Does AutoZone install batteries? (2024)

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AutoZone is a national retailer specializing in car parts and accessories. Additionally, they offer free battery installation services, provided the process is simple and doesn’t involve removing engine parts. AutoZone staff can assist in diagnosing whether a battery needs replacement or just requires charging.

Does AutoZone install batteries?

AutoZone not only sells batteries but also offers installation services. If your car’s battery is dead, doesn’t hold a charge, or your car won’t start, it might be time for a replacement. AutoZone provides a wide range of batteries and can install them for you in most cases.

Additionally, the store offers various convenient battery services. The trained employees at AutoZone can assist customers in identifying issues with their vehicles and guide them in finding the necessary parts for repairs.

What types of batteries does AutoZone install?

Car batteries come in various types, and when considering a replacement, it’s essential to match the new battery with the specific type your vehicle requires. AutoZone offers a range of battery options and provides both the sale and installation services. The available types cater to diverse automotive needs, ensuring compatibility with various vehicles.

1. Lead-Acid batteries

Lead-Acid Batteries, widely used and cost-effective, are a prevalent battery type. Comprising six cells, they achieve a 12.6V voltage at full charge. Despite being relatively low-maintenance, periodic refilling of electrolytes is necessary when levels drop. To avoid acid spillage, proper installation involves placing these batteries at a vertical angle.

2. Gel batteries

Gel batteries are a specific type of flooded battery, closely related to lead-acid batteries but with some notable differences. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, gel batteries feature a more modern design that minimizes the risk of spills.

This is achieved by incorporating calcium, which serves to prevent the acid inside from leaking. Additionally, the electrolytes in gel batteries are thickened into a gel-like consistency by adding silica. This gel form enhances the battery’s stability and makes it less prone to leakage.

The use of these materials, calcium and silica, not only reduces the risk of spills but also contributes to the overall durability of gel batteries. Due to their advanced design and construction, gel batteries tend to outlast traditional lead-acid batteries, providing a longer and more reliable service life.

3. Deep cycle batteries

Deep cycle batteries are designed with a denser material and a thicker shell. This makes them heavy-duty and enables them to draw a lower current while lasting longer.

Commonly known as marine batteries, they find applications in campers, boats, golf carts, and motorcycles. Although they boast a prolonged lifespan, it’s worth noting that deep cycle batteries can be relatively more expensive compared to other battery types.

How much does AutoZone charge to install batteries?

AutoZone provides free battery installation services when you purchase a battery from them. This service includes removing your old battery without charging a core fee. AutoZone’s staff will install the new battery, ensuring your car starts smoothly and runs properly with the newly installed battery.

It’s important to note that they won’t install batteries purchased elsewhere, and if the installation process is complex, they may decline the service. Additionally, if accessing the battery compartment requires removing various car components, AutoZone employees may refuse the installation.

How long does it take AutoZone to install a battery?

AutoZone typically completes battery installations swiftly, with the process typically taking around 15 minutes.

Their employees are trained to install batteries in various vehicle types, and the duration may vary slightly depending on the specific circumstances and the expertise of the staff. If you prefer, you also have the option to install the battery yourself and then request an AutoZone employee to verify the installation for you.

Does AutoZone deliver and install batteries?

AutoZone provides shipping for their products, including batteries, and collaborates with different delivery companies to bring the items to customers’ homes. However, they do not offer installation services as part of the delivery process.

If you order a battery online from AutoZone, it can be delivered to your home. To have it installed, you’ll need to take both the battery and your vehicle to an AutoZone store, where an employee can assist with the installation. Remember to bring your receipt or packing slip as proof of purchase. In certain situations, the store might be able to locate your purchase using your cell phone number.

Does AutoZone charge a core fee for batteries?

Yes, AutoZone charges a core fee for batteries. A core fee is a refundable deposit you pay when purchasing a battery or certain other car parts. When buying a new battery at AutoZone, you’ll pay the core fee unless you provide your old battery at the time of purchase.

If you exchange your old battery, the core fee will be deducted from the price of the new battery, resulting in a lower overall cost for you.

Does AutoZone test batteries?

AutoZone provides a complimentary battery testing service at their stores. If you’re experiencing issues such as your vehicle’s battery not holding a charge, difficulty starting the car, or if you suspect a general weakness in the battery, you can visit a nearby AutoZone store.

Upon request, an AutoZone employee will connect your battery to testing cables to assess its condition. The test results will determine whether your battery simply requires charging or if it is damaged and needs replacement. This service helps customers identify and address battery-related issues efficiently.

How much does AutoZone charge to test batteries?

AutoZone provides free battery testing services. This means that if you have a battery, regardless of whether you purchased it from AutoZone or not, you can take it to an AutoZone store and ask them to test it at no charge. They do not impose any fees for this service. Additionally, you’re not limited to testing just one battery; you can bring in multiple batteries for testing.

If the test reveals that your battery is in poor condition, the AutoZone staff may recommend purchasing a new one. In such cases, they might offer to keep the old, damaged battery in exchange for the core charge. If you decide to buy a new battery from AutoZone, they will install it for you at no extra cost.

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How long does it take AutoZone to test batteries?

At AutoZone, the process of testing a battery is quick and efficient. When you bring your vehicle and battery to an AutoZone store and request a battery test, an employee will assist you. Within five minutes, the employee will connect a battery tester to your vehicle’s battery. The test itself takes only a few seconds.

After the test is complete, the AutoZone employee will provide you with information about the condition of your battery. They can determine if your battery is in good shape or if it requires replacement. Additionally, they will inform you about the percentage of charge your battery can hold.

If your battery is holding a charge at a very low percentage, it is advisable to replace it immediately. On the other hand, if the battery can still hold a charge above 80%, you may have some more time before needing a replacement.

Does AutoZone charge batteries?

Yes, AutoZone provides battery charging services. If your battery is dead or hasn’t been charged for a while, you can take it to an AutoZone store. Just bring the battery to the nearest AutoZone, request a charge, and they’ll handle the process for you.

During the charging, they will also assess the battery’s health. Some employees might check the battery’s condition before charging to avoid spending time on a faulty battery. While waiting, you can explore the store, or you have the option to leave the battery and return later for a fully charged one.

How much does AutoZone charge to charge batteries?

AutoZone provides battery charging services at no cost. This means they don’t charge you any fees for charging batteries. You can bring any type of battery, even if it wasn’t purchased from AutoZone, to one of their stores, and they will charge it for you.

However, it’s worth noting that certain AutoZone locations may have restrictions on the number of batteries they’ll charge for a single person at a time. Additionally, they might check the battery’s health before proceeding with the charging process.

How long does it take AutoZone to charge a battery?

The duration for charging a battery at AutoZone depends on factors such as the battery’s capacity and the number of batteries being charged simultaneously. AutoZone follows a first-come, first-served approach as they can only charge a limited number of batteries at once.

Once your battery is in the charging queue, it typically takes about two to three hours for it to reach a full charge.

Does AutoZone buy old batteries?

When you purchase a new battery from AutoZone, you have the option to turn in your old battery. This allows you to avoid the core fee associated with the new battery, ultimately helping you save money on your purchase.

AutoZone accepts old batteries in-store, even if you have more than one. It’s important to note that AutoZone doesn’t provide cash for old batteries; instead, they offer gift cards or store credit as compensation for turning in your used batteries.

Does AutoZone recycle old batteries?

Yes, AutoZone does recycle old car batteries. If you have any used car batteries at home, you can take them to AutoZone for recycling. This is important because many places have regulations against throwing batteries in the trash due to environmental concerns.

AutoZone not only accepts old car batteries for recycling but also provides an incentive. When you bring in used batteries, they offer store credit or gift cards as a reward for your environmentally responsible disposal. So, it’s a convenient and eco-friendly way to get rid of old batteries while getting something in return.

Does AutoZone have a battery exchange program?

Yes, AutoZone offers a battery exchange program. After installing a new battery, you can test your car and, if satisfied, drive to AutoZone to exchange the old battery for a core credit. This credit serves as a partial reimbursement for the returned old battery.

What other installation services does AutoZone provide?

AutoZone provides a range of additional installation services beyond battery-related assistance. In addition to free battery charging, testing, and installation services, they offer various other free services to help you maintain your vehicle without the need for costly mechanics or repair shops.

These additional services aim to cater to different automotive needs, ensuring a comprehensive and convenient solution for car owners. Those services include:

Alternator testing

Alternator testing is a process to assess the functionality of the alternator in your car. The alternator plays a crucial role in maintaining the battery’s charge while the vehicle is in operation, and it also contributes to powering various electrical components.

When the alternator is working properly, it collaborates with the battery to distribute power to different parts of the car. However, if the alternator is malfunctioning, it can mimic symptoms of a dead battery. This includes difficulties starting the car, along with non-functional lights, radio, and power locks.

AutoZone offers alternator testing services to help diagnose whether the alternator is the root cause of the issues you’re experiencing or if there’s another problem affecting your vehicle’s performance. This testing helps pinpoint the source of trouble, enabling more targeted and effective repairs.

Starter testing

Starter testing is a process that involves checking the functionality of the starter in a car. The starter is a crucial component that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy, initiating the engine’s operation. When a starter malfunctions, it can result in difficulties starting the car or prevent it from starting altogether.

If your car experiences starting issues, it could be due to a faulty starter or other issues with components that mimic similar symptoms. AutoZone offers a diagnostic service to test your starter and determine if it is the source of the problem. This testing helps identify the specific cause of the starting issues, allowing for targeted and effective repairs.

Voltage regulator testing

Voltage regulator testing is essential for ensuring proper engine startup and the functioning of the alternator in a car. The voltage regulator plays a crucial role in initiating the engine and supplying power to the alternator. If the voltage regulator malfunctions, it can lead to issues such as difficulty starting the car or an inability to maintain running once started.

Identifying a problem with the voltage regulator can be challenging because symptoms may resemble issues with the alternator or a depleted battery. To troubleshoot and determine if the voltage regulator is the culprit, AutoZone offers testing services. This test helps assess the functionality of the voltage regulator, allowing for accurate diagnosis and targeted repairs to ensure the vehicle operates smoothly.

Oil recycling

When you change the oil in your car, you end up with used oil that needs proper disposal. However, many cities have specific rules about how you can’t just throw it away. Figuring out the right way to do it can be challenging. Fortunately, AutoZone provides a solution by accepting used oil for recycling, easing the process for you.

Loaner tools

If you’re working on your car but lack the necessary tools, you can borrow them from your nearby AutoZone. Typically, there’s no charge for borrowing, and you only need to give a refundable deposit. This means you get the tools you need without paying, and once you return them, you get your deposit back.