24 Best gas rewards programs for 2024

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Gas rewards programs have been around for years, but not all programs are created equal. In this article, we will explore the best gas rewards programs available to you and show you how to save money on gas purchases.

1. BPme Rewards

BPme Rewards is a program offered by BP and Amoco gas stations that is designed to help users save money on fuel purchases. Formerly known as the BP Driver Rewards program, BPme Rewards was launched in early 2020 and is accessible through a mobile app.

When you sign up for BPme Rewards, you can receive a 5 cents discount on every gallon of fuel purchased during the following month. To maintain this discount, you must spend at least $100 on fuel each calendar month. By using the BPme Rewards app, you can also access special bonus offers and additional savings opportunities.

The app also serves as your rewards card and allows you to digitally organize all of your gas receipts. By using the BPme Rewards program, you can save money on fuel purchases at BP and Amoco gas stations and take advantage of various benefits offered through the app.

2. Shell Fuel Rewards

The Shell Fuel Rewards program is a loyalty program that allows members to earn discounts on fuel purchases at participating Shell gas stations. What sets the program apart from other fuel rewards programs is that it offers multiple earning opportunities beyond just fuel and convenience store purchases.

Once you sign up for the program, you can earn a 10 cents discount for every gallon of gas when you spend $50 at participating restaurants linked to your card. This means that you can earn rewards not just on fuel purchases, but also on dining out. Additionally, you can earn a 5 cents discount for every gallon of gas on every $50 you spend shopping online at participating retailers, and a 10 cents discount for every gallon of gas on every $50 you spend on live event tickets.

The program has different membership levels, with each level offering increasing discounts on fuel. Earning Silver status for Fuel Rewards gets you at least 3 cents savings on every gallon of gasoline, while achieving Gold status earns you 5 cents per gallon. New members start at Gold status for the first six months, which means that they can earn the highest discount right from the start. To maintain Gold status after the six-month introductory period, you’ll need to fill up at a Shell station six times within three months.

One of the great benefits of the Shell Fuel Rewards program is that you can stack rewards from different kinds of purchases and redeem them for savings at the pump. This means that you can earn rewards from shopping online, dining out, and attending live events, and then use those rewards to save money on fuel purchases.

3. Exxon Mobil Rewards+

The Exxon Mobil Rewards+ program is a gas rewards program that is specifically designed to help frequent Exxon and Mobil gas station customers save money on fuel and in-store purchases.

When you participate in the program, you earn points for each gallon of fuel you purchase as well as for every dollar you spend on in-store purchases, such as snacks, drinks, and car washes. For every 100 points you earn, you’ll receive $1 off your next fuel purchase at Exxon and Mobil gas stations.

One of the benefits of the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ program is that you can use the Exxon Mobil app as your gas rewards card, making it easy to track your rewards balance and redeem your points when you’re ready.

Additionally, if you’re an AARP member, you can earn even more rewards with this program. AARP members receive an extra 1 cent per gallon and 1 cent per dollar spent in stores.

For those who frequently use Synergy Supreme+ premium gasoline, the program offers a Premium status option that allows you to earn even more points per gallon. And when you’re ready to redeem your rewards, you can use them for gas or for merchandise within Exxon Mobil gas station convenience stores.

4. Circle K Easy Rewards

The Circle K Easy Rewards program is a gas rewards program that is particularly known for its simplicity. Unlike some other rewards programs that can be confusing and difficult to understand, this program is straightforward and easy to use.

As a member of the Circle K Easy Rewards program, you will earn 10 points for every gallon of fuel you purchase and 20 points for every dollar you spend on snacks, food, and nonalcoholic beverages at Circle K stores. Once you accumulate 2,000 points, you can redeem them for a $2 discount on fuel at the pump.

Not only is this program free to join, but members also have access to special sweepstakes rewards and exclusive offers that can help them save even more money. Additionally, Circle K Easy Rewards comes with its own gas discount app, which makes it easy to track your rewards and monitor your gas purchases.

5. Speedway Speedy Rewards

The Speedway Speedy Rewards program is designed to be easy to understand and flexible. Not only can you earn points for purchasing gasoline, but you can also earn points for buying merchandise in Speedway stores. Specifically, you’ll earn 10 points for every gallon of fuel you buy and 20 points for every dollar you spend on merchandise. The Speedway mobile app can help you keep track of your rewards, and it can also help you identify which items qualify for bonus points each month.

One of the standout features of Speedy Rewards is its flexible redemption program. You can use your points to get coupons for free items in the Speedy Café, get discounts on fuel purchases, or redeem your points for merchandise or gift cards online. Additionally, you can participate in sweepstakes for a chance to win rewards like Walmart gift cards or Speedway gift cards for gasoline.

Although the rewards that you can earn with Speedy Rewards vary, it’s generally considered to be one of the more flexible rewards programs available. The program’s flexibility makes it a popular choice for consumers who want to earn rewards for their purchases, but who also value the ability to choose how they redeem those rewards. However, because the specific dollar value of the rewards can vary depending on how they are redeemed, it can be difficult to calculate an exact value for the rewards that you earn through the program.

6. RaceTrac Rewards

RaceTrac Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards customers for their purchases at RaceTrac convenience stores and fuel stations. For every $0.25 spent in-store or every gallon of fuel purchased, customers earn one reward point. These points can be tracked and redeemed for various rewards using the RaceTrac app or rewards card.

As customers accumulate more points, they can move up through different tiers in the loyalty program. For example, earning 2,000 points will make customers eligible for the King of Coffee tier, which rewards them with a free fountain drink or coffee every week. This incentivizes customers to continue shopping at RaceTrac and fueling up at their stations, while also earning rewards for doing so.

7. Pilot Flying J myRewards

Pilot Flying J myRewards is a rewards program specifically designed for professional drivers who frequently purchase diesel fuel. The program offers a mobile app that tracks fuel purchases, and drivers can earn extra points by buying 75 gallons of diesel in a single purchase. These points can be redeemed for various rewards, including showers, WiFi, and food.

The myRewards program also sends special deals and promotions to its members, as well as opportunities to earn additional rewards. Essentially, the more fuel you buy, the more points you can earn, and the more rewards you can receive.

8. Citi Premier Mastercard

The Citi Premier Mastercard is a credit card that is good for people who like to travel. When you use the card to buy gas, you will earn three times the points, which means you will get three points for every dollar you spend at the gas station. By using the card each time you fill up your car, you can earn enough points to make up for the annual fee of $95. The interest rates on the card range from 15.9% to 23.99%, depending on how good your credit score is.

You can use the points you earn to transfer to airline loyalty programs such as Virgin Atlantic Flying Club or you can redeem 60,000 points for $600 in gift cards. This means you can use your points to get discounts on flights or to buy things you want.

9. Wells Fargo Propel American Express

The Wells Fargo Propel American Express card is a credit card that allows you to earn points on various purchases, including gas, rideshares, transit, hotels, flights, and car rentals. You can also earn 1x points on all other purchases. The best part is that there is no annual fee, which means you can enjoy all the benefits without having to pay extra.

If you spend $1,000 on the card within the first three months of opening the account, you can earn 20,000 bonus rewards points. You can redeem these points for cash, gift cards, or use them to book travel. This makes it a great option for those who want to earn rewards on their everyday purchases without having to worry about paying an annual fee.

10. Kroger Fuel Rewards

Kroger Fuel Rewards is a loyalty program offered by the Kroger family of grocery stores in which customers can earn points for their purchases and redeem them for discounts on gasoline at participating fuel stations. For every dollar spent at Kroger, customers earn one fuel reward point, and for every 100 points accumulated, they can receive $0.10 off per gallon of fuel at the pump.

In addition to earning points for grocery purchases, customers can also earn double points by purchasing gift cards and receive 50 points for each qualifying prescription filled at Kroger pharmacies. These points can quickly add up and lead to significant savings on fuel costs.

Furthermore, regular Kroger shoppers can also take advantage of the Kroger Savings Club, which offers 2% cash back on their Kroger purchases or a $30 cash back reward for joining the club. This is yet another way to save money while shopping at Kroger.

11. Costco Gasoline Cash Back Rewards

Costco’s gas rewards program offers significant savings for its members. First of all, Costco gas stations always have the lowest legal price for gas in the state. This means that members can expect to pay less for gas at Costco than at any other gas station in their area.

On average, gas at Costco is 21 cents cheaper than at other gas stations. This can add up to significant savings over time, especially for drivers who purchase a lot of gas. For example, the average U.S. driver purchases 11 gallons of fuel each week, which comes to $120.12 in gas savings every year. However, some sources report even greater savings of up to 30 cents off per gallon, which translates into annual savings of $172 at the pump.

To take advantage of Costco’s gas rewards program, you do need to be a member of the wholesale club. Both Gold status (base level) and Executive (top tier) members are eligible for the gas rewards program.

In addition to the gas rewards program, Costco also offers a credit card for members called the Costco Anywhere Visa Card. This card offers cash back rewards on gas purchases anywhere that Visa is accepted. In the first year, cardholders can earn 4% cash back on eligible purchases of gas (up to $7,000 in spending), and then 1% after the intro period. Cardholders can also earn 3% cash back on restaurants and eligible travel purchases, 2% cash back on all other purchases from Costco, and 1% on all other purchases.

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12. Maverik’s Adventure Club Rewards

Maverik Adventure Club is a rewards app offered by Maverik, a convenience store chain with locations across the United States. The app allows customers to earn rewards by making purchases at Maverik stores and redeeming those rewards for free merchandise in-store.

To participate in the Maverik Adventure Club, customers can sign up for an account through the app or in-store. Once signed up, they can use the app to toggle between two different accounts: the Adventure Club account and the Nitro account.

Using the Adventure Club account, customers can earn $0.02 per gallon of fuel purchased at Maverik stores. Alternatively, customers can opt for the Nitro account and earn $0.06 per gallon of fuel purchased.

In addition to fuel rewards, customers can also earn points for purchases made in-store. Points can be redeemed for free items, such as food and drinks, or for discounts on merchandise. Even just signing up for the Maverik Adventure Club will earn customers a free fountain drink.

13. Discover it

One of the key features of the Discover it card is its cash back rewards program. Cardholders can earn 5% cash back on purchases made in rotating categories that change every quarter. These categories include a variety of everyday expenses like grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, drug stores, department stores, streaming subscriptions, Paypal, Amazon.com, travel purchases, and more. Additionally, cardholders can earn 1% cash back on all other purchases.

One unique aspect of Discover it is that it offers a sign-up bonus for new cardholders. Discover will match all the cash back rewards that you earn during your first year as a cardholder, effectively doubling your rewards. This bonus is awarded at the end of your first year.

Another benefit of the Discover it card is its 0% intro APR on balance transfers for the first 14 months of your account opening. This can be a helpful tool for those looking to consolidate credit card debt or pay off high-interest balances.

14. Citi Rewards+

The Citi Rewards+ Visa card is a credit card that offers a number of benefits for those looking to earn rewards on their spending. When you sign up for the card, you will receive a sign-up bonus of 15,000 points. These points can be redeemed for a $150 gift card at thankyou.com.

One of the ways you can earn bonus points with this card is by making purchases at supermarkets or grocery stores and gas stations. You will earn 2 points for every $1 you spend at these locations, up to your first $6,000 in spending during your first year with the card. After that, you will continue to earn 1 point for every $1 spent at these locations.

For all other purchases, you will earn 1 point for every $1 spent. This includes purchases made at restaurants, on travel, and on all other everyday purchases.

In addition to these rewards, Citi also offers a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for the first 15 months. This can be a useful benefit if you have existing credit card debt and want to consolidate it into one card with a lower interest rate.

15. Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

The Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express is a credit card that offers a rewards program with generous cash back perks. Although it has an annual fee of $95, it provides more benefits than a typical Visa Signature or Master Card.

One of the benefits of this card is the $300 cash back sign-up bonus. Additionally, the rewards program is tiered, offering different levels of cash back for various spending categories. Cardholders can earn 6% cash back on purchases made at U.S. supermarkets and grocery stores, as well as on streaming services. They can also earn 3% cash back on purchases made at U.S. gas stations and on select U.S. transit purchases including rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, parking fees, tolls, trains, subways, buses, and more. For all other purchases, the card offers 1% cash back.

One particularly attractive feature of the card is the 3% cash back on U.S. gas station purchases, which can be a significant saving for those who frequently drive or commute by car. Overall, the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express is a good choice for those looking to earn cash back rewards on everyday purchases, particularly if they spend a lot on groceries and gas.

16. QuikTrip QT Rewards

The QT Rewards program allows customers to earn reward points for every $2 spent on eligible purchases and for every 2 gallons of qualified fuel purchased. Each point earned is worth 1 cent off per gallon, and these points can be redeemed up to the price advertised at the pump. Any remaining points will be saved in the customer’s account and can be used for future fuel purchases.

This program is designed to help customers save money on their fuel purchases while also incentivizing them to make purchases at QuikTrip. By earning reward points for every eligible purchase, customers can accumulate savings over time and redeem them for discounts on fuel.

In addition to the QT Rewards program, QuikTrip also offers the Fleetmaster Gas Rewards Card as a solution for businesses. This card tracks fleet drivers’ fuel consumption and fuel purchases, as well as their gas mileage and odometer readings. The card also provides reports and insights into other fleet driver driving behaviors.

With the Fleetmaster Gas Rewards Card, drivers will always save up to 5 cents off per gallon at the pump, and cardholders can earn bonuses and rewards for every dollar spent. This program is designed to help businesses manage their fleet expenses more effectively and efficiently while also providing drivers with valuable rewards and incentives for their fuel purchases.

17. Safeway for U

Safeway offers a program called “Just for U Rewards” where customers can earn points for their purchases that can be redeemed for savings on gas. For every dollar spent on groceries and pharmacy items, customers can earn 1 point, and for every dollar spent on gift cards, customers can earn 2 points.

Once a customer earns 100 points, they can redeem them for 1 gas reward, which will save them 10 cents per gallon of gas purchased. For example, if a customer buys a $100 gift card, they will earn 200 points or 2 rewards, which they can redeem to save 20 cents per gallon of gas at participating Chevron locations.

18. Albertsons just for U Gas Rewards

The Albertsons just for U Gas Rewards program is a loyalty program offered by Albertsons, a grocery store chain. Customers can earn points by shopping at Albertsons, with 1 point earned for every dollar spent on groceries or pharmacy items, and 2 points earned for every dollar spent on gift cards. Once a customer earns 100 points, they can redeem them for a reward, which gives them 10 cents off per gallon of gas at participating Chevron gas stations.

In addition to the gas rewards program, customers can also earn cash back rebates for their online purchases at Albertsons.com. These rebates range from 1% to 2% off the total purchase, or even more in some cases. By taking advantage of these offers, customers can save money on their grocery purchases and also earn rewards that can be redeemed for gas discounts.

19. Harris Teeter Fuel Points

Harris Teeter offers a rewards program called “Fuel Points” to customers who use their VIC or loyalty card when shopping at their stores. For every $1 spent, you’ll earn one fuel point, and if you buy select retailer gift cards, you’ll get double the points (2x). Additionally, if you purchase a prescription with your VIC card that is not funded by the federal government, you’ll earn 50 fuel points per prescription.

Once you accumulate 1,000 fuel points, you can save $0.10 per gallon on your fuel purchase at Harris Teeter Fuel Centers and participating BP and Amoco gas stations. This means that the more fuel points you earn, the more money you can save on gas purchases.

20. Chevron Gas Rewards

Chevron is offering gas rewards to customers who download their new app. To participate, you need to download the app for free and link your Techron Advantage Credit card, PayPal, Venmo, or your own personal credit card. If you are part of a grocery store gas rewards program like the Albertsons Reward Points program, you can link your rewards ID# in the app to earn additional gas rewards.

In addition, the Chevron credit card or Techron Advantage Visa Cardholders can earn fuel credits of up to 47 cents per gallon, and also earn fuel credits at other merchants that accept Visa. The credit card for Chevron is issued by Synchrony Bank.

The Chevron app allows you to store Chevron gift cards and Visa gift cards as well. By using the app, customers can earn more gas rewards and save on their fuel expenses.

21. Holiday Rewards

Holiday gas station offers a reward program for its customers called Holiday Rewards. This program allows loyalty members to earn various rewards such as free food, free beverages, and fuel discounts.

For certain items, such as coffee, fountain drinks, and frozen drinks, customers can earn a free item after purchasing 10 of the same item. For other items such as classic sandwiches, hot snacks, signature sandwiches, Godfather’s Pizza, hot foods off the roller grill, cookies, and donuts, customers can earn a free item after purchasing 7 of the same item.

In addition to food and beverage rewards, customers can also enjoy 5 cents off per gallon of fuel every day when they use Holiday Rewards. This discount has no gallon limit, meaning customers can save money on every gallon of fuel they purchase.

To become a member of Holiday Rewards, customers can download the free app from the iTunes or Google Play Store and register for the program. By participating in this loyalty program, Holiday gas station customers can enjoy various rewards and discounts, making their visits to the gas station more enjoyable and cost-effective.

22. Penfed Platinum Rewards Visa

This credit card is issued by Penfed Credit Union and offers 1 point for every dollar spent, with 5 points earned for every dollar spent at the pump. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, hotels, and other deals, with a point’s value averaging around 1 to 1.5 cents per point. While redemption rewards are not as straightforward as other programs, earning 5x points on fuel makes it a generous reward.

23. Bank of America Visa

The Bank of America Visa credit card offers 3% cash back for the category of your choice (such as gas, online shopping, dining, travel, home improvement, and other options), 2% back on grocery store purchases and wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club, and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

24. Sam’s Club

While not a credit card, a Sam’s Club membership provides access to super-low prices at all Sam’s Club fuel stations. As a member, you can save up to $73 a year on gas if you fuel up only at Sam’s, which more than covers the $45 membership cost upfront.

How to choose the best gas rewards program

If you’re looking to save money on gas and earn rewards for your purchases, there are several factors to consider when choosing a gas rewards program. Here are some tips to help you select the best program for your needs:

Determine which gas stations you frequent the most

The first step in choosing a gas rewards program is to figure out which gas station brands you use the most. This could be the gas station near your home, your workplace, or your regular travel routes. By choosing a rewards program that is affiliated with the gas stations you use the most, you can maximize your rewards potential.

Decide what type of rewards you want

Some gas rewards programs offer cash-back or points-based rewards that can be redeemed for gas discounts or other rewards, such as gift cards or merchandise. Others offer more flexible rewards that can be used for things like snacks, drinks, or car washes. Decide which type of rewards program is best for you based on your spending habits and priorities.

Consider signing up for multiple programs

If you frequently fill up at multiple gas stations, consider signing up for rewards programs at each one. This can help you earn rewards faster and maximize your savings potential.

Look for sign-up bonuses and special offers

Many gas rewards programs offer sign-up bonuses or special promotions to new members, such as extra points or discounts on gas purchases. Be sure to take advantage of these offers when you join a new program.

Read the fine print

Before signing up for any gas rewards program, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. Look for any restrictions or limitations on earning or redeeming rewards, as well as any fees or expiration dates associated with the program.

The bottom line

Gas rewards programs are an excellent way to save money on gas purchases. By signing up for multiple programs, using a rewards credit card, and taking advantage of promotions and special offers, you can maximize your savings and keep more money in your wallet. We hope that this article has provided you with valuable information on gas rewards programs and how to save money on gas purchases.