18 Places where to get wooden crates for free near me

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Wooden crates are a versatile and affordable storage solution that can also be used for various DIY projects and home décor. The good news is that you don’t always have to pay for them. You can often find wooden crates for free from various sources near you.

One of the easiest ways to get free wooden crates is to ask local businesses. Many grocery stores, liquor stores, hardware stores, and garden centers receive regular deliveries in wooden crates. After unloading their shipments, they often have extra crates they’re willing to give away for free. All you have to do is ask if they have any available.

Construction sites can also be a good source of free wooden crates. Contractors often use crates to transport materials and equipment; some may have extra crates they’re willing to give away. Similarly, recycling centers may have wooden crates they want to part with.

Another way to find free wooden crates is to check online listings. Websites like Craigslist and Freecycle often have listings for free crates that people are giving away. You can also check social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone in your area is giving away wooden crates.

Overall, you can easily find free wooden crates near you with effort and creative thinking. Not only will they help you save money, but they can also add a rustic and charming touch to your home décor or DIY projects.

Where to get free wooden crates near me

Here is a list of local businesses and online resources where you can find crates. Contact these local businesses or check the online sources for your crate needs.

Stores where you can get wooden crates for free

Free crates are often available at stores since many retailers receive their stock in wooden crates and pallets. However, it’s recommended to avoid major retailers when seeking free crates.

Big businesses often partner with waste collection companies to gather crates, pallets, and other materials. Typically, a third-party service comes regularly to pick up and properly dispose of the waste. Additionally, certain retailers also engage in reusing crates.

If you need free wooden crates, reach out to small local businesses. These businesses often lack the budget for hauling services and may struggle with time and resources to dispose of their crates, leading them to discard them in dumpsters.

Small businesses are excellent places to find crates.

Here are some locations near you where you can get wooden crates for free:

1. Grocery stores

Many grocery stores receive produce deliveries in wooden crates. Some stores may give these crates away for free. It’s best to avoid major retailers like Walmart, as they reuse their crates and pallets for warehousing and shipping.

Opt for independent or mom-and-pop stores when seeking wooden fruit crates. Many of these stores pay fees for crate disposal, making them willing to give them away for free. You can obtain free wooden fruit crates at the grocery store.

Simply contact your local grocery stores and ask the manager if you can take some of their unwanted crates.

2. Liquor stores

Liquor stores commonly use wooden crates for transporting and storing liquor, similar to wine. You can easily get free wooden wine crates by contacting local liquor stores. Just inquire, and you may find what you need.

3. Hardware stores

Hardware stores commonly use wooden pallets and crates. To get them, contact local, independently owned hardware stores and inquire about available pallets they might be willing to provide. While big-box chains may also be an option, it’s advisable to begin with smaller, locally-owned hardware stores.

4. Pet stores

Pet stores often receive shipments in wooden crates or pallets. As many of these stores deal with dry goods, you can acquire free, well-maintained wooden crates or pallets through this method.

5. Clothing stores

Reach out to clothing stores to inquire about free crates or pallets they may have from their shipments.

6. Furniture stores

Furniture stores often receive deliveries in crates or on pallets. Furniture is considered a dry good, so these crates and pallets are usually clean and dry. To get them, ask the store owner if any unwanted pallets are available.

7. Garden centers

Consider checking with your nearby garden center for free crates and pallets. These centers often receive products on pallets and in crates, and they might be open to letting you take them at no cost. This can save them disposal expenses, making it a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Contact local garden centers and nurseries to inquire about the availability of free crates and pallets.

8. Video game stores

Video game stores receive inventory on wooden pallets or in crates. Consider checking your nearby video game store as a potential source to acquire them at no cost.

Contact your local video game store to inquire about obtaining free wooden crates.

9. Electronic enterprises

Electronics are often packed in wooden crates for their portability and protection, especially delicate items unsuitable for plastic or paper boxes. Consider visiting stores to inquire about obtaining these wooden crates at no cost.

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10. Bakery equipment stores

Bakeries use wooden pallets to transport supplies. Once the goods are delivered, bakeries often have unused wooden crates. Contact a local bakery supply company to inquire about obtaining free wooden boxes.

11. Bookstores

Books are often delivered in wooden crates and cartons to bookstores, libraries, and schools. To reduce waste, many booksellers are willing to share their used boxes. Simply reach out to your local bookstore or library and inquire about obtaining wooden crates after they receive a new shipment.

Other places to get free wooden crates

There are other places where you can find free crates besides the retail stores mentioned above. Here are some local options to consider.

12. Newspaper companies

Newspaper companies often receive crate shipments and may be willing to give some to you upon request. Contact them to inquire about obtaining clean and stain-free crates.

13. Construction sites

Construction sites often receive materials in wooden shipping containers, providing an opportunity to acquire crates for free. Simply inquire at the site. To locate nearby construction companies, use Google and search the term “construction companies [your city, town, or state]”. This will yield a list of potential contacts.

14. Schools

Schools receive deliveries of items such as books, paper, and supplies, which are transported in crates or on pallets. Contact nearby schools to inquire about available crates or pallets they might be willing to provide for free.

15. Recycling centers

While not always in top condition, recycling center crates and pallets can be perfect for a vintage or reclaimed aesthetic. If you intend to disassemble them for individual pieces, they might be a great fit for your project.

To locate a nearby recycling center, simply search “recycling center near me” on Google. The search results will provide a list of nearby centers. Contact them and inquire about the availability of crates.

13. Browse Freecycle

Consider checking out Freecycle, a website where individuals freely give and receive items they need. It’s a fantastic platform where you can discover various items at no cost, including the possibility of finding free wooden crates.

14. Browse Craigslist

Craigslist is an excellent source for free items, and you’ll often find people giving away various things, including wooden crates.

Check Craigslist for free wooden pallets. To find them, visit the “Free” section under the “For Sale” category on your city’s Craigslist page.

Navigate to the “Free” section to discover various free items. Use the search bar to find specific items, such as “wooden crates.” This allows you to locate people in your vicinity, giving away free crates easily.

Prioritize safety when meeting someone from Craigslist. Choose a public location for the exchange, bring a companion if possible, and inform a trusted person about the meeting.

15. Put an ad online

Exploring Freecycle and Craigslist listings is helpful, but don’t forget to maximize your chances by also creating an online ad.

Post a listing on Craigslist or Facebook seeking free wooden crates.

Social media sites are effective for sourcing such items at no cost. Utilize social media platforms to find free wooden crates or pallets easily.

Post an ad expressing your need for free crates.

16. Search FreeSamples.org

Discover complimentary wooden crates on FreeSamples.org. Connect with others, exchange contact details, and coordinate pickups effortlessly.

17. Search SmartSource.com

If you have internet access, check SmartSource.com to find wooden pallets online and save money.

18. Free Stuff Finder

Visit the Free Stuff Finder website, create an account, and explore available free wooden crates.

What can I do with wooden crates?

Wooden crates are versatile and widely used for repurposing. Here are some practical ideas:

  • Storage: Wooden wine crates are versatile for storage and capable of holding tools, books, toys, and various household items. Ideal for garage or basement organization, they offer a practical solution.
  • Planting: In gardening, these crates serve as excellent containers for a vertical or herb garden. Simply fill them with soil and plants, then hang them on a wall or fence for a space-saving and attractive display.
  • Furniture: Repurposing wooden wine crates into furniture is another creative option. Craft a coffee table, end table, bookshelf, bed frame, or headboard, showcasing their adaptability in home decor.
  • Home decor: Speaking of decor, these crates contribute to a rustic or vintage aesthetic. They can be transformed into shelving units or display cases, holding and showcasing items like candles, vases, and picture frames.
  • Wedding decor: For weddings, wooden wine crates are a popular choice for creating a rustic or vintage ambiance. Use them to hold flowers, candles, and other decorations, enhancing the ceremony and reception with a charming touch.

How do you use wooden crates for display?

Wooden crates are versatile display options for retail stores, art galleries, trade shows, and home decor. Their robust and rustic design makes them ideal for showcasing various items, including products, artwork, and personal possessions.

Utilize wooden crates for display by stacking them to create a multi-level presentation. This method is effective for showcasing numerous items or crafting visually appealing displays.

For example, a retailer can use stacked wooden crates to showcase clothing, accessories, or gifts. Similarly, an artist can utilize stacked crates to exhibit paintings or sculptures.

Utilize wooden crates as individual containers to showcase specific items effectively. This method is particularly useful for emphasizing and drawing attention to particular products or items.

A grocery store may utilize a wooden crate to exhibit fresh produce, while a furniture store might use a crate to showcase a distinctive piece of furniture.

Wooden crates serve a dual purpose, functioning as display units and efficient storage containers. People commonly use these crates to neatly organize and store items in their homes, offices, or studios.

Wooden crates are commonly employed for storing tools, supplies, or items that require convenient access while being discreetly stored.

The bottom line

Get free wooden crates from small retailers such as local grocery and clothing stores. Also, check construction sites, schools, and recycling centers for crates.

The internet is a valuable resource for finding freebies, including wooden crates. Check websites such as Craigslist and Freecycle for free wooden crates.