26 Ways to get free address labels mailed to you

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This article is all about how to get free address labels by mail.

Customizing address labels with your name, address, and a decorative photo is a convenient alternative to manually writing your address on a mail envelope. Using address labels gives your envelopes a unique and professional touch. Address labels are commonly used by businesses and individuals alike.

While address labels are necessary, they may not be the most thrilling purchase. Luckily, there are avenues to get free address labels. Some companies offer freebies, including customized address labels, allowing you to save money for more exciting expenditures.

How can I get free address labels?

If you want to get address labels without spending any money, here’s how you can stock up on them.

Get free address labels from charities

Getting free address labels is easy through charities, as many of them distribute these labels to their donors.

Here are two simple ways to get address labels from charities:

1. Donate

Consider making a difference by donating to charities. Many charities welcome small contributions.

For instance, St. Jude Children’s Hospital offers personalized checks for $23, with $11 directly supporting the hospital. You can choose checks featuring patient artwork or St. Jude designs, and matching mailing labels are available. Each checkbook also comes with a St. Jude logo cover.

Other charities providing free address labels to donors include:

2. Sign up for the print mailing list

Join the print mailing list to receive address labels. Certain charities may send these labels to raise awareness or encourage donations. Sign up for the charity’s print mailing list to get labels without donating. While it’s not guaranteed, it’s worth a try.

Sign up for Shutterfly

Join Shutterfly today to enjoy the following freebies:

  • 1 set of address labels
  • 1 art print
  • 101 prints
  • 5 magnets
  • Unlimited secure photo storage
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Visit the website, wait for the popup box, and sign up with your email address to claim your free items. It’s that easy!

Share on Facebook to get free address labels from Evermine

Get 60 free address labels from Evermine by sharing on Facebook and paying only $2.99 for shipping. Alternatively, if you prefer not to share or pay for shipping, you can still receive free address labels with a purchase of $39 or more.

Order free labels and other supplies from UPS

Get free labels and supplies from UPS for all your shipping needs. Whether you’re looking for address labels or other packing materials, UPS has you covered.

Simply visit their website or go to a nearby UPS store to order your labels and other supplies at no cost. It’s a convenient way to get everything you need for shipping. Order online or request in-store.

Order free mailing labels and other supplies from the USPS

Get free mailing labels and supplies from USPS. They provide complimentary address labels, envelopes, boxes, and stickers. You can even order a free shipping kit.

Order your labels and supplies from the USPS here.

USPS also provides free military shipping supplies, offering various items like a military care kit with free labels, boxes, and tape.

Try out free address label templates

If you need address labels and have a printer, you can create them for free. You can find free address label templates on Worldlabel, Avery.com, and Online Labels.

To get started, you need to buy blank label sheets, which you can find inexpensively at local office supply stores or online platforms like Amazon. Once you have the blank label sheets, you can choose your preferred design and print your address labels at home. This can help you save money compared to buying pre-made labels.

The bottom line

The article explains how to get free address labels by mail. Charities give free address labels to their donors. Joining a print mailing list of a charity may also help you get free labels without donating.

Shutterfly offers free address labels, art print, 101 prints, 5 magnets, and unlimited secure photo storage for signing up with your email address. Evermine gives 60 free address labels for sharing on Facebook and paying only $2.99 for shipping.

UPS and USPS offer free labels and supplies for shipping. Lastly, if you have a printer, you can create address labels for free using free templates on websites such as Worldlabel, Avery.com, and Online Labels.

It’s good to know there are many ways to get free address labels. Try these tips!