New Balance product testing 2024

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Do you want to get free stuff by testing products?

Do you want to freshen up your wardrobe and try out new shoes and clothes for a few weeks?

Check out New Balance’s Wear Test program, similar to Puma’s shoe testing program.

New Balance is an American company focusing on athletic footwear and clothing, covering everything from dresses to shorts.

They’re seeking adults and children to try out their clothes through the Wear Test program.

New Balance’s wear test program

If you’re into running or hiking and want to try out new shoes or boots, check out the Wear Test Program by New Balance.

Simply apply to the program, and if accepted, they’ll send you prototype products to test for about four to six weeks.

After testing, you provide feedback. While you typically don’t get to keep the gear, it’s a cool way to try out new stuff for free.

How does New Balance product testing work?

The Wear Test Program is straightforward, resembling Nike’s product testing program.

It involves a few simple steps.

1. Apply

To become a New Balance product tester, complete an application form. Provide your age, shoe size, and location.

Select either the adult or junior application based on your shoe size. Use the link below to access the application forms:

2. Your application gets reviewed

New Balance regularly reviews applications.

They typically accept applications on an ongoing basis, depending on their current needs. For example, if they’re specifically seeking women with size 6 feet, they’ll accept profiles that meet this criteria.

3. Get accepted

Your account will be activated once your profile matches the brand’s tester requirements. You’ll then receive an email confirming your acceptance into the program, along with a user ID and password for logging in.

4. Receive the product

After being chosen for a product test, you’ll receive the item to try out, along with clear instructions.

You’ll wear the item for four to six weeks, depending on the assignment.

Throughout the test, you’ll share feedback and record your experiences with the product.

5. Send the product back

Once the testing period ends, you need to return the product to New Balance. They’ll provide a prepaid shipping envelope along with the product for testing.

6. Your feedback creates better products

New Balance will assess the product using factors such as durability, manufacturability, appearance, functionality, and performance, based on the information you provide.

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It is not only the test products that are assessed…

Additionally, testers will be evaluated on their effectiveness. This evaluation considers how well and how often the test product is used, meeting deadlines, and the quality of written feedback. Better testers are more likely to receive future test products.

Requirements for becoming a New Balance product tester

To become a New Balance Product tester, you must meet specific criteria. New Balance has different requirements for adult and junior testers.

Requirements for adult testers

  • Adult testers wear men’s size 8-14 or women’s size 6-12 shoes. You can apply in this category if you’re under 18 but fit into these sizes too.
  • To qualify, you must be a US resident with a valid email address, proficient in English reading and writing, capable of meeting deadlines, providing detailed feedback, and following instructions precisely.
  • You must also be at least 18 years old. If you’re under 18, your legal guardian must complete part of the application process, sign the test program agreement on your behalf, agree to your participation, and be available to assist you when needed.

Requirements for junior testers

  • The Junior Tester program is open to applicants wearing footwear sizes ranging from infant size 3 to grade school size 6. While primarily for child testers, adults fitting within these sizes can also apply.
  • Minors must have a legal guardian accompany them throughout the testing. The guardian needs to possess a valid email address and internet access while residing in the United States.
  • Proficiency in English reading and writing, ability to follow instructions, and willingness to assist during testing are also required from the guardian.

Tips to get picked for product testing

Here are some tips to enhance your chances of being selected as a product tester:

  • Complete your profile fully and honestly. Keep it updated with any changes.
  • Promptly fill out any surveys or questionnaires to demonstrate your responsiveness and interest.
  • During the application process, highlight why you are the ideal candidate to test the product. Provide compelling reasons for them to choose you.

Will I get free New Balance shoes?

Want free shoes?

You can join product testing programs offered by companies like New Balance, where you can receive free shoes, but only for the test duration.

Here’s how it works:

Companies like Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas run these programs to see how their products perform in real-world situations. You get to keep the shoes or other items like T-shirts, jeans, or other items during the test period, which usually lasts a few weeks. Then, you send the product back so they can analyze it.

But don’t worry, some companies might send you a new product as a thank you. New Balance doesn’t offer compensation beyond the test period, though.

Overall, participating in New Balance’s Product Testing program can be an enjoyable way to try out quality products at no cost!