23 places to find free air for tires near me

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When you’re busy and your tire pressure light turns on, it’s a hassle to locate free air for your tires. Most people don’t carry quarters in their car for this, and sometimes, getting air can cost money.

To save you time searching for “Where to find free air for tires near me?” online, we’ve compiled a list of places for your convenience. Riding on low tires is not only bad for your tires but also reduces fuel efficiency. To save money in the long run, regularly check your tire pressure and add air when necessary.

Where to get free air for tires near me?

If you’re in California and need to fill up your tires, state law mandates that gas stations must provide free air for customers. In Connecticut, a similar law exists, and the good news is you don’t have to make a purchase to use their free air services. However, for the majority of us in other states, it’s essential to do some research before assuming that tire inflation services are free at every gas station in town.

Free tire air near me

To get started, use the map below to locate places near you that offer free air for tires:

Where can I get free air for tires near me?

1. Discount Tire

Discount Tire is the largest independent tire and wheel retailer in the United States, boasting over 1,000 locations across 35 states. This company stands out by delivering quality auto care through knowledgeable technicians. They provide various services, such as tire and wheel installation.

At any Discount Tire location, motorists can conveniently stop by to check and fill their tire air pressure, even without making a purchase. Additionally, Discount Tire is equipped to address issues with malfunctioning tire pressure monitoring system sensors.

2. Firestone Complete Auto Care

Firestone Complete Auto Care is a division of Firestone, a prominent tire manufacturer. In addition to their contributions to consumer and racing tires, Firestone manages more than 1,700 Firestone Complete Auto Care centers. These locations offer a comprehensive array of auto care services.

Some of these services include complimentary checkups, covering essential aspects such as tire inflation, tread examination, air filter inspection, and alignment checks. The company’s commitment extends beyond tire design and production to ensuring a broad spectrum of automotive needs are addressed at their service centers.

3. Costco

Costco, a colossal membership warehouse club, operates in eight countries, offering a diverse selection of high-quality products such as groceries, clothing, and tires.

Serving as a significant tire shop, Costco not only provides various brands at competitive prices but also distinguishes itself by offering free air for its members. Additionally, Costco utilizes nitrogen instead of compressed air, enhancing tire pressure retention over time.

4. Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee is a supermarket chain primarily located in the Midwest, boasting more than 280 stores. Each Hy-Vee store encompasses various departments, offering a diverse array of fresh prepared food choices and often includes Starbucks outlets.

Additionally, numerous locations are equipped with adjoining gas stations, providing motorists with complimentary access to tire air.

5. Just Tires

Just Tires is a chain of auto repair shops that offers various services such as routine maintenance like brake service, wheel alignment, and oil changes. Additionally, they provide more advanced auto repair services.

If you visit Just Tires, their technicians will conduct a free air pressure check and tire inspection, and if needed, they will restore the tires to the correct pressure at no cost to the driver.

6. NTB

NTB, short for National Tire and Battery, operates as a tire and service shop with an extensive network of more than 600 locations spanning 26 states. Known for its commitment to delivering high-quality services at affordable rates, NTB offers a broad array of automotive solutions, including an extensive tire selection and various maintenance services such as oil changes.

One notable customer benefit is the provision of complimentary air pressure checks at all NTB locations. Skilled technicians assess and adjust the tire pressure to ensure it aligns with the recommended levels, contributing to optimal vehicle performance and safety. This service is part of NTB’s customer-focused approach, enhancing convenience and promoting regular maintenance for vehicles.

7. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a large wholesale membership club found in various countries globally, boasting over 600 locations. Within its services, the automotive department stands out, offering members access to tires and other related services.

As one of the member benefits, Sam’s Club provides complimentary air pressure checks for tires. During this service, skilled technicians assess the tire pressure, add air if needed, and simultaneously inspect the tread depth. It’s essential to note that this particular service is exclusively accessible to Sam’s Club members and is provided at no additional cost to them.

8. Goodyear Auto Service

Goodyear Auto Service is a branch of Goodyear, a prominent global tire company known for leading advancements in tire design and manufacturing. Beyond tire production, Goodyear extends its services through a network of auto service shops under the brand Goodyear Auto Service, which spans numerous locations across the United States.

At Goodyear Auto Service, customers benefit from complimentary air checks at every site. Trained technicians meticulously assess and adjust tire pressures to the recommended levels, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Additionally, the service includes a thorough inspection for any indications of pressure-related issues such as leaks or wear, underscoring Goodyear’s commitment to maintaining the longevity and reliability of customers’ tires.

9. Big O Tires

Big O Tires is one of the largest tire dealers in the United States, operating in 25 states with more than 450 locations. They offer a range of products and services, including roadside assistance and tire protection packages.

One notable service is free tire pressure checks, available to anyone. During these checks, Big O Tires assesses the tire pressure and makes necessary adjustments at no cost, completing the service quickly in just a few minutes.

10. Kroger

Kroger, a prominent grocery store chain, is widely recognized as one of the largest in the nation. Not only does it excel in providing groceries, but it also boasts an extensive network of fuel locations. Present in 37 states, Kroger operates over 1,200 fuel stations that offer complimentary air services for your vehicle’s tires.

What sets Kroger apart is that you don’t necessarily have to be a Kroger customer to benefit from their free air service. It’s worth noting, however, that not every Kroger grocery store will have fuel pumps. To easily identify a suitable location, simply look for a Kroger outlet with fuel pumps, ensuring a hassle-free experience for inflating your tires.

11. Wawa

Wawa is a popular convenience store chain on the East Coast, known for its tasty hoagies and diverse coffee options. What makes it stand out for many people is the added perk of providing free air for your tires.

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With over 900 locations spread across states like Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Florida, Wawa’s widespread presence makes it convenient for motorists to access this complimentary service for their vehicle tires.

12. GetGo at Giant Eagle

GetGo is a service offered at Giant Eagle grocery stores in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. It provides a convenient solution for customers by allowing them to check their tire pressure and fill up their tires for free.

With more than 250 locations, GetGo makes it easy for customers to complete both their grocery shopping and tire maintenance in one place. This service is available at all GetGo locations attached to Giant Eagle stores in these four states.

13. Royal Farms

Royal Farms is a regional convenience store chain primarily located in Maryland but also present in Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia. With close to 250 locations, it’s a convenient stop for residents of these states.

While the majority of stores are in Maryland, the chain extends its reach to provide services across the mentioned areas. Notably, at all Royal Farms locations, customers can benefit from a practical perk – free air for their tires.

14. Car dealers

Car dealerships can serve as a convenient option for obtaining free air for your tires when you find yourself in need. Although they might not offer the most competitive prices for an oil change, the air is typically provided at no cost.

While it’s not always necessary to be a paying customer, dealerships often extend this courtesy to drivers. However, it’s essential to note that many dealership auto shops have restricted hours, and some may be closed on Sundays. Therefore, it’s advisable to plan accordingly or explore alternative options if you require assistance during non-operating hours.

Which gas stations offer free air?

Not every gas station provides free air for your tires, and some may charge even if you’re a paying customer. You might have to pay around $1.50 to $2 in quarters to use air pumps at certain stations. While some machines may accept credit cards, there could be an additional fee.

To make things easier, we’ve created a list ranking places that offer free air for tires. This includes both large chains and smaller gas stations, so you can locate a convenient option without needing spare change.

1. QuikTrip

QuikTrip, often abbreviated as QT, is a popular choice among customers. They stand out by not only providing a complimentary drink to app users but also offering free tire air.

With a presence in 16 states and over 950 locations, QuikTrip is a convenient option for those seeking a gas station that features both Pepsi and Coke in their fountain drink choices while also providing the added benefit of free tire inflation. If you value these offerings, QT might be the ideal destination for your fuel and refreshment needs.

2. Sheetz

Sheetz is a gas station chain found in six states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. They operate over 600 locations in these areas. At Sheetz, not only can you fuel up your vehicle, but you can also conveniently check and add air to your tires while you’re there.

Additionally, each Sheetz location features a convenience store where you can purchase snacks and drinks.

3. Kum & Go

Kum & Go, despite its distinctive name, serves as a convenient option when you require air for your tires without the hassle of using quarters.

Operating across 11 states—Colorado, Iowa, Oklahoma, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, and Wyoming—this gas station chain boasts over 400 locations, making it easily accessible for your needs.

4. Stewart’s Shop

Stewart’s Shop is a gas station chain with over 300 locations in New York and Vermont. If you’re in the greater New York area and require free air for your tires, Stewart’s Shop is a convenient option. In addition to offering complimentary tire air, you can also fill up your gas tank, grab snacks, and swiftly continue your journey.


GATE is a prominent chain of gas stations in the southeastern United States, boasting more than 200 locations. Recognized for providing free air services, GATE gas stations are situated in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

6. Rutters

Rutters is a well-known chain of gas stations primarily found in Pennsylvania, central Maryland, and the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. With over 80 locations, residents in these areas can easily access Rutters for their fuel needs. Additionally, if you’re in the vicinity and require air for your tires, Rutters provides this service for free at their stations.

7. QuickChek

QuickChek is a regional chain of gas stations and convenience stores that operates in New York and New Jersey. With over 150 locations and ongoing expansion, the company offers a variety of products and services. These include fuel, food, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and more.

For drivers in New York and New Jersey, QuickChek stands out by providing complimentary compressed air for tires at all its locations. This service offers convenience for motorists who need to inflate their tires while on the go.

Additionally, QuickChek enhances the customer experience by offering free access to vacuums for cleaning vehicles and Wi-Fi for connectivity during visits to their locations. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing not only essential services but also added conveniences for its customers in the region.

8. Holiday Stationstores

Holiday Stationstores is a gas station chain that spans across the United States, boasting more than 500 locations in states such as Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Notably, many of these stations offer complimentary access to air pumps for customers, allowing them to fill their tires without incurring any charges.

Not sure where to stop? Check out freeairpump.com

If you’re on a long road trip and unsure where to find free air for your car tires, FreeAirPump.com is a helpful resource. It provides a user-generated map with updated information on locations in every state that offer free air.

This map is regularly updated as users discover new places. Whether you’re driving a car or riding a bike, the website also includes locations suitable for filling up bike tires. It’s a convenient tool for finding free air while on the road.

Other places with free air

Gas stations are not the sole places offering free air for tires. Other locations, such as automotive centers, tire retailers, car washes, and bus stations, also provide complimentary air services for vehicles, although certain places may limit refills to current or previous customers.

Additionally, some automotive businesses may check and fill your tires at no cost. For bike tire refills, you have even more options for free air. Certain places, including large universities, county-maintained walking trails and parks, some condominiums, bike shops (although some may restrict the service), and even certain bars and restaurants in major cities, offer free air and bike repair stations.

The bottom line

Across the country, numerous places provide free tire air for drivers. This includes various gas stations and tire shops, not just the ones mentioned here. If you’d rather not search for these options locally, you might want to think about investing in a portable tire inflator for your convenience.