools. Once you create your account, you just need to log in and find your package based on other shipping details that do not involve using a tracking number.

If you are one of those asking “Can you track a FedEx package without a tracking number?” Read on to find out what to do!

If you have your tracking number, here is the FedEx tracking link to track your package.

How to find a lost FedEx tracking number

When you have to ship items from one place to another, FedEx is one of the first names that comes to mind. As one of the most recognized names for delivery services, FedEx has a reputation for finding the quickest and most secure routes to ensure that your packages arrive in time.

It’s not unusual for individuals who send or receive products regularly to lose their tracking numbers or have them misplaced. This can happen when you’re at home or away on a business trip.

Call FedEx customer service

If you’ve lost your tracking number, to retrieve your FedEx tracking number — call the customer service at 1-(800)-GO-FEDEX or 1-(800)-463-3339 at any time. You can also visit any nearby FedEx office to obtain a copy of your package’s shipping label. This will reveal your FedEx tracking number.

Use the package reference number

If you still don’t have the tracking number for your FedEx package, try using the reference number. You don’t need a tracking number to get updates on your package.

Log onto the FedEx website. Once logged in, click on “Track by Reference” from the options. Finally, enter the “Reference Number” of the package and “Destination Country.” You can use that information to track your package.

Check your email

Another option is to check your email. If you’ve been using FedEx for all your shipping and tracking needs, they’ll often send notices about status updates via email. If you’re having trouble locating the tracking number and can’t find the reference number in your emails, there are still a few things that you can do to help track down your package.

How to track a FedEx package without a tracking number

If you don’t have the tracking number for your FedEx package, here are four ways to track it:

Use FedEx Delivery Manager to track your package without a tracking number

Another impressive option to track your FedEx package without a tracking number is to use FedEx Delivery Manager. It’s a fantastic solution to keep track of where and when your packages arrive.

FedEx Delivery Manager will track and send notification alerts on the status of your packages, including the process they went through.

You can change your pick-up location. Suppose you want your deliveries to be redirected to any big chain stores, including Dollar General, Walgreens, local grocery stores across the country, or the nearest FedEx office.

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For whatever reason, you can also tell FedEx to temporarily hold on to your package for up to 14 days for free. Then, they will deliver the package when you’re ready to any address of your choice.

In addition, you can manage the delivery process by telling FedEx exactly where to deliver your package. For example, if you want your package to be delivered by the side of your house instead of the front door, you can set this up using FedEx Delivery Manager. Even if you’ve lost your tracking number and the sender couldn’t provide it to you, you can track your packages till they arrive by using this service.

Track a FedEx package without a tracking number with FedEx InSight

FedEx InSight is a free web-based service available to all FedEx customers in the United States. It allows you to track all incoming and outgoing shipments, as well as third-party shipments, without the need for a tracking number. This is a fantastic service for businesses at any scale. FedEx InSight will allow you to continuously keep track of your packages without the need to keep up with tracking numbers or running FedEx tracking by address.

FedEx InSight requires more commitment than FedEx Delivery Manager. It’s a service targeted toward customers who have an account number set up with FedEx.

You get free and easy access to your shipping activity, including up-to-date shipment information, with automatic tracking and notifications built-in — all without a tracking number. Most importantly, you can export any FedEx InSight into reports and use them in other applications.

  • View all shipments moving through a single location or across global networks regardless of carrier or service.
  • Track the location of your shipments, get alerts via email on the shipment status, and receive a notification when a shipment is delivered or removed from your inventory.
  • Track your shipments by tracking number, door tag, or customer reference number.
  • Simply put, benefit from one view of all shipments moving on a FedEx network.

The free FedEx InSight tool is a fantastic service providing small business owners with access to critical supply chain management information from anywhere. The best of all is it’s free to sign up.

How to track FedEx a package by door number

Tracking your FedEx package by door number is a convenient tracking method if you’re not home when your package arrives. It’s also an excellent method to use if you don’t have the tracking number with you.

A door track number is the identification number for a delivery address. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can track your package by using your door track number.

Enter your door track number in the “Tracking ID” field. The “Tracking ID” field is located in the “Shipment Details” section of your FedEx account. The door track number should start with the letters “DT,” followed by 12 digits. Next, click “Track” to see the status of your package.

Track a FedEx incoming package without a tracking number

When you’re expecting a FedEx package and you’ve misplaced the tracking number, check with the sender to see if they have the tracking number, which is available on the receipt. After you receive it, use the tracking ID feature on to track the shipment. You can also track the package location by using the reference or transportation control number.

If you are expecting a package via FedEx, request an email notification from the sender. FedEx has a “notify a recipient” option on the website or app when the sender enters the shipping information. The sender can notify up to four recipients using this option. Then, when the package nears its destination, FedEx will send an email to up to four recipients.

The email includes the tracking number, a detailed description of the package, and delivery information — including when and where it will be delivered.

You’ll receive the email notification only after your package has left the shipper facility and has been assigned a tracking number.

FedEx tracking information is available for 90 days from the delivery date. However, FedEx freight shipments have a more extended tracking period available for up to two years.

Bottom line: Track a FedEx package without a tracking number

If you’re waiting on a package from Federal Express (FedEx), but don’t have a tracking number, there’s no need to worry. You can still track your package by using either FedEx Delivery Manager or FedEx InSight.

Both are awesome tools that let you view the status of your package as it moves through the FedEx system even if you don’t have a tracking number.

Another option you can use is the Reference Number, which is a free service that allows you to see what mail is coming to your address before it arrives. You just need to enter your Shipment Reference and package Destination. Enter the date range if prompted and click “Track” to see your package. This means you can track your FedEx package even if you don’t have a tracking number!

You can also contact FedEx directly through email or give them a call. They should be able to provide you with more information about your package’s whereabouts.

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