17 Best apps & Jobs like Instacart Shopper to make money fast (2024)

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Are you looking for a flexible and reliable way to make extra cash? If you have bills to pay and want to earn money in your free time, you might be interested in exploring job opportunities like Instacart. This popular delivery service allows you to earn money by delivering groceries and other items to customers. The best part is that you get to work on your own schedule, be your own boss, and get paid for every delivery you make.

However, if you’re looking for alternatives to Instacart, there are other job opportunities out there that you might find more appealing. In this post, we’ll explore different options you can consider that are similar to Instacart. Whether you’re looking for another grocery delivery service, or you want to deliver other types of items like packages or food, we’ll provide you with a list of reliable job opportunities that you can use to earn an additional income. So, sit back and relax as we take you through these options one by one.

What is Instacart?

If you are new to Instacart, it is a grocery delivery service app that connects users with personal shoppers who shop and deliver groceries to their doorstep. The app lets users order food from their local grocery store, and they can input a list of items they need and coupons they want to use and submit the order online.

Once an order is placed, a personal shopper who works for Instacart will receive the order and head to the grocery store to pick up the items. They are responsible for selecting the freshest produce, highest quality meats, and other items that meet the user’s needs. After completing the shopping, the personal shopper will deliver the items directly to the user’s house.

As a personal shopper for the app, you are responsible for handling the entire process, from picking up groceries to delivering them. You will need reliable transportation and a GPS app to help you navigate your town efficiently.

The app expects shoppers to make $15 to $20 an hour. However, the earnings can vary based on how many clients you shop for and how big their orders are. It is essential to note that personal shoppers are independent contractors, meaning they are responsible for their own taxes, insurance, and expenses, including transportation costs. But, the app provides an excellent opportunity for those who want to make extra money working flexible hours.

Instacart alternatives

Now that you have understood the concept of Instacart and how it operates, you might be interested in exploring other similar apps that offer delivery jobs. It’s worth noting that while most of these apps are available across the country, some of them cater to specific states. Therefore, checking if they operate in your area is essential before applying. This way, you can avoid disappointment and instead focus on relevant apps to your location.

1. Postmates

If you are interested in finding delivery jobs similar to Instacart, you may want to consider working for Postmates. While you can still deliver groceries for Postmates, this service also allows you to deliver various other items, including restaurant meals, alcoholic beverages, and clothing.

The amount you can earn will vary depending on your location, so it’s worth checking the rates for your city. Typically, Postmates pays their workers weekly, with payments usually made on Wednesdays or Thursdays. For example, if you live in Chicago, Illinois, you can expect to receive the following rates:

  • $1.45 per pickup
  • $0.70 per dropoff
  • $0.07 per minute
  • $1.01 per mile

Overall, Postmates offers a flexible way to earn money on your own schedule, and may be a good option if you enjoy driving and delivering items to customers.

2. DoorDash

DoorDash is a popular platform that allows customers to order meals from restaurants in their area, and have them delivered to their doorstep by DoorDash drivers. One of the best things about working for DoorDash is that you can choose to deliver using a car, a bike, or a scooter – whichever mode of transportation you prefer.

Additionally, DoorDash provides a transparent system for delivery payments, which includes the delivery fee and any potential tips. For each delivery, you will receive a minimum of $6, and any tips you receive are yours to keep. DoorDash does not take a cut of your tips.

If you are interested in becoming a DoorDash driver, there are a few requirements you must meet. Firstly, you must be at least 18 years old. You will also need a valid driver’s license, and if you plan to deliver using a car, you must have valid car insurance.

Finally, you will need a smartphone in good working condition and pass a background check before you can start working. If you meet these requirements, you can join the DoorDash team and earn money by delivering meals to hungry customers!

3. Uber Eats

If you want a flexible way to earn money, you can consider delivering food for Uber Eats. With Uber Eats, you can choose which delivery requests you want to fulfill and accept the job accordingly. The best part is that the app shows you all the details upfront, including the type of food you will be delivering, the distance you need to cover, and the payment you will receive for the delivery. You can also earn additional tips from customers for providing excellent service.

To become a driver for Uber Eats, you need to meet certain requirements. First, you must be at least 19 years old. Second, you need to have a valid ID for verification purposes. Third, you need a vehicle that meets Uber’s minimum requirements.

If you have a car, it should be a newer model than 1999, and if you have a scooter or motorcycle, it should have a minimum 50cc motor. Additionally, your vehicle should have at least two doors unless you plan to deliver using a scooter, motorbike, or bicycle. Finally, you must have valid insurance and registration for your vehicle.

Once you have met all the requirements, you can sign up to become a driver on the Uber Eats app, and start delivering food to customers in your area. You will be paid for each delivery you complete, which includes the base fare, any surge or boost pricing, and any tips you receive from customers. Payments are made directly to your bank account every Monday for the previous week’s deliveries.

4. Shipt Shopper

If you are looking for a flexible job that pays well, you might want to consider delivering for Shipt. Shipt is a delivery service that partners with several major retailers, including Target, Petco, and Walmart.

As a Shipt Shopper, you will be responsible for shopping for and delivering orders to customers in your area. The pay rate is quite competitive, with Shipt shoppers earning around $22 an hour or more, depending on the jobs they take. This can be a great way to earn some extra income on your own schedule, without needing a long-term commitment.

So, if you have a Target, Petco, or Walmart in your area, it’s definitely worth looking into delivering for Shipt.

5. Grubhub

If you are looking for a job that delivers meals, you might want to consider joining Grubhub. The job is quite similar to DoorDash and Uber Eats, but you need to meet some specific qualifications.

Firstly, you must be 19 and above to apply for this job. Secondly, you should have at least two years of driving experience to ensure you are comfortable behind the wheel. Thirdly, you need to have a smartphone so that you can receive orders and updates from the app. Fourthly, you should have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance. Also, you need to be ready to pass a background check to ensure that you are a reliable and trustworthy person. Finally, you must have a checking account to receive your payments.

6. Favor

If you are a resident of Texas and looking for a side hustle, you might be interested in a service that allows you to earn money while helping people with their daily tasks.

Favor offers a variety of services, including food delivery from chain restaurants and local cuisine and grocery delivery. Additionally, there’s an option that allows you to do small tasks that a personal assistant would do, such as picking up dry cleaning or running errands.

The pay rate for these jobs ranges from $10 to $18 per hour, depending on the type of work you take on. Moreover, you get to keep all your tips, and you can set your own schedule that suits your availability. Overall, this service offers a flexible and lucrative way to earn extra income while helping out your community.

7. Local grocery stores

If you are specifically interested in working at a grocery store as a delivery driver, then the most obvious way to find a job is to look for openings at your local grocery stores. You could ask the store manager about any vacancies available and the benefits and perks the job offers. You may get staff discounts on the store’s products, which could help you save money on your shopping trips.

However, be aware that in most cases, you may not have the flexibility to set your own schedule at your convenience. The store may have specific hours of operation during which you will be expected to work. On the plus side, you may find filing your taxes as a regular employee easier than being self-employed. Additionally, you may be entitled to health and other benefits that you may not receive if you are working for yourself. Therefore, it’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of this type of job before applying for it.

8. Burpy

This site operates in a straightforward manner. Customers who register on Burpy’s website place their grocery orders, specifying their required items. Once the order is placed, all the necessary details are seamlessly transmitted to your smartphone, allowing you to view the order information, including the customer’s location and requested items. You can then proceed to shop for the requested items and deliver them to the customer’s doorstep.

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One of the best parts of this service is the flexibility it offers. You can work on your own schedule and choose the hours that work best for you. Additionally, you stand to earn up to $25 per hour, which makes it a great option for those looking to earn extra cash. However, it is important to note that this service is currently limited to the state of Texas.

9. Fresh Direct

If you reside in or around the New York City region and are looking for a new job, you might want to check out an exciting opportunity currently available at Fresh Direct. This renowned company specializes in providing next-day delivery services for groceries in the Big Apple and its surrounding areas.

What sets Fresh Direct apart from other employers is that they offer full-time employment opportunities instead of hiring independent contractors, which means that you can enjoy the benefits of being a full-time employee while having greater job security than those who are self-employed.

10. DeliverThat

DeliverThat is a food delivery company that has adopted a unique approach to tackling customers’ common concerns regarding the safety and accuracy of their food orders. One of the most prevalent worries among customers is that their food might be tampered with or that they might receive something they didn’t order. DeliverThat has implemented a stringent verification mechanism to alleviate these concerns for all its deliveries.

Under this mechanism, DeliverThat drivers are required to take pictures of the food boxes before delivering them to the customers. These pictures are then sent to the customers for verification. By doing so, DeliverThat ensures that customers receive the exact food items they ordered and that the food remains untouched during transit.

This verification mechanism is a great way to ensure accuracy and helps protect drivers from any false claims of wrong delivery. In case of any discrepancies, the customers can verify the pictures and confirm if they have received the correct order. This way, DeliverThat has managed to build a high level of trust with its customers and establish itself as a reliable and efficient food delivery service.

11. SkipTheDishes

SkipTheDishes is designed to offer food delivery services to customers across Canada. It allows users to order food from a wide range of restaurants in the country and have it delivered to their doorstep. Whether you are looking for local delicacies or international cuisines, this app has you covered.

If you want to work with this company, you can sign up to become a delivery driver and earn money while delivering delicious meals to customers.

12. Bite Squad

If you’re interested in working for Bite Squad, you’ll be happy to know that the requirements are quite simple and straightforward. To be eligible for this job, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • A clean driving record: This means you should have a driving history that is free of any major violations, such as DUIs, reckless driving, or accidents. A few minor infractions may be acceptable, but it’s best to have a clean record to avoid any potential issues.
  • Valid license: You must possess a valid driver’s license that is recognized by the state you live in. This license should be free of any suspensions or revocations.
  • Car insurance: You need to have a valid car insurance policy that meets the minimum requirements set by your state. This policy should include liability coverage to protect you and your passengers in case of an accident.
  • A smartphone: As a driver for this service, you’ll need a smartphone that is compatible with their app. This will allow you to receive ride requests, communicate with passengers, and navigate to your destination.
  • A vehicle you own: You must own a vehicle that meets the minimum requirements set by this service. This includes factors such as age, condition, and vehicle size.

If you meet all of these criteria, then you’re ready to start driving for this service!

13. Caviar

If you’re interested in working for Caviar, here are some features that might interest you.

First and foremost, you can earn up to $25 an hour. This hourly rate can vary depending on a few factors, such as your location, time of day, and job type. However, it’s important to note that Caviar offers a competitive rate of pay that can help you earn a decent income.

Another great benefit of working for Caviar is that you get to keep 100% of your tips. This means that any tip you receive from a customer goes directly to you and is not shared with the company. This can be a great way to supplement your income and increase your earnings.

Caviar also offers the option to get paid instantly. This means you don’t have to wait for your earnings to be processed and deposited into your account. Instead, you can choose to receive your payment instantly after completing a job. This can be a great option if you need money quickly or prefer not to wait for your payment to be processed.

Additionally, before you accept a job, you can see your earnings and pick-up and drop-off locations. This can help you make an informed decision about whether or not the job is right for you. You can also communicate with a courier support team whenever you need to. This team is available to answer any questions, provide support, and help you with any issues that may arise while you’re working.

Jobs beyond food delivery

You can expand your delivery services beyond just groceries and restaurant food. Here are some additional options to consider.

14. Rover

If you don’t own a car but love animals, Rover could be a great option. With Rover, you can make money by walking dogs and pet sitting.

15. Stuart

Stuart is an exciting opportunity for those residing in the United Kingdom or anywhere in Europe. You can now become a delivery person and help people receive their parcels and food items in your city. This is a great option for flexible work hours, as you can choose when to work based on your schedule and preferences.

The best part of this job is that you don’t need a car to get started. Even if you own a moped or a bicycle, you can apply for this job and start working as a delivery person. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for a convenient and fulfilling job.

16. Lyft

Lyft is a popular ride-sharing service that allows drivers to earn money by giving rides to people in their local area. To become a Lyft driver, you need to have a valid driver’s license, at least one year of driving experience, and a clean driving record. You must also own a car that meets Lyft’s vehicle requirements and have valid car insurance.

Once you meet these requirements, you can sign up to become a Lyft driver and earn money by picking up passengers in your area.

17. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a well-known app popular among people looking for side gigs. While it is primarily known for its gig economy services, there’s more to it than just picking up extra shifts or doing spare jobs for people. TaskRabbit provides a range of services that include food deliveries, grocery pickups, and more.

If you enjoy taking on new and unique tasks, TaskRabbit might be the perfect platform for you. However, it’s important to note that this app requires its users to be flexible and quick learners. You should be comfortable adapting to new situations and picking up new skills quickly to excel on this platform.

Increasing your earnings as a delivery driver

It’s important to note that when it comes to earning money through online work, the advertised hourly rate isn’t always a guarantee. The amount you earn can depend on various factors, such as the number of jobs you receive, the assignments you choose, and the location you’re working in.

Typically, cities offer more opportunities for higher-paying jobs due to their higher population density. Additionally, some companies may offer higher rates for work done during evenings and weekends.

However, it’s important to remember that tips can also significantly affect your earnings. By providing excellent customer service and going above and beyond to assist your customers, you can increase your chances of receiving larger tips.

Another way to boost your earnings is to accept multiple job assignments if allowed by the company you work for. However, balancing speed and efficiency with quality is crucial, as customers can get frustrated if their orders are delayed or arrive cold. By keeping these factors in mind, you can maximize your earning potential and make the most out of your online work experience.

How to deliver without a car

If you don’t own a car, you might think you can’t work for on-demand delivery or ride-sharing apps. However, there are still many options available for you. For instance, owning a bike or a scooter can allow you to perform some jobs that don’t require a car. Besides, some companies, such as Uber and Lyft, have bike-sharing programs that you can sign up for.

In addition, you might consider renting a car while you work. Many car rental companies offer affordable rates for short-term rentals, which can be a good option if you’re just starting out. One platform that you can use to find cheap car rentals is Getaround.

Another option is to ask your friends or family members if you can use their cars to do deliveries. This can be a great way to start earning money while saving for your own car. You can also consider getting a loan or financing to buy a car, but make sure you can afford the monthly payments and insurance before committing to a long-term commitment. By exploring all these options, you can find a way to get started with a delivery job even if you don’t have a car.

The bottom line

Many side hustle apps offer opportunities to earn extra money in your free time. While they might not replace your full-time job, they can help with bills and expenses.

Before signing up, carefully review each app’s requirements. Choose a platform that aligns with your skills and preferences. For instance, if you’re uncomfortable socializing with strangers, consider delivery jobs instead of ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. If you prefer variety, Taskrabbit might be a better fit than repetitive tasks.