15 Simple ways to get free stuff on Temu in 2024

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Temu is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of products at incredibly low prices. This online superstore is well-known for its unbelievable deals, including its “free” item giveaways that customers can earn in various ways.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about Temu’s unique offerings. We will walk you through the different ways to earn free items, so you can take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Additionally, we will provide you with a brief history of Temu’s company, giving you a better understanding of the brand and the people behind it. With this knowledge, you can feel confident when purchasing from Temu, knowing you support a trustworthy business.

How to get free Temu items

Here is how to get free items on Temu:

1. Sign up for Temu for the first time


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No matter what you're looking for, Temu has you covered, including fashion, home decor, handmade crafts, beauty & cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and more. Save on everything and shop like a millionaire.

To start using Temu, a popular online marketplace for various products, you need to sign up on their website or mobile app. If you’re using the website, head to the top-right corner of the screen and click on the “Sign in/register” button to create a new account. On the other hand, if you’re on mobile, simply download the Temu app from the App Store or Google Play, and then tap on the “Register” button to get started.

Once you’re registered, you’ll automatically receive a coupon code that you can use to purchase any item on the platform. New users of the Temu app can also get certain items for free as a welcome gift. Whether you’re looking for electronics, fashion, home goods, or anything in between, Temu has got you covered. So sign up today and start exploring the vast selection of products on offer!

2. Play the in-app games

To earn free gifts and cash using the Temu app, navigate to the “You” icon at the bottom center of the screen. Once you have located it, tap on it and select the “Earn free gifts & cash” option. Doing so will redirect you to a list of minigames and referral promos, where you can earn exciting rewards and cashback.

While most of these games are legitimate and offer users tremendous value, some require you to send a Temu referral link to your friends to progress. Therefore, it is essential to read the terms and conditions of the games before starting to play.

For instance, the Hat Trick game is exciting, letting you earn free prizes by collecting energy. Hit the “Win 4 Freebies” button to start playing the game. Similarly, in the Fishland game, you can choose Temu items you’d like, which act as your “free” prizes. To pay off the cost of these free gifts, you need to continue feeding virtual fish.

If you are interested in farming, the Farmland game might be your favorite. By managing a virtual farm, you can earn free Temu items and exciting rewards. Another fantastic game is the Refer and Earn, where you can spin a wheel and refer friends to earn credit and unlock a free gift.

Temu also holds special in-app game promotions for specific occasions, like Black Friday. These promotions may revolve around friend referrals, allowing you to earn exciting rewards and cashback.

3. Apply coupon codes

If you’re looking to save some money while using Temu, you should definitely check out the “Coupons & offers” page. This page is available on both the website and the app.

On the website, simply hover over your profile icon, which says “Hello, [username].” This will bring up a pop-up menu where you can select the “Coupons & Offers” button.

On the app, tap the “You” icon at the bottom center of the screen. This will take you to your profile page, where you can select the “Coupons & Offers” button.

It’s worth noting that Temu periodically offers coupon bundles exclusively for new users. So, if you’re new to Temu, keep an eye out for any special promotions that might be available to you.

4. Open the Daily Gift Box

To access the “Daily Gift Box” promotion in the app, start by tapping the “You” icon at the bottom center of your screen. Once you have done that, navigate to the “Messages” section, followed by the “Promotions” button. Once you have reached the “Promotions” section, scroll through your list of promotions until you find the “Daily Gift Box” promotion.

When you click on the “Daily Gift Box” promotion, you can redeem a free box that can potentially contain special deals, promos, and even account credits. Redeeming these boxes is a great way to get the most out of your app experience and make the most of your account.

5. Enter Temu-organized giveaways


Save up to 70%!

No matter what you're looking for, Temu has you covered, including fashion, home decor, handmade crafts, beauty & cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and more. Save on everything and shop like a millionaire.

If you want to check out what free items and giveaways Temu offers, you can visit the dedicated page on Temu’s website. Please note that some offers may only be available to new users. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a similar page within the Temu app, so you’ll need to access the website to view the available listings.

6. Join Temu affiliate program

Temu offers an Affiliate program that allows you to earn money every time someone signs up using your referral link. In addition, you can also make commissions when people purchase items using your referral code.

To join this program, you can simply visit Temu’s website and sign up. Although this method may not guarantee you free stuff right away, it has the potential to generate enough income for you to purchase free stuff in the future. So, if you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash, Temu’s Affiliate program might just be the perfect opportunity for you!

7. Partner with Temu Influencer program

Temu invites content creators to join its exclusive Temu Influencer program. As an influencer, you will receive a certain amount of spending credit and a variety of free items, making it an excellent opportunity for those looking to gain exposure and earn some extra cash.

If you are interested in applying, Temu advises signing up for the program using your most popular social media account. Once you have submitted your application, the Temu team will review your online presence and determine if you are a good fit for the program.

The amount you earn as an influencer will depend on the Temu-related content you create and post. This can include blog posts, social media posts, videos, and more. So, the more content you create and share, the more you stand to earn.

8. Use Rakuten to get cashback

If you’re looking for an effortless way to snag free stuff from Temu, using Rakuten is a great option. Rakuten is an online platform offering cashback for purchases made at over 3,500 stores. The cashback rates vary, but you can get a 10% cashback offer when shopping with Temu through Rakuten. This means you’ll get a 10% discount on your Temu order without paying a penny.

One of the reasons Rakuten is so popular is that it offers a unique sign-up bonus. When you sign up for the site, you can get a $10 bonus if you spend $25. You can shop on Rakuten.com, use the Rakuten app, or install the company’s extension on your browser. The best part is that you’ll earn cashback on every purchase, which can be paid via check or PayPal.

9. Get free stuff with the Temu referral program

If you’re a user of the Temu platform, you can take advantage of their referral program to earn rewards. A Temu referral code is a unique one you can share with friends and family. You’ll earn rewards when someone signs up for Temu using your referral code. These rewards can include discounts, cashback, and gift cards.

To access your Temu referral codes and links, you can navigate to your account settings. Alternatively, you can request your referral code from the Temu customer service team. This is a great opportunity to share Temu with others and earn some extra rewards in the process. So don’t hesitate to spread the word about this platform and its benefits!

10. Complete surveys

If you’re looking for ways to get some free items from Temu, completing surveys is a great option. The process is easy, you just need to sign up for a few different websites and complete surveys whenever it works best for you. The money you earn from these surveys can be used to get free items from Temu. One of the best parts about this approach is that many survey sites will pay you directly to your PayPal account, allowing you to use the cash you earn to purchase whatever items you want from Temu.

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There are several reputable survey sites to choose from, but a few that are highly recommended include Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie. These sites offer a range of surveys to suit different interests, and they pay out quickly and reliably. By taking advantage of these survey opportunities, you can get your hands on some great freebies from Temu without spending a dime out of your pocket.

11. Get free stuff from Temu with TopCashback

If you’re looking for a way to get some freebies on Temu, here’s a really simple trick. You can use a website called TopCashback that offers cashback on your online purchases. The best part is that you can get up to 10.5% cashback when you shop with Temu through TopCashback, which means you can get 10% off your order for free!

To get started, sign up for TopCashback, which is completely free. Once you have signed up, you can start shopping with Temu as you normally would. Just make sure to click on the Temu link on TopCashback’s website before you make your purchase. This will ensure that your cashback is tracked properly and you get credited for your purchase.

TopCashback is a legitimate website that partners with thousands of top US brands, so you can earn cashback on a wide range of products and services. The website claims you can earn more than $400 a year just by shopping through their website. The best part is that you can get your cashback sent directly to your bank account or PayPal account, so you can use it to get free stuff from Temu.

In addition to cashback, TopCashback also offers gift cards as a payment option, so you can choose the option that works best for you. With this straightforward method, you can enjoy shopping on Temu and get some freebies or save some money at the same time.

12. Get free stuff from Temu with BeFrugal

BeFrugal is a comprehensive platform offering many cashback offers, coupons, and deals for over 5,000 stores, including Temu. By shopping through BeFrugal, you can get 10% cashback on your purchases at Temu, which is a great way to save money while shopping. One of the most useful features of BeFrugal is its browser extension, which is available for free download on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. The extension automatically applies coupons and cashback, ensuring you never miss out on potential savings.

The extension is incredibly easy to use and can save you a lot of money in the long run. BeFrugal offers a variety of payment options for your cashback rewards, including check, PayPal, direct deposit, Venmo, Zelle, or gift card. Additionally, joining BeFrugal is free; you can even get a $10 cash bonus when you sign up.

13. Get free stuff from Temu with Extrabux

Have you heard of Extrabux? It’s an amazing website that offers up to 30% cashback when you shop at more than 20,000 stores. You can also access thousands of money-saving coupons and exclusive deals. Plus, it’s super easy to use. All you have to do is sign up, search for the store you want to shop at, and click through to make your purchase. That’s it!

And the best part? You can use the cashback you earn to get free stuff from Temu! Temu is a fantastic online store that offers a wide range of products, from electronics and gadgets to fashion and beauty products. And with Extrabux, you can get 4% cashback on your Temu purchases.

Once you’ve earned your cashback, you can have it sent directly to your PayPal account or receive a check in the mail. It’s that simple! So, why not give Extrabux a try today and start earning cashback on your online purchases? You never know; you might just end up with some free goodies from Temu!

14. Get free stuff from Temu with RebatesMe

Are you familiar with RebatesMe? It’s a great cashback website that allows you to get free stuff from Temu, the popular online marketplace.

It’s incredibly easy to use, and a browser extension for Google Chrome can be installed to access the latest promo codes, discounts, coupons, and cashback offers at Temu.

With RebatesMe, you can get 5% cashback on your purchases at Temu, which is a great deal! Plus, you can choose to receive your cashback payments in various ways, including via credit, PayPal, or Alipay. So, if you’re looking for a way to save money on your Temu purchases, RebatesMe is definitely worth checking out!

15. Get free stuff from Temu with GoCashBack

GoCashback is an excellent platform that allows you to shop at thousands of brands and stores while earning up to 31% cashback. If you are looking to shop at Temu, you can use GoCashBack to receive cashback rewards. When using GoCashBack to shop at Temu, you can receive 7.5% cashback on your first order and 1.6% off subsequent orders.

One of the most significant benefits of using GoCashBack is its browser extension, which makes it super simple to get cashback. With the GoCashBack browser extension, you can earn cashback rewards without going through a complicated process.

GoCashBack offers several payment options, including PayPal, check, gift card, Helipay, and sometimes even donating to charity. This means that you can choose the payment option that works best for you.


Save up to 70%!

No matter what you're looking for, Temu has you covered, including fashion, home decor, handmade crafts, beauty & cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and more. Save on everything and shop like a millionaire.

Temu codes for free stuff

Unlock more freebies with these Temu codes:

  • Temu Free Items: tad80664
  • Temu 5 Free Gifts: aaj92731
  • Temu 7 Free Items: aah64133
  • Temu Free Items Code: aaf63818
  • Buy 5, Get 3 Free on Temu: taw63108
  • Temu Free Gift for New Users: aah64133
  • Buy 10, Get 6 Free on Temu: aaf63818
  • Buy 10, Get 7 Free on Temu: taw63108
  • Buy 4, Get 6 Free on Temu: aaf63818
  • Temu 6 Free Items: tad80664
  • Buy 5, Get 5 on Temu: tad80664
  • Temu 5 Free Items Code: aaj92731
  • 5 Free Gifts on Temu: tad80664
  • Win Free Stuff on Temu: aah64133
  • Pick to Get $100 on Temu: aaf63818
  • Temu Code for Free Stuff: aah64133
  • Code to Get Free Stuff on Temu without Inviting Friends: aah64133
  • Temu Coupon for 50% Off: aaf63818
  • Temu $100 Value Coupon Bundle: aah64133

How to get free stuff on Temu UK

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom and are interested in accessing a variety of free items, Temu offers a world of possibilities. You can unlock these free goodies by using the official Temu Free Gift Code UK, which is APS06696.

However, that’s not all – you can also take advantage of several other Temu codes to get even more free products. For instance, the Temu UK Buy 1, Get 2 Free code is also APS06696. If you want to purchase items in bulk, you can use the Buy 10, Get 7 Free on Temu UK code, which is APS06696. Lastly, there is the Temu UK Buy 8, Get 5 Free code, which is APS06696. Using these codes lets you get your hands on a wide range of exciting products without spending any money.

Is Temu legit?

It’s worth noting that while Temu is a legitimate company based in Boston, Massachusetts, not all customers have had a positive experience with it. Temu is actually owned and operated by PDD Holdings Inc., a Chinese company that also oversees Pinduoduo, a similar shopping platform based in China.

While Temu is registered with the Better Business Bureau, they currently have a rating of 2.5 out of 5. However, it’s worth noting that Temu appears to regularly monitor the BBB and actively works to resolve customer complaints on time.

Why does Temu give free stuff?

In today’s crowded marketplace, where industry giants like Amazon, Shein, and Alibaba dominate the e-commerce landscape, smaller retailers like Temu must offer something unique and compelling to stand out. Temu has already established a reputation for providing high-quality products at competitive prices, but they don’t stop there – they go above and beyond to build trust and loyalty among their users.

One way Temu achieves this is by offering freebies and exceptional incentives to its customers. For example, a lucrative Temu Affiliate Program provides new users a $5 sign-up bonus and a $5 referral bonus for those who invite their friends to join. This program is just one part of Temu’s overall strategy, which prioritizes creating an exceptional shopping experience for its customers.

By offering these unique incentives, Temu demonstrates its commitment to building long-lasting customer relationships. In a crowded, highly competitive marketplace, customers have many options, so it’s essential for retailers like Temu to stand out by providing exceptional value and memorable experiences.

What is the easiest way to get free stuff on Temu?

If you are looking for free rewards and gifts on Temu, then using Temu coupon codes is the easiest way to do so. These codes can be found in several places, including online forums, social media platforms, and official Temu websites.

Using these codes, you can earn free stuff such as in-game items, virtual currencies, and other perks that enhance your Temu experience. So, keep an eye out for the latest Temu coupon codes and use them to get the most out of your gaming experience.


Save up to 70%!

No matter what you're looking for, Temu has you covered, including fashion, home decor, handmade crafts, beauty & cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and more. Save on everything and shop like a millionaire.

The bottom line

Great job! You have successfully learned the tips and tricks for unlocking a vast array of free gifts and unbeatable discounts on Temu. By carefully following these guidelines, you can confidently navigate the Temu app and maximize your savings while indulging in a wide range of freebies and incredible products without spending a dime.

With these newfound skills, you are now ready to embark on your Temu journey and experience the thrill of claiming fantastic free items and securing unbeatable discounts on your favorite products. The seamless shopping experience on Temu is designed to ensure that you can quickly and easily access discounts and offers on various products, including electronics, fashion, beauty, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the exciting world of Temu today! With your newfound knowledge, you can confidently enjoy the thrill of claiming fantastic freebies and securing unbeatable discounts on a wide range of products while shopping on Temu. Happy shopping!