Wells Fargo Bank SWIFT code for wire transfer

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The Wells Fargo SWIFT code is WFBIUS6SXXX. This code (also known as a BIC code: Bank Identifier Code) is essential when sending money internationally to Wells Fargo Bank in the US. If you’re transferring funds from another country to the US, you’ll need to provide this unique code, along with your recipient’s complete name and bank account number. The SWIFT code helps ensure that your money reaches the correct Wells Fargo branch.

If you’re looking for Wells Fargo’s SWIFT code, it’s likely because you’re either sending money to the US from abroad or receiving money to your Wells Fargo account from abroad. If so, then you should beware of hidden bank fees and consider using a digital provider to save money instead.

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Wells Fargo SWIFT Code

Wells Fargo SWIFT CodeSWIFT Code Breakdown

Bank NameWells Fargo & Company
SWIFT BranchHeadquarters
AddressWells Fargo 420 Montgomery Street
CitySan Francisco, CA
Postal Code94104
CountryUnited States
Other Branches📍 Wells Fargo ATM and Banking Locations

Receiving money from Abroad

When you’re expecting money to be sent to you from another country, and the sender requests a Wells Fargo SWIFT code, it’s important to be aware that you might end up receiving less money than you should. This is due to the high fees associated with international bank transfers and the unfavorable exchange rates typically set by the sender’s bank.

For instance, if someone sends $1,000 from a foreign bank to the US, that bank might charge you between 5% and 10% in total fees. This means that you could potentially receive $50 to $100 less for every $1,000 transferred, compared to what you would have received if the transfer was done at the actual mid-market exchange rate.

Fortunately, there’s a much better solution available for saving money when you receive funds in the US from overseas. It’s called the Wise Account, and it’s open to both individuals and businesses. By using a Wise Account, which is accessible in the US, you’ll be given local bank account details for 10 different currencies.

This means you’ll be able to use Wise to send, hold, spend, and receive US dollars and other foreign currencies at the mid-market exchange rate, with clear and low fees. This way, you can receive money in the US (and other currencies) using Wise just like a local, making it an excellent choice for managing your online transactions for this purpose.

Sending money to the US

If you’re sending money from another country to a Wells Fargo bank account in the US using your local bank, the transaction will likely end up costing you more than it should. This is because there are various fees involved in the process. There are fixed fees for international bank transfers, unfavorable exchange rates, and additional fees from correspondent banks, all of which can add up quickly.

DollarSlate conducted a thorough analysis of the costs associated with sending money through 54 major banks across seventeen countries. Based on this research, it’s clear that using your traditional bank to send money to the US is not the most cost-effective option.

Moreover, bank transfers through the SWIFT network can take quite a while to complete—typically between one and five business days. This makes it less suitable for situations where you need to send money quickly.

The good news is that there are much better alternatives available. By using a digital money transfer service like Wise, you could potentially save up to 95% in fees compared to traditional banks. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to send money to your beneficiary’s Wells Fargo account more quickly.

Why do I need Wells Fargo Bank SWIFT code?

You need the Wells Fargo Bank SWIFT code when making an international transfer to a Wells Fargo Bank account, or if someone is transferring money to your Wells Fargo Bank account in the United States. The SWIFT code, also known as a BIC code, is a unique identifier for the bank and helps ensure the money reaches the right destination.

When sending or receiving international transfers, you’ll also need to provide the bank’s address. It’s important to note that using traditional banks for these transfers can be both slow and costly. As an alternative, consider using Wise (formerly known as TransferWise) for faster, more affordable, and secure international money transfers.

Always confirm the details with your recipient

When you’re sending or receiving money, it’s important to double-check the SWIFT code with your recipient or bank. The SWIFT code is like an address that ensures the money reaches the right place. If you realize you’ve used the wrong SWIFT code to send money, don’t delay – reach out to your bank immediately. They might be able to stop the transaction before it’s completed.

If the transaction can’t be stopped, you’ll likely need to contact the person who was supposed to receive the money. Politely ask them to send the funds back to you.

Do Wells Fargo Bank SWIFT codes change from branch to branch?

Each Wells Fargo Bank branch has its own unique SWIFT code, which is used to identify a specific location when making international transactions.

If you want to find the correct SWIFT code for your particular Wells Fargo Bank branch, you can look it up on Wells Fargo’s official website. If you’re uncertain or unable to locate your branch’s specific code, you have the option to use the 8-character SWIFT code of the bank’s main headquarters. Even if you use this general code, your payment will still be properly directed to your account.

What information is needed for a wire transfer to Wells Fargo Bank?

To initiate a wire transfer to Wells Fargo Bank, you will need the following information:

  • Sender’s Valid ID: A photo ID or driver’s license issued by the government, ensuring the sender’s identity.
  • Sender’s Full Name and Contact Details: The sender’s complete name, address, and contact information to identify them accurately.
  • Sender’s Bank Account and Routing Number: The sender’s bank account number and the routing/transit number of their bank. This helps direct the funds from the sender’s account.
  • Recipient’s Full Name and Contact Details: The complete name, address, and contact information of the recipient to ensure accurate delivery.
  • Recipient’s Bank Account Information and Transit Number: The recipient’s bank account number and the routing/transit number of their bank. This ensures the funds are correctly deposited into the recipient’s account.

Having these details ready ensures a smooth and accurate wire transfer process.

Which bank SWIFT code is WFBIUS6S?

The SWIFT code “WFBIUS6S” belongs to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. It is a unique code used internationally to identify the specific bank when conducting cross-border transactions. This code is specifically assigned to Wells Fargo Bank in the United States.

For domestic wire transfers within the USA, you would use this routing number: 121000248. For international wire transfers to a Wells Fargo account in the USA, the same routing number, 121000248, is used. Additionally, if you’re sending an international wire transfer to Wells Fargo, you would need to provide the SWIFT code WFBIUS6SXXX. This information helps ensure that the money is accurately and securely transferred to the intended account at Wells Fargo Bank.

What is the routing number for SWIFT code WFBIUS6S?

The routing number associated with the SWIFT code WFBIUS6S is 121000248 belonging to Wells Fargo Bank. This routing number is used for domestic transactions within the United States. It helps in identifying the specific bank when money is being transferred between banks within the country.

It’s essential when setting up direct deposits, electronic payments, and wire transfers. In this case, for international wire transfers, the SWIFT code WFBIUS6S is used to identify Wells Fargo Bank, and for domestic transfers, the routing number 121000248 serves the same purpose.

Is the SWIFT code same for all branches?

The SWIFT code, used for international money transfers, can vary between banks. Some banks use a single SWIFT code for all branches, while others assign a unique SWIFT code to each branch. When in doubt, you can usually use the bank’s head office SWIFT code to send money.

Is Wells Fargo SWIFT code same for all branches?

Each branch has its own unique SWIFT code. You can find the correct SWIFT code for your specific Wells Fargo branch here. If you’re unsure or unable to find the branch-specific code, you can use the 8-character SWIFT code for the bank’s head office (WFBIUS6SXXX). Using this code will ensure your payment reaches your account even if you don’t have the branch-specific code.

How long does it take Wells Fargo to receive a wire transfer?

When you use Wells Fargo Bank to send or receive money through a wire transfer, the time it takes depends on whether it’s a domestic or international transfer.

For domestic wire transfers within the same country, like sending money from one U.S. bank account to another, Wells Fargo Bank usually takes about 2 to 3 business days to complete the transfer. This means that the money should be available in the recipient’s account within this time frame.

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For international wire transfers, which involve sending money between different countries, Wells Fargo Bank typically takes around 3 to 5 business days to process and complete the transfer. This longer time is because international transfers involve more complex processes, including multiple banks and possibly different currencies.

It’s worth noting that while these are the general time frames, they can vary based on factors such as the specific banks involved, the countries the funds are being sent to and from, and any intermediary banks that might be used along the way.

If you’re in a hurry to complete the transfer, you might have the option to expedite it, which means it will be processed faster. However, this service often comes with an additional cost. It’s a good idea to check with Wells Fargo Bank for the exact fees and options available if you need to speed up the transfer process.

We generally advise our readers to avoid these fees by using Wise. Over 15 million people have saved money with Wise. By sending and receiving with Wise, you’ll get the real exchange rate every time and a free transfer of up to $500. In addition, your money is transferred at a faster speed compared to that of traditional banks such as Wells Fargo (some currencies can be processed within minutes).

What is the limit on wire transfers?

The limits on wire transfers are determined by various factors, including regulations and policies set by financial institutions.

Under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA), there is no specific limit set on the amount of money that can be transferred through a wire transfer. This means that legally, there’s no maximum amount imposed by the government for wire transfers.

However, individual financial institutions, like banks and credit unions, often establish their own daily transaction limits for wire transfers. These limits are set to prevent fraud and protect both the sender and the recipient. The specific limits can vary widely depending on the institution and the type of account you have.

It’s important to note that while the EFTA doesn’t impose a limit, if you’re planning to send a large amount of money through a wire transfer, you should check with your bank or financial institution to understand their specific policies and any associated fees.

In summary, while the EFTA itself doesn’t have a wire transfer limit, financial institutions may have their own daily transaction limits in place for security and regulatory reasons.

Is there a limit for international wire transfers Wells Fargo Bank?

Wells Fargo has limits for wire transfers, which vary based on whether you are an individual consumer or a small business. For consumer wire transfers, whether they are domestic or international, there is a limit of $1,000 per transaction. For small businesses, the limit is up to $5,000 per transaction. These limits apply to both outbound domestic and international wire transfers done through Wells Fargo Bank.

Does a wire transfer happen immediately?

Wire transfers usually happen quickly. When it comes to domestic bank wires, they’re typically completed within a maximum of three days. If the transfer is between accounts within the same financial institution, it might take less than a day. Wire transfers via a non-bank money transfer service such as Wise may happen within minutes.

How do I find my Wells Fargo SWIFT code?

Finding your Wells Fargo SWIFT code is easy. A SWIFT code, which can also be referred to as a SWIFT Number, is a unique sequence of 8 to 11 characters containing both letters and numbers. It helps identify a specific bank during international transactions.

To locate your Wells Fargo SWIFT code:

  1. Bank Statement: Check your bank statement. The SWIFT code is often listed there, especially for international transactions. It might appear near the transaction details.
  2. Bank’s Website: Visit your bank’s official website. Look for a section related to international banking, wire transfers, or frequently asked questions. You might find the SWIFT code listed there.
  3. Contact the Bank: If you’re having trouble finding your Wells Fargo Bank swift code, don’t hesitate to call or visit your bank. Their customer service can provide you with the accurate SWIFT code for your specific branch.

Remember, the terms “SWIFT code” and “BIC” (Bank Identification Code) are often used interchangeably. They refer to the same thing—the unique identifier for your bank in overseas transactions.

What is Wells Fargo Bank routing number for wire transfer?

The routing number for Wells Fargo wire transfers is 121000248. If you’re going to receive money through a wire transfer, you’ll have to provide your bank details with the sender.

What happens if SWIFT code is wrong?

If you enter the wrong SWIFT code while sending money, there can be consequences. If the SWIFT code doesn’t correspond to a valid destination, your bank should attempt to reverse the payment and return your money. However, this process could take a bit of time, and your bank might charge you a fee for this correction. It’s important to ensure accurate information to avoid such issues when making international transactions.

What do the digits in Wells Fargo Bank SWIFT code mean?

The Wells Fargo Bank SWIFT code is a unique identification code with either 11 or 8 characters, which can be letters or numbers, and each digit or letter serves a specific purpose in identifying the financial institution and location.

In an eight-character code, the first four and last two characters are unique to the financial institution that’s assigned the code. This part of the code is known as the Bank Identifier Code (BIC), which helps to identify the specific bank involved in the transaction. The middle two letters represent the country code, indicating the country in which the bank is located. For example, Wells Fargo Bank SWIFT code is WFBIUS6SXXX for incoming transfers in U.S. dollars. Here, WFBI represents the bank identifier code, US represents the bank country code, and 6X is also part of the bank location code, while XXX represents the bank branch code.

In 11-character codes, the last three characters are branch codes, which can be used to identify a specific department, unit, or branch within a financial institution. This helps to further specify the location of the bank and the specific department involved in the transaction.

Do you need SWIFT code for international transfer?

When you want to send money to someone in another country, you’ll need a SWIFT code. This code is necessary for international money transfers. Its purpose is to make sure that the money you send reaches the correct destination securely and accurately.

What is SWIFT?

SWIFT stands for “Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunication,” and it is also known as the Bank Identifier Code (BIC). The organization was founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1973 with the aim of facilitating international communication between banks. Its goal was to establish a common messaging platform, language, and computer system that could verify and process various financial transactions, such as payments, cash transfers, foreign exchange, trade finance, and custody services.

Today, SWIFT is a cooperative that provides encrypted messaging services to over 11,000 financial institutions worldwide. By using the SWIFT network, banks can communicate and transfer money securely and efficiently across borders, while ensuring compliance with international regulations and standards. The SWIFT system has become an essential part of the global financial infrastructure, enabling seamless and reliable communication among banks, corporations, and other financial institutions.

How do SWIFT codes work?

SWIFT codes are used by financial institutions worldwide to facilitate international wire transfers between countries. When you want to transfer money internationally, you provide your bank with the name, address, and SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank, along with the recipient’s account number.

Once you initiate the transfer, your bank verifies the legitimacy of the transaction and deducts the transfer amount from your account. They then send a SWIFT message to the recipient’s bank with instructions to credit the recipient’s account. The recipient’s bank verifies the transaction and then processes the credit to the recipient’s account.

Say you are located in the United States and wish to send $5,000 to a friend in Poland. You can initiate a wire transfer through your bank. You will need to provide your bank with the necessary details, such as the name and address of your friend, their bank’s name and address, their account number, and their bank’s SWIFT code.

Depending on the bank’s policies, you may be able to complete this process online or via a mobile app, while other banks may require you to do it in person or over the phone. The bank will then process the transfer and send the funds to the recipient’s bank account in Poland.

SWIFT transfers may take a few days, depending on the banks involved and the countries in which they are located. SWIFT also offers real-time payments, although these may come with additional fees. Like domestic wire transfers, SWIFT transfers may be subject to wire transfer fees charged by your bank or the recipient’s bank.

What’s the difference between a SWIFT code and routing number?

Both routing numbers and SWIFT codes are used to identify financial institutions, ABA routing numbers are used for domestic transactions within the United States, while SWIFT codes are used for international transactions between banks and financial institutions all over the world.

An ABA routing number is a nine-digit code that is used for domestic payments in the United States. It identifies the financial institution that is responsible for the transaction and is often used for direct deposit, bill payments, and wire transfers within the US. On the other hand, a SWIFT code (also known as a BIC code) is used for international transactions.

What’s the difference between a SWIFT code and an IBAN?

The US and Canada do not use IBAN, so Wells Fargo Bank and other American banks won’t have one. Many banks around the world use IBAN for international transfers, but it is most common in Europe and neighboring regions.

In addition to the Eurozone, countries such as Turkey, Israel, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom also use IBAN for international transfers. However, it’s worth noting that while IBAN is used in other regions as well, it is not as widely adopted as the SWIFT system.

While both SWIFT codes and IBAN numbers are used in international banking transactions, they serve different functions. The SWIFT code is used to identify the bank, while the IBAN is used to identify the specific bank account. It’s important to have both codes when making an international transfer, as they ensure that the money is sent to the correct bank and account.

An IBAN is a standardized format for bank account numbers used in international transactions. It’s used to identify the recipient’s bank account and includes information such as the country code, check digits, bank code, and account number.

Wise money transfer

Using traditional banks to send or receive money can sometimes lead to unfavorable exchange rates and undisclosed fees. This is because traditional banks rely on outdated money exchange systems. To avoid these unnecessary fees and transfer delays, We recommend you use Wise, which typically offers a more cost-effective solution. Thanks to intelligent technology:

  • You enjoy a favorable exchange rate and a low, transparent fee on each transaction, plus a free transfer of up to $500.
  • Your money is transferred at a faster speed compared to that of local traditional banks; some currencies can be processed within minutes.
  • Your money is protected with top-tier bank-level security.
  • By choosing Wise, you become part of a community of over 15 million customers who conveniently transfer money in 47 different currencies across 70 countries.