36 Best places to get keys made near me in 2024

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Losing my keys last year left me frustrated, though not entirely shocked. I often joke that if my head weren’t firmly attached, I’d probably misplace it and then forget where I’d left it. Fortunately, a swift online search came to my rescue, guiding me to a nearby location where I could get keys made near me.

To my surprise, there wasn’t just one option for key duplication nearby. I discovered numerous places that offered key-making services, including an affordable locksmith in near me.

If you’re in a similar situation looking for where to duplicate your keys nearby, keep reading for more information!

Home improvement stores to get keys made near me

When it comes to duplicating keys, you have several options available. In urban or nearby areas, you’ll discover numerous choices conveniently situated close to your home or workplace.

Home improvement stores stand out as the primary option for key duplication. In my view, they offer the most reliable service for this task.

Chances are, you’ll recognize many of the well-known names among these key duplication providers.

1. The Home Depot

The Home Depot stands out as my go-to spot for making keys nearby because it’s a convenient all-in-one solution. Whether you’ve misplaced your house key, bike key, or car key, The Home Depot can efficiently replace it for you.

Their service is fast and affordable, which adds to their appeal. However, the key-making services may vary from one Home Depot to another, so what’s available at my local store might differ from yours.

To ensure they offer key replacement services, it’s advisable to call ahead before visiting, as not every Home Depot provides this service.

2. Lowe’s

Lowe’s, much like Home Depot, stands as a prominent nationwide chain specializing in hardware and home improvement. It serves as a convenient destination for individuals seeking to have keys made nearby. If you find yourself in closer proximity to a Lowe’s rather than a Home Depot, it’s worth considering them for this service.

Before making the trip, it’s advisable to call ahead, particularly if you require replacement car keys, to confirm whether your local Lowe’s provides this specific key-making service.

3. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware held a special place in my father-in-law’s shopping routine, often serving as his preferred store. Whenever our home improvement projects required nuts, washers, or screws, he’d reliably lead us there, lending his expertise to locate the specific parts or tools we needed.

In a moment of misplacement, the first resort for replacing my lost keys was Ace Hardware. They offer an array of choices in color and style, catering to various key types, including car keys, standard house keys, and brass door keys. Their service extended beyond mere replacements, encompassing a variety of options to suit individual preferences and needs.

4. True Value Hardware

If your town has a True Value Hardware store, it’s a great place to consider for duplicating keys. Similar to Ace Hardware, True Value offers a range of key replacement services, covering both home and car keys.

As with other home improvement stores mentioned, it’s wise to call ahead and confirm with your local store before making the trip.

5. Menards

Menards, a Midwest-based store, provides key replacement services through self-serve kiosks or key-making stations. These machines allow customers to obtain new keys conveniently.

However, not all Menards locations provide this service, so it’s advisable to call ahead to confirm availability before visiting.

6. Big Lots

Big Lots, a nationwide retail chain with more than 1,400 stores spanning 47 states, provides a convenient solution for key duplication. Strategically placing key duplication kiosks at the entrance of their stores, Big Lots simplifies the process of replicating keys.

Whether it’s a residential key, office key, padlock key, or even certain car keys (including both ignition and transponder keys), customers can easily access this service as they enter the store.

7. Sears

Despite the decline in the prevalence of Sears stores, a handful still operate. Renowned for its reliable tools and appliances, Sears also provides cost-effective key-cutting services.

8. Local hardware stores

Dotted across the nation are over 13,000 local hardware stores, numerous being independent small businesses rather than part of larger chains such as Ace Hardware.

Despite their modest size, these establishments offer key-cutting services at comparable rates to their more extensive counterparts. Remember to lend your support to these local mom-and-pop shops scattered throughout the country, even if it’s just a simple key you need duplicated.

Grocery stores to get keys made near me

In today’s effort to become comprehensive hubs for various needs, numerous grocery stores have diversified their services. Alongside staples like banks, vision centers, and quick care health clinics, many of these stores also provide key duplication services.

This additional amenity makes them a convenient and practical choice for those seeking to make spare keys without having to visit a specialized locksmith.

9. Walmart

Walmart, known for its vast array of products, extends its offerings beyond groceries and household goods. Surprisingly, this retail giant doubles as an affordable locksmith by selling keys.

What sets Walmart apart from other grocery stores in this aspect is its method of key duplication: through self-service kiosks. This means customers may need to navigate the key-making process independently, potentially leading to some trial and error.

However, operating these kiosks isn’t overly complex—simply follow the on-screen instructions for a successful outcome.

10. Kroger

Kroger, a widespread grocery chain across the nation, serves as a reliable choice for key duplication services nearby. Before visiting, it’s advisable to call and confirm if your neighborhood Kroger provides this service.

At various Kroger branches, they assist in duplicating keys, catering to brass keys, standard house keys, and even personalized ones. Typically, this service is available through a self-service key kiosk.

11. Rite-Aid

Rite-Aid, a widely-known drug and grocery store chain, offers a convenient key duplication service across its expansive network of over 4,000 locations spanning 42 states. They cater to various key types including those for automobiles, houses, and standard doors.

What sets Rite-Aid apart is their provision of lockout services. Customers can save their key designs to a kiosk and retrieve them through a fingerprint scan, serving as a backup in case all other copies are lost.

However, it’s advisable to verify store hours since the operating hours of their drive-through pharmacies and stores may vary from location to location.

12. Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer, a refined iteration of the retail giant Wal-Mart, distinguishes itself by merging home improvement and grocery offerings. Renowned for superior customer service, it provides the convenience of self-serve kiosks alongside readily available assistance.

However, it’s imperative to verify their operational presence, as this Kroger-owned brand exclusively operates in three states.

13. Winco

Winco, though not the largest among grocery stores, stands out for its exceptional grocery deals. Alongside groceries, they provide key cutting and copying services for various key types, including custom, standard, and auto keys.

However, Winco’s limitation lies in its geographic reach, primarily serving Nevada, Arizona, Washington, California, and Idaho. Despite its location constraints, choosing Winco means accessing excellent deals that significantly trim your food expenses, ensuring you stay well within your budget.

14. HyVee

With a presence spanning the Midwest through over 280 stores, HyVee stands out as a remarkable grocery store. Among its convenient offerings, MinuteKey key copying kiosks are available at the front entrance of most locations.

These self-service kiosks provide a swift and hassle-free solution for duplicating house, office, and, in some instances, car keys. Featuring a variety of key designs, the service is cost-effective.

To ensure availability, it’s advisable to check ahead by calling the store or visiting the MinuteKey section on their website, where you can also explore key copying options and locate a nearby kiosk.

15. BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club, a significant brand comparable to Sam’s Club, boasts over 200 locations predominantly on the East Coast. Despite my West Coast residency, I recently discovered this retail giant, which not only mirrors the popular warehouse shopping model but also extends services beyond retail.

Among these services, BJ’s Wholesale Club provides key cutting for both home and auto keys, enhancing the convenience offered to its customers.

16. Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond, commonly known for home decor and various gadgets, also offers a convenient key copying service at their self-serve kiosks. Despite being recognized humorously, thanks to references in popular culture, the process is straightforward. With over 1,000 retail locations, finding a nearby store for this service is easily accessible.

17. Safeway

Safeway, a nationwide grocery chain, could be your solution for a lost key. They often provide key-making services in many of their stores.

Some Safeway locations offer self-service key-making kiosks like KeyMe, making it convenient for you to replace your lost key. If you have a nearby Safeway, a quick call and visit could save the day.

18. Giant Eagle

If you find yourself missing a key fob or an access card, there’s a chance you can get a replacement at Giant Eagle. They offer convenient kiosks designed specifically to assist in replacing various types of lost keys, including brass keys, home keys, padlock keys, office keys, and other commonly used key types.

It’s wise to call ahead before making the trip to your nearby Giant Eagle store to ensure that they have a key station operational and available for your needs.

19. Dillions

Dillons, much like the other grocery stores mentioned, offers a convenient option for duplicating keys. At Dillons, you can use their self-service kiosks to replace various keys—be it for your home, office, or padlock—making it hassle-free if you’ve misplaced or need a new one.

20. Vons

Vons is a grocery chain mainly found in California and the American Southwest that strives to cater to various consumer needs. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve misplaced your key, consider contacting your nearby Vons store to inquire about their key station services.

Quite a few of their branches provide key copying amenities, including services for car keys, offering a convenient option for key duplication. Give them a try when in need of key-related assistance.

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21. Meijer

Meijer, a grocery chain mainly situated in the Midwest across states like Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin, offers key-making services. If you need key replacement and happen to be grocery shopping, consider stopping by your local Meijer for convenient assistance.

22. Save Mart

Save Mart offers a convenient solution for key replacement needs. Whether it’s a lost key fob or a car key, this grocery chain might have the solution you seek. They simplify the process of duplicating various types of keys, including house keys, office keys, and other standard keys.

What distinguishes Save Mart from typical grocery stores is their additional service of copying access cards at select locations. It’s advisable to contact your local Save Mart before visiting to ensure they provide the specific key replacement service you require.

23. H-E-B

If you’re in Texas and need a replacement key, visit your nearby H-E-B. They often provide key-making services, including car and house keys, through convenient kiosks at various locations. Before going, it’s wise to contact your local H-E-B to confirm they offer these specific services.

24. Albertsons

Albertsons is the second-largest supermarket chain in North America with a vast presence with more than 2,200 stores across 34 states. Alongside its grocery offerings, many of these locations feature KeyMe machines at their storefronts.

These automated systems facilitate the duplication and cutting of house keys, and depending on your specific store and machine, they may even replicate basic ignition keys, transponder keys, and key fobs for added convenience.

25. 7-Eleven

7-Eleven stands tall among North America’s convenience stores, renowned for its iconic 7-Eleven, a widely recognized convenience store chain in North America, has gained notoriety for its iconic Slurpees and large-sized drinks known as big gulps. Surprisingly, beyond its popular beverages, 7-Eleven also provides a service that might catch you off guard – key duplication.

Several 7-Eleven stores feature KeyMe duplication kiosks, allowing customers to easily replicate house keys and, in certain instances, even car keys. With a vast presence of nearly 80,000 locations spanning 19 countries, finding a nearby 7-Eleven has become quite effortless.

26. Fred Myer’s

Fred Meyer is a familiar name in the Northwest that operates around 140 locations, and what you might not be aware of is that most of their stores conveniently house self-service key-copying kiosks near the entrance.

These user-friendly vending machines specialize in duplicating home keys with precision. While certain locations extend their service to copying car keys, it’s advisable to consult Fred Meyer’s service map or contact the store directly to ascertain the specific key-copying options available at your local branch.

Automotive stores to get keys made near me

Auto parts stores, beyond offering car components, serve as convenient spots for key duplication services. Additionally, these stores often provide deals on oil changes if they offer this service or may offer discounts through partnerships with local service providers.

27. Advance Auto Parts

If you’re near an Advance Auto Parts store, that’s likely as they’re spread across 43 states. They’re a helpful choice if you’ve misplaced your car key.

However, be aware that certain car manufacturers prohibit key duplication. If that’s your situation, you’ll have to visit the dealership for a replacement. Otherwise, Advance Auto Parts is a good option for your needs.

28. Napa Auto Parts

NAPA Auto Parts is not only recognized for car batteries; they are a reliable destination for key services. Whether it’s a replacement car key, house key, or any other type, NAPA leverages its expertise to efficiently address your key-related needs.

29. Pep Boys

Pep Boys, much like other automotive store chains, offers reliable key duplication services. Their self-serve kiosks provide a convenient way to address your key needs. Additionally, if you’re due for an oil change, combining both tasks at Pep Boys saves you valuable time.

30. O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts isn’t just known for its memorable jingle; they go beyond by providing self-service key stations. These stations allow you to easily duplicate various types of keys, whether they’re for your house, brass, car, or other kinds.

With their wide presence across America, chances are you’ll find an O’Reilly Auto Parts store conveniently located near you. It’s a good idea to give them a quick call beforehand to ensure their key duplication kiosk is up and running before making the trip.

31. Car Keys Express

Car Keys Express offers an affordable alternative to dealer prices for replacing auto keys. By visiting their website and entering your vehicle’s VIN, you can easily initiate the replacement process. Follow their straightforward payment steps, and they’ll promptly deliver a new key right to your doorstep.

32. Car dealerships

Car dealerships are a place where you can get replacement keys specifically made for your car model. Depending on your vehicle, they might be your sole choice. They’re a good option but can be pricey. If you can, consider exploring other places from the options available to save on costs.

More places to get duplicate keys made

In addition to retail stores, hardware shops, and auto part stores, there are other reliable places where you can get your keys made.

33. Locksmith

In many cities, locksmiths remain a reliable option for key duplication despite the availability of home improvement stores and self-service key stations. While they may be more expensive, this cost is attributed to their expertise.

If you possess a unique or challenging key that regular services struggle to copy, a local locksmith becomes a valuable choice. To find an affordable locksmith, conduct an online search, and be sure to read reviews on platforms like Yelp to select a professional with a reputable track record.

34. Mobile locksmith near me

If you search for “Mobile Locksmith near me,” you’ll find numerous options, especially in your area, where there are almost half a dozen mobile locksmiths. Some operate locally, while others are affiliated with national chains like Carl Jarl or Keymasters.

To ensure you choose a reliable and fair-priced locksmith, read reviews. Although mobile locksmiths may cost more, the convenience of on-site service is valuable, especially for harder-to-replace keys.

35. KeyMe App

Unlocking convenience for the tech-savvy, the KeyMe app revolutionizes key duplication. Simply download the app, snap a picture of your key using your smartphone, and await the arrival of your newly crafted key in the mail—a hassle-free process that eliminates the need to step out.

Beyond the standard service, KeyMe goes a step further by accommodating non-standard keys and providing customization options. Alternatively, for those seeking an instant solution, KeyMe offers self-service key kiosks in various stores, where you can swiftly replace car keys, house keys, key fobs, and access cards.

36. MinuteKEY

MinuteKEY, a nationwide network of self-service key stations found in various local grocery or retail stores, stands out for its specialized sports team designs. If you need a key replacement, why not opt for a new key adorned with the colors and logo of your beloved college or professional sports team?

Places that don’t make keys

Despite the convenience of key-making services at various places, it may come as a surprise that certain well-known retailers do not provide key duplication services, such as AutoZone, CVS, Magic Mart, Sam’s Club, and Target. To ensure a hassle-free experience, it is advisable to call ahead to confirm whether the desired service is available at the chosen location.

What to know about getting key copies

Getting key copies involves two primary methods:

First, there are key-copying kiosks or machines, where personal assistance isn’t usually available. Just insert your key, select a design, and follow the instructions. This method is faster and cheaper.

Alternatively, many home improvement or hardware stores offer personal assistance from a key specialist. This can be beneficial if you’re new to key duplication and need guidance.

How much does it cost to get a key copied?

The cost to get a key copied varies based on the type of key and where you choose to duplicate it. If you go to a local locksmith or use a mobile service, it’ll likely be pricier, but they provide tailored assistance. Hardware or auto parts stores with staff to help will be more expensive than self-service kiosks.

For basic home or office keys, the kiosk is a good starting point, while complex or high-performance keys might be better handled by other options like locksmiths or specialty stores.

What are the different types of keys?

Keys come in various types tailored for specific purposes:

  • House and office keys: These unlock doors to homes or workplaces, ensuring security and access.
  • Auto keys: Specifically designed to start and access vehicles, ensuring mobility and protection.
  • High-performance keys: Specialized keys, often with advanced security features, commonly used in sensitive or high-risk environments.
  • “Do not duplicate” keys: Unique keys with restrictions to prevent unauthorized copying, commonly used for added security.

Each type serves distinct functions, contributing to safety and access control in different settings.

House and office

House and office keys, the most prevalent type of keys, serve their literal purposes—they grant access to homes and workplaces. These keys are often easily replicated at kiosks or hardware stores, making replacements or duplicates readily accessible for security and convenience.

Auto keys

Modern car keys are trickier to replicate due to advanced automation and security features in vehicles. To replace a key, depending on your car’s model, a trip to an auto parts store might be necessary.

It’s a good idea to contact both a hardware store and an auto parts store. Provide details about your car’s make and model and inquire about their ability to duplicate your key.

High performance keys

High performance keys, such as those used for automobiles or office access, differ from standard keys in their precision and complexity. Unlike typical household keys, these are engineered for seamless insertion and removal from locks.

Their intricate design often necessitates specialized duplication methods, which might not be readily available everywhere.

If you need to copy a high performance key, consider seeking an in-person replacement service at a local hardware or automotive store for better accuracy and reliability.

Where can I get car keys made near me?

Looking to get car keys made nearby? Your top bet is an auto parts store. Don’t have one nearby? Give your local home improvement or hardware store a shot. For better results, opt for a place with personal service, as self-service kiosks might not do the trick.

Can I get copies of do not duplicate keys?

You might wonder if you can make copies of keys labeled “do not duplicate.” Well, yes, it’s possible, but it’s not universally accepted. These keys, often marked as “Do Not Duplicate” (DND), are commonly used for access to places like apartment complexes or shared public spaces.

The reason behind the “do not duplicate” label is simple: the administrators of these communal areas prefer to limit the key’s replication. To get a duplicate, your best bet is to head back to the original locksmith or store that created the key in the first place.

Usually, they keep a record of the initial purchase, enabling them to reproduce the key for you. If this doesn’t work out, your next step could involve reaching out to your landlord or the rental office and making your request there.

Alternatively, you can try persuading the key manufacturer that you are the rightful owner of the property and thus entitled to duplicate the key. This approach might satisfy certain key-cutting services, but not all of them.

Be aware that some companies might demand proof of ownership before duplicating a key. Therefore, it’s wise to have such documentation on hand if needed.

The bottom line

Finding places to duplicate keys can be overwhelming due to the multitude of options available. This review highlights the abundance of places you can consider. However, the optimal choice hinges on factors such as the key type and proximity to your location. To make the best decision, opt for a service that offers quality and affordability while being conveniently accessible.