How to become a Puma product tester in 2024

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Are you passionate about Puma and aspiring to be a product tester for them? You’re in luck! Puma offers a product testing program, and this post will provide you with all the essential details.

Puma, a top sports brand worldwide, is renowned for its innovative and stylish gear for soccer and running. They rigorously test each product to ensure high quality, valuing feedback from real users like you to continuously improve.

What is Puma product testing?

Puma Product Testing is a unique initiative that invites sports enthusiasts, athletes, and everyday users to test their upcoming products. It’s more than just a preview of new gear; it’s about actively contributing to Puma’s product development.

Becoming a Puma product tester means you can try out Puma products before they’re released. You’ll wear, use, and share your thoughts on them. Your feedback is crucial for Puma to improve their products based on real-world testing. Whether it’s soccer cleats or running gear, your opinion can shape the final product sold in stores.

Sports covered by PUMA’s testing program

PUMA is presently prioritizing product testing for these sports:

  • Football
  • Handball
  • Rugby
  • Futsal
  • Cricket
  • Padel Tennis
  • Netball

How does Puma product testing work?

Participate in any listed sports and sign up to be a tester. It’s that easy.

  1. Sign up: Start by registering on the Puma Product Testing Platform.
  2. Get matched: Puma will check your profile and send you products that match your sports interests.
  3. Receive products: If chosen, Puma will send you the product to try out.
  4. Test period: Use the product during your usual sports activities for a certain period.
  5. Provide feedback: After testing, share your thoughts and experiences on the product’s performance.
  6. Return: Send the product back to Puma using the provided return label.
  7. Review: Puma reviews the feedback and makes any necessary improvements to the product.
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How do I join the Puma product tester program?

Update: Puma is currently not accepting new testers in the US. They stated, “Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting new applications. Stay tuned, applications will be open again soon.” Keep this page saved, and check back regularly to see if signups are available.

Want to be a Puma product tester? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Puma’s Product Testing Platform and click “Log in or create an account”.
  2. Create an account and confirm you participate in one of the listed sports.
  3. Select the products you want to test: Footwear, Apparel, or both.
  4. Enter your sizes and measurements accurately using a measuring tape for the best fit.

How to measure for the Puma product testing signup

To conduct wear testing as a PUMA product tester, you’ll need a measuring tape. First, dress in minimal clothing for accurate measurements.

  • Stand straight with feet slightly apart and arms hanging naturally.
  • For chest measurement, wrap tape around the fullest part, keeping it parallel to the ground.
  • Measure your waist at the narrowest point of your torso.
  • Measure hips at the widest part of hips and butt.
  • For inseam, stand with feet shoulder-width apart and measure from crotch to ankle.
  • Lastly, measure your height by standing straight against a wall and measuring from head to heels.

Make sure to accurately record each measurement and double-check for accuracy before submitting them to Puma.

Is the PUMA product testing program legitimate?

Indeed, PUMA has launched a genuine initiative to collect real-world feedback on their upcoming products.

Do I get to keep the PUMA products after testing?

Testers usually need to return the products after testing for more analysis. But sometimes, PUMA might let testers keep the products or give them rewards.

Are there any costs involved in the testing program?

Testers don’t need to pay any fees. PUMA handles all shipping expenses, including returning the product.

What kind of feedback does PUMA expect?

PUMA values your honest feedback on the product’s performance, comfort, fit, and any other observations you have during testing.