7 Best places to buy Puzzles cheap near me, online (2024)

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Engaging in jigsaw puzzles is an enjoyable and affordable hobby.

The first jigsaw puzzle is thought to have originated around 1760, created by London cartographer John Spilsbury. This pioneer puzzle featured a map glued onto a flat wooden surface and subsequently cut into pieces along the country borders.

Today, jigsaw puzzles come in various sizes and designs, ranging from a 200-piece puzzle featuring a kitten to a 1,000-piece puzzle showcasing a bustling city street.

Jigsaw puzzles cater to various age groups, ranging from children to adults. If you’re a puzzle enthusiast, finding affordable options is crucial. Fortunately, you can purchase puzzles at budget-friendly prices, often under $10 or even $5, allowing you to enjoy your hobby without straining your wallet.

Certain stores offer 1,000-piece puzzles for under $10.

Where to buy Jigsaw Puzzles

For budget-friendly puzzles, consider checking out the following stores:

1. Amazon

Amazon is an excellent source for affordable puzzles, including 1,000-piece puzzles at budget-friendly prices. Prime members can also enjoy free shipping on many of these puzzles.

2. PuzzleWarehouse.com

Discover a variety of jigsaw puzzles for both adults and children on PuzzleWarehouse.com. Benefit from affordable prices and enjoy a generous 1-year return policy.

3. Target

Target offers competitive prices on a wide range of products, including puzzles. Affordable puzzles, priced under $10, are available, and the clearance section provides additional savings on puzzles. Enjoy free 2-day shipping on orders totaling $35 or more.

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4. BookOutlet.com

BookOutlet.com provides affordable jigsaw puzzles for adults and kids, with free shipping on orders exceeding $35.

Jigsaws are available for as low as $5.59!

5. Bits And Pieces

Bits And Pieces provides a variety of jigsaw puzzles, including 300-piece, 500-piece, and 1,000-piece puzzles. Explore the puzzle sale section for affordable deals, with prices as low as $6.99.

6. Walmart

Find budget-friendly jigsaw puzzles priced under $5 at Walmart. There is a variety of puzzles available, including many at $4.99. While not all puzzles are priced as low, the overall selection is affordable. Ideal for those seeking inexpensive 1,000-piece jigsaws.

7. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble offers a variety of puzzles, including 200-piece and 1,000-piece puzzles. These puzzles are budget-friendly, with some available for under $5.

Bonus tip: Try local thrift store

This tip originates from a Redditor who suggests:

  • “I get mine at thrift stores. Still have yet to find one missing a piece.”

Consider checking out local thrift stores for affordable jigsaw puzzles suitable for both adults and kids. While there may be a risk of missing pieces, the low prices make it a worthwhile option to explore.

The bottom line

If you like solving jigsaw puzzles, these stores are excellent options as they provide affordable puzzles.