Cash App closed account with money? Here’s how to reopen it

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There are various reasons why your Cash App account is closed, usually either because of an error, violation of terms of service, fraud, age, location, verification, suspicious fraudulent activity, or multiple unsuccessful login attempts.

Are you asking, “why is my Cash App account closed?” You are not alone; a lot of accounts get closed due to several reasons.

Cash App is one of the most widely used financial apps in the country with almost 40 million users. The massive popularity of their app also means many customers frequently have their accounts closed even with money in it. Even worse, you may not know why your account was banned. Here’s why your Cash App account might be closed and how you can reopen it.

Why did Cash App close my account?

Some of the reasons why Cash App may close your account include:

Violation of terms of service

If you violate the Cash App Terms of Service, Cash App will have no other choice than to close your account.


Cash App can also close your account if they suspect any fraudulent activity. If you use Cash App to engage in illegal activity, they might cancel your transaction and banned your account indefinitely.


Using Cash App if you are under 18 is a license to get your account banned. You need to be at least 18 years to create an account on Cash App.


Only citizens of the united states are allowed to sign up for Cash App and transfer money using the app. Cash App accounts created outside of the US will be banned sooner or later.


After using Cash App for multiple transactions and you fail to verify your identity, your account could be closed. All Cash app users are required to upload a copy of their original government-issued photo ID and the last four digits of their Social Security Number.

Entering incorrect verification details is a violation of Cash App’s terms of service. If Cash App finds out that the account information you provided is different from your government details, this could lead to the closure of your Cash App account.

Multiple unsuccessful login attempts

If you attempt to log into your CashApp account on several occasions, Cash App may flag your account as suspicious.

Purchases from a different country

When you buy things from another country, and Cash App thinks it’s suspicious, their first response will be to restrict your Cash App card.

Other possible reasons include buying lots of expensive items within a short period or making significant changes to your account — especially if unusual payments began happening after such changes. Another possibility is if there is an administrative error due to a technical glitch.


Unlawful online gambling is another major reason why Cash App may close your account. Your account could be restricted for transactions involving checks, electronic fund transfers, credit, or drafts accepted by gambling services in connection with unlawful internet gambling.

Other reasons

Other reasons Cash App may ban your account is if you use Cash App to send or receive money in a manner that violates their terms of service or if you engage in any activity that is deemed to be inappropriate or unacceptable by Cash App.

If your account is closed, you will no longer be able to use Cash App to send or receive money. You may also be subject to legal action from Cash App if necessary depending on the degree of violation.

How to reopen a closed cash app account

To reopen your closed Cash App account, Call their customer service department at 1 (800) 969-1940. A Cash App representative will provide information on why your account is closed or restricted and what to do to reopen the account.

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Most often, the reason why a Cash App account gets closed is suspected fraud. In that case, Cash App might restrict the account. The simple solution to reopen your Cash App account is to contact Cash App help support.

What happens if my Cash App account is closed?

If your Cash App account is closed, you cannot use the app to send or receive money from friends or family. Furthermore, your cash App card linked to the account stops working, meaning you won’t be able to make any withdrawals. However, your account details will remain registered in the Cash App database.

Can you reopen a closed Cash App account?

You can reopen a closed Cash App account by reaching out to customer support. Cash App has a vast team of customer support technicians who are ready to help with a closed, blocked, banned, or restricted account. To contact Cash App support:

  • Log into the Cash App and tap the profile icon on your Cash App home screen.
  • Scroll down and tap “Cash App Support” or tap something else from the drop-down menu.
  • Navigate to your issue and tap “Contact Support.”

As mentioned above, if Cash App suspects any unusual activity relating to your account, they will restrict and lock it automatically. In addition, they have a sophisticated fraud department dedicated explicitly to monitoring questionable behavior on their customer’s accounts – they are very alert and always assess every situation.

So the first step to unlock your Cash App account is to call their customer service department at 1 (800) 969-1940.

Can you get your money back if your Cash App account is closed?

You cannot withdraw money from a closed Cash App account. Although you may be able to use your Cash App card to withdraw money from the ATM, the possibility that you will be able to get any money is very unlikely.

Your best bet to get money from your closed account is to get in touch with Cash App to recover, unlock, unblock or lift restrictions on your account. Once Cash App unblocks your account, you can then use a Cash App card at the ATM to withdraw your account balance. Additionally, you can transfer the funds to a linked card or bank account.

If Cash App closes my account, can I reopen another?

If Cash App closes your account, you can always open another account. However, you cannot use the same bank account, phone number, and email address as the previous account.

Furthermore, you cannot create a new Cash App account using wrong or fake information. Otherwise, your account may be rejected for approval. If approved, your account may be banned again in the future.

How to open a new Cash App account

Opening a new Cash App account is very easy and takes just a few minutes by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the Cash App on your phone. If you’re still logged in to your previous Cash App account, click the profile at the top of the screen.
  2. Scroll down the app and tap the “Sign Out” option. You’ll be redirected to Sign In again once you sign out of your previous account.
  3. Click on “Sign Up” to create a new Cash App account and enter a new email ID or phone number (different from the email of your previous Cas App account) to start the signup process.
  4. Verify the email or phone number that you provided. Once your details are verified, continue with the signup process and enter any required information to complete the registration.

That’s it, you’ve successfully set up a new Cash App account.

Bottom line: Cash App closed my account with money in it

If you were asking, “why is my Cash App account closed,” there’s really no need to worry much. Account closure is actually not peculiar to Cash App, many financial apps will usually issue restrictions on certain accounts for several reasons.

It most likely means Cash App is protecting you from possible fraud or other problems. Another reason could also be because of an internal technical problem which should be resolved once you contact Cash App.

Financial institutions including payment apps, banks, brokerage firms, credit unions, and other credit and debit card issuers do everything possible to prevent fraud on their customer’s accounts. Many times, you are the beneficiary of their fraud-prevention systems.

Simply contact Cash App customer reps, and they should be able to provide the solution to reopen your account.

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  1. Cashapp is a joke, my accoutn was closed for terms of service violation. I have called and called and called. Used cashapp Support to get answers and nothing. I dont understand whats so top secret about me asking why my account was closed. they keep saying they forwarded m request to the correct department, but I have yet to receive a call or email. Its been since dec 2022!!! this last time I called they ended the call because they couldn’t/wouldnt help me. Chat support ended the conversation as well. its so frustrating!!!

  2. Fraud
    Cash App can also close your account if they suspect any fraudulent activity. If you use Cash App to engage in illegal activity, they might cancel your transaction and banned your account indefinitely.
    Question if cash was on the account can a person receive the money if it has been over 3-4 years.


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