How to sell used tires for quick cash in 2024

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If you have unused tires in your garage, consider selling them online or to local tire shops for a better return than recycling centers offer.

This post will explore ways to easily sell your used tires for quick cash.

Transportation is essential for work, travel, and daily tasks. Car maintenance can be expensive, especially when it comes to parts.

Fortunately, selling used tires for cash is viable, and finding buyers is more achievable than you might think.

Sell used tires online

Selling used tires online is an efficient way to dispose of them and earn extra money quickly. Here are several methods to sell your old tires for cash:

1. Craiglist

Dispose of old tires effortlessly with Craigslist, which offers a simple solution if you lack nearby recycling or retread facilities.

Sell your unused tires and potentially earn some extra cash. Verify the tread life, create a detailed listing with accurate information, and connect with buyers seeking reliable used tires.

2. eBay

Consider selling your old tires on eBay if you want to get rid of them. eBay allows you to sell a variety of items, including used tires.

You have two options for selling used tires on eBay: auction or “buy now.”

Before listing, check the tread depth, similar to Craigslist. Taking clear photos and accurately describing the tire’s condition is crucial.

3. Facebook marketplace

Selling used tires on Facebook Marketplace can help you clear out old tires and earn extra cash.

To attract buyers, set a fair price and provide clear photos with a detailed description. Remember that having a Facebook profile is necessary for selling on the Marketplace.

4. Sell My Tires

Sell your used tires for maximum profit by choosing the right platform. While general classified sites, local buy-and-sell apps, or tire shops are options, specialized platforms like Sell My Tires often yield better results.

These dedicated platforms attract serious buyers interested in tires, ensuring you get top dollar for your products. Take advantage of features like buying and selling tires and tire casings on Sell My Tires.

Optimize your listing by providing clear pictures from various angles, and consider including the tire rims for added value. Selling tires with attached rims typically results in higher payouts on these specialized platforms.

5. Local businesses for used Tires

Consider selling your old tires to nearby tire shops. Local businesses often need quality used tires for resale or replacement, providing you with a lucrative opportunity.

When selling your tires, it’s advisable to visit the tire shop. Most establishments prefer to inspect the tire’s condition before making a purchase. This simple step ensures a smooth transaction.

6. Corporate Truck Tires

Corporate Tire, a South Carolina-based company with over 30 years of experience in the commercial trucking industry, is a reliable option for selling your tires. Whether you need recycling, retreading, or refurbishing, they offer fair prices for tires of any type or size.

7. Tire Management Inc

Tire Management, a company in Illinois, purchases and resells semi-truck tires. After acquiring used tires, they retread and resell them. Ensure your tires are debris-free when selling to Tire Management. A minimum of 50 tires is required for pickup and transport to the retread facility.

8. Santa Ana Wheel

California-based Santa Ana Wheel offers fair market value for wheels, considering their condition, market value, and current stock availability.

10. United Tires

United Tires is a prominent used tire store in the United States. Specializing in buying and selling high-quality used tires, they only accept tires in good condition without holes, tears, or damage.

If you have used tires, United Tires refurbishes them to make them functional and resells them.

11. Tire-Trader

Tire-Trader, available in the United States and Canada, facilitates the connection between sellers and buyers of used truck tires and tire casings.

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Popular brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, Firestone, Yokohama, and Cooper are in high demand on the platform.

While the website’s interface is a bit dated, it contains valuable information, including a pricing list for truck tire casings that the company buys from individuals.

Tire-Trader offers various paid membership levels for buying and selling tires. These memberships can enhance the visibility of your used tires, making it a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re dealing with a substantial volume of tires or starting a flipping business.

12. Liberty Tire Recycling

Consider recycling your tires if they’re not suitable for resale. Liberty Tire Recycling specializes in transforming used tires into useful products such as rubber asphalt, rubberized flooring, athletic surfaces, rubber mulch, and various rubber goods.

Recycling your tires with companies like Liberty Tire Recycling contributes to environmental sustainability.

Liberty Tire Recycling operates numerous facilities throughout the United States, with additional locations in Canada.

13. Garage sales

Consider hosting a garage sale in your town as a final option to sell used tires. Garage sales are a practical and enjoyable way to quickly declutter and get rid of items you no longer need.

Ensure you promote your garage sale with posters around town. If the tires don’t sell, you may still find success in selling other items to meet your immediate financial needs.

14. Emterra Environmental USA

Emterra Environmental USA operates a recycling plant in Canada, catering to many of the United States. Their emission-free recycling method ensures zero waste and is environmentally friendly.

Yes, they provide a pick-up service for used tires.

You do not receive payment for recycling used tires at their facility.

The cost of accepting used tires varies from state to state.

15. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a community app with a “For Sale & Free” section. If you have tires to sell, post them in the Automotive category.

Tips for selling used tires

Once you’ve identified the right places to sell your used tires, consider these straightforward tips to streamline the selling process:

  • Storage and Transportation: Ensure a secure storage space for your tires if they don’t sell immediately. Opt for local sales to avoid shipping concerns and costs.
  • Honesty about Tire Condition: Be transparent about the tire condition; avoid labeling worn-out tires as “almost new” for a quick and straightforward selling process.
  • Check Local Laws: Research and understand local laws and guidelines regarding the resale and disposal of used tires. Check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for specific guidelines.
  • Include Rims: Tires sold with rims generally command a higher price and may sell more quickly than those without. Consider including rims to maximize your return.
  • Explore Disposal Options: Familiarize yourself with local disposal and recycling options. While selling used tires can be profitable, recycling is a viable option, ensuring some financial return.

Consider unconventional options when selling used tires. Tires can serve new purposes beyond their original function. Creative individuals often repurpose them into swings, planters, pet beds, and more. Exploring these alternative uses can be a valuable strategy for selling tires that are unsuitable for vehicles.

How can I legally sell used tires?

Selling used tires is regulated by state laws, which differ across the United States. Before selling used tires, check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles for specific regulations in your area.

Ensure compliance by consulting the US Tire Manufacturers Association website for tire recalls. Selling recalled automobile tires is illegal in all states. If your tires are recalled, follow the website’s proper and lawful disposal guidelines.

Where can I make the most money from my used tires?

To maximize earnings from your used tires, consider selling them to used tire shops. These shops typically assess payment according to the condition of the tire.

You can also explore options on platforms such as Craigslist or consider retreading to prolong the life of your old tires.

Do recycling centers usually charge disposal fees?

Yes, most recycling centers charge disposal fees to cover the cost of proper tire disposal.

Is selling used tires for cash a good deal?

Used tires, especially for popular vehicles, can fetch around $100 to $250 for a complete set in good condition. Specialty tires, such as those for trucks, may command a higher price.

Selling used tires is worthwhile if you need quick cash and don’t mind negotiating with buyers or tire shops. Transportation may be necessary for making a sale.

For those seeking to maximize earnings, starting a tire resale business is a viable option to explore.