14 places to get Rotors turned near me (cost, wait times)

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Looking for where to get Rotors turned?

When you apply the brakes in your car, the brake pads rub against the rotors, creating friction that slows down and eventually stops the vehicle. Over time, both the pads and rotors wear out.

To address this, some national auto service chains provide a service called rotor turning, or rotor resurfacing, as an alternative to replacing the rotors. This involves smoothing and evening out the surfaces of the rotors, potentially extending the life of your brakes, depending on your vehicle type.

However, it’s crucial to be aware of the manufacturer’s minimum thickness guidelines for rotors. Auto repair shops cannot resurface rotors if doing so would bring them below the recommended minimum thickness.

For your convenience, a list of auto care centers that offer rotor turning, along with estimated costs and service times, is provided below.

How much does it cost to get rotors turned?

Turning your brake rotors at a mechanic typically costs around $15-25 for each rotor. However, it may seem cheap and affordable at first glance, but when you factor in that purchasing a new rotor generally costs about $25-35, the price difference may not justify opting for rotor turning over replacement.

What we recommend

If your car’s brake rotors are still thick enough and don’t need replacement, you might find the best prices for rotor turning or resurfacing at O’Reilly Auto Parts. Other nationwide options offering similar prices for rotor turning are Meineke and Monro.

Where can I get my Rotors turned near me?

In the list below, we’ve arranged auto shops and repair centers that offer rotor turning from the most affordable to higher-priced options.

It’s worth noting that prices can differ, and getting your rotors resurfaced is generally cheaper at auto parts retailers compared to auto repair centers. If you’re looking for more choices, consider reaching out to your local garage or mechanic to inquire about their rotor turning services.

1. O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts operates over 5,600 stores across the United States and Mexico, specializing in the sale of automotive parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories. Their services include rotor replacement and resurfacing performed by expert technicians, catering to both do-it-yourself customers and those in need of professional assistance.

The process of getting rotors turned at O’Reilly takes approximately one hour, with costs ranging from $10 to $50 per rotor. However, it’s important to note that some restrictions apply. O’Reilly stores may decline to turn rotors that are not thick enough at most locations. If a rotor is deemed too thin, O’Reilly will recommend and perform a replacement.

You can locate a nearby O’Reilly Auto Parts store for convenient and efficient rotor turning or replacement.

2. Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive is a company committed to providing honest and fair service to its customers. With over 217 locations nationwide, it aims to expand by adding 20 more locations. These shops, which work on various car models, offer services backed by a nationwide warranty.

If you need your rotors turned, it typically takes only 1-2 hours at Christian Brothers Automotive, at a cost of approximately $180 for rotor resurfacing along with new pads. To find a nearby Christian Brothers Automotive for rotor turning services, you can explore their locations to ensure convenient and reliable service.

3. Firestone Complete Auto Care

Firestone Complete Auto Care is a company that runs the largest network of automotive service centers worldwide. In the United States, they operate nearly 2,200 service centers under different names, including Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tires Plus, and Wheelworks.

If you need to get your rotors turned at Firestone Complete Auto Care, the service typically takes about 1-2 hours. The cost for resurfacing all four rotors is approximately $70.

However, there are some restrictions to consider. Firestone will not turn rotor discs that are too thin. If your rotors are not thick enough, they will need to be replaced. It is recommended to replace rotors in pairs and with the same type, such as cast or composite.

You can find a nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care center for rotor turning on your car or truck.

4. Goodyear Auto Service

Goodyear Auto Service operates over 1,000 tire and auto service centers globally, offering automotive products and repair services. While they are a leading provider of commercial truck services and tire retreading, not all locations offer rotor turning. To ensure availability, contact your nearby Goodyear Auto Service before visiting.

If rotor turning is available, the service typically takes about an hour at a cost of approximately $50 per rotor, totaling $200 for four rotors. It’s important to note that rotors must be thick enough for resurfacing; otherwise, replacement is necessary. To find a nearby Goodyear Auto Service for rotor turning without replacing pads, check for a location near you.

5. Honest-1 Auto Care

Honest-1 Auto Care, established in 2004, stands out as the sole environmentally sensitive agency (ESA) compliant auto care chain nationwide. Operating across sixteen states, with a concentration in Minnesota, the chain offers a variety of automotive services, including rotor turning.

Key features of Honest-1 Auto Care include:

  • Warranty and Roadside Assistance: A three-year/36,000-mile warranty and complimentary 24-hour roadside assistance are provided.
  • Same-Day Service: For a majority of car models, Honest-1 Auto Care offers same-day auto service without the need for an appointment.
  • Extensive Vehicle Inspections: Thorough vehicle inspections are part of the service, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your automobile’s condition.
  • Quick Rotor Turning: The process of rotor turning at Honest-1 Auto Care typically takes around an hour.

Cost and Restrictions:
Rotors can be turned at Honest-1 Auto Care for a cost of approximately $350, covering rotor cutting and brake pad replacement for all four wheels. However, the shop has a restriction: rotors must meet thickness requirements before any sanding of dirt and deposit build-up.

If you need rotor resurfacing and brake pad replacement, find a nearby Honest-1 Auto Care facility for efficient and reliable service.

6. Meineke Car Care Center

Meineke Car Care Center, established in 1971 with over 900 locations nationwide, provides various auto services. Their key offerings include oil changes, tire replacement, transmission work, and general auto repairs. Additionally, they offer services such as credit programs and fleet management.

If you need rotor resurfacing, Meineke auto stores typically complete the service in about one hour. However, it’s important to note that they can only turn rotors that meet certain thickness criteria. If your rotors are too thin, replacement becomes necessary. The cost for turning all four rotors at Meineke is approximately $40. To find a nearby Meineke Car Care Center for rotor resurfacing, you can locate their nearest location.

7. Merlin Complete Auto Care

Merlin Complete Auto Care, established in 1975, provides rotor turning services in Georgia, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Rotor turning involves resurfacing brake discs to enhance performance.

The service, which takes about an hour, costs approximately $135 for all four rotors but decreases to around $50 if the rotors are removed. Removing the rotors saves time and reduces labor costs.

Merlin also offers customer incentive programs such as the Merlin Auto Care Drive for 200,000 miles. This program includes scheduled maintenance, regular inspections, and preemptive replacements.

However, Merlin won’t turn rotors if they’re too thin. It’s important to note that labor costs vary by location, with a local Merlin charging $135 per hour. Removing the rotors from the vehicle can save money on labor costs. To get brake discs resurfaced, you can find a nearby Merlin Complete Auto Care shop.

8. Midas

Midas Car Care, founded in the 1950s, operates approximately 2,500 locations nationwide. The service time for rotor turning is typically 1-2 hours, or less if the rotors are already removed. Turning all four rotors at Midas costs about $100, but if the rotors have been removed, the price is around $70.

There is a restriction: Midas will resurface rotors only if they are thick enough; otherwise, rotor replacement is necessary. To locate a nearby Midas for rotor turning on a car or truck, visit their website or contact a local Midas auto repair shop.

9. Monro Auto Service and Tire Center

Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers, a chain with over 1,200 locations in over 30 states, offers rotor turning services. If you need your rotor discs turned, it typically takes about an hour at a cost of around $20 per rotor.

However, there’s a restriction—Monro Auto stores can only resurface rotors that meet the manufacturer’s thickness specifications. If your rotors are too thick, as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, replacement may be necessary. To get your rotor discs turned, find a nearby Monro Auto Service and Tire Center.

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10. NTB (National Tire and Battery)

National Tire and Battery (NTB) is a company with operations in 226 locations across 26 states. They are known for providing reliable repair services to quickly get you back on the road. As part of their customer incentives, NTB offers a 30-day compensation guarantee on repairs or tires and provides a free lifetime rotation every six months for tires purchased from their stores.

NTB is open seven days a week, making their services convenient for customers. If you need rotors turned at NTB auto repair centers, it typically takes about 1-2 hours for the service.

In terms of cost, turning rotors at NTB may be a cost-effective option. For comparison, at Midas, you could pay around $100 for all four rotors or about $70 if the rotors have been removed, saving on technician time.

It’s important to note that NTB has some limitations on rotor turning. They will only turn rotors if you’re also replacing your brake pads, and your rotors must be thick enough for the service.

To find a nearby NTB for rotor turning on your vehicle, you can locate one among their 226 locations across 26 states.

11. Precision Tune Auto Care

Precision Tune Auto Care is a chain of auto service centers with approximately 275 locations across the United States.

These centers, both independently owned and company-operated, offer services such as rotor resurfacing as part of their lifetime brake warranty. The personnel at Precision Tune Auto Care are trained and certified for this task.

The process of turning rotors typically takes about one hour at these service centers. The cost associated with rotor turning is determined by the pricing structure of the lifetime brake warranty. For specific pricing details, it is recommended to contact your local Precision Tune Auto Care store. If you’re looking to turn rotors without replacing brake pads, you can locate a nearby Precision Tune Auto Care for this service.

12. Pep Boys

Pep Boys is a chain of automotive service centers spanning 35 states and Puerto Rico, totaling approximately 1,000 locations and over 9,000 service bays. In addition to traditional service centers, Pep Boys offers mobile automotive maintenance through the Pep Boys Mobile Crew at select locations. This mobile service handles routine maintenance, tire services, and safety-related tasks.

When it comes to resurfacing brake rotors at Pep Boys, the process typically takes 1-2 hours, or less if the rotors have been removed beforehand. The cost for resurfacing all four brake discs is around $100, but if the rotors are already removed, the cost is reduced to $50, excluding the technician’s labor.

However, there are restrictions to consider. Pep Boys only provides rotor resurfacing at specific locations, and they won’t perform the service if the rotors are too thin. In such cases, rotor replacement becomes necessary. Importantly, Pep Boys requires both rotors to be replaced simultaneously; they do not replace one rotor without the other. Additionally, when replacing rotors, it’s recommended to replace the brake pads on both sides at the same time.

You can locate a nearby Pep Boys for rotor resurfacing or replacement, along with brake pad installation.

13. Independent Auto Mechanic

To find a reliable and affordable option for rotor turning, consider searching for independent auto mechanics near you or gas stations with mechanics. Independent shops often offer competitive prices for rotor resurfacing. Simply type “resurface rotors near me” into your preferred search engine.

The search results will provide a list of locally-owned auto repair shops in your area, specializing in various services such as cabin air filter replacement, engine air filter replacement, oil changes, CO2 inflator services, manual car repairs, and wheel and rim powder coating.

Explore the search engine results to access contact information, directions, and details about the services offered. This method helped me discover an auto repair shop that not only provides rotor turning but also offers free unlimited Internet, comfortable reading areas, and complimentary phone charging.

Another option is to check Yelp for local rotor resurfacing places. Independent shops often have the advantage of being available 24 hours in metropolitan areas. If you’re interested, you can also read our related article about gas stations with vacuums near you for additional convenience.

How to turn Rotors at home (do it yourself)

Turning rotors at home refers to the process of resurfacing brake rotors, which is typically done to restore their smooth and even surface. However, this task is usually challenging without a brake lathe, a specialized machine. Many modern rotors are too thin to be effectively resurfaced, and buying new ones might not be significantly more expensive than resurfacing.

If you’re willing to invest your time and have some mechanical skills along with the right tools, you can attempt to turn your rotors at home. Even if you lack knowledge initially, there are online resources such as YouTube videos and step-by-step guides that can help you learn the process. This DIY approach becomes an economical choice, especially if you’re unable to find trustworthy auto repair shops in your local area.

Places that don’t offer Rotor turning

Some auto parts stores and service centers do not provide rotor-turning services. Based on our research, the following places do not offer rotor turning:

  • AutoZone: Do not provide rotor-turning services.
  • Jiffy Lube: They only offer rotor replacements, not turning.
  • NAPA AutoCare Centers: Rotor turning is not available.
  • Tuffy Tire & Auto: Similar to Jiffy Lube, they only provide rotor replacements.
  • Walmart Auto Care Center: Rotor turning services are not offered at Walmart.

More auto shops, such as AAMCO, Advance Auto Parts, Big O Tires, Discount Tire, and Mavis Tire, do not provide rotor resurfacing services. This means that if you need your brake rotors resurfaced, you’ll need to seek these services elsewhere.

Being aware of which shops do not offer this service can help you save time, money on gas, and avoid unnecessary visits to places that won’t meet your specific rotor maintenance needs.

Is it cheaper to turn rotors or replace them?

When deciding whether to turn rotors or replace them, opting for replacement is usually more cost-effective. This choice saves you both time and money.

If you’ve ignored warnings indicating the need to replace brake pads, resulting in metal-to-metal contact and damage to the rotors, it becomes more practical to replace the rotors rather than resurfacing them.

How long do turned rotors last?

Rotors that have been turned or resurfaced can last between 30,000 to 70,000 miles. The specific lifespan depends on various factors such as driving habits, the quality of brake pads used, and the material of the rotor.

Generally, resurfaced rotors are expected to provide reliable performance within this mileage range.

How long does it take to turn a rotor?

To turn a rotor, which is part of the process of resurfacing brake rotors, it typically takes about 2 hours of labor at a repair shop. This estimate covers tasks such as placing the vehicle on a lift, removing the wheels, and unbolting the brake calipers to release the rotors.

The actual turning of the rotors may be done either on a bench or by utilizing an on-car brake lathe, and this duration can vary depending on the specific shop’s procedures.

Can you turn Rotors that are too thin?

No, you can’t turn rotors that are too thin. When rotors become excessively thin, they are prone to overheating and warping. This warping can lead to pedal pulsation or irritating vibrations while driving. The reason behind this is that thin rotors lack sufficient metal to effectively dissipate heat and withstand the friction from braking pads.

When your rotors reach this thinness, it’s recommended to consider replacing them. Most auto repair shops typically won’t perform rotor turning if the thickness falls below the manufacturer’s recommended threshold. In such cases, your mechanic will assess whether the rotors can be resurfaced or if replacement is the more appropriate solution.

How do I know if my rotors are bad?

To determine if your rotors are bad, look out for these signs:

  1. Vibration or pulsation in the steering wheel: If you feel shaking while braking, it may indicate uneven rotor wear.
  2. High-pitched squealing noise when braking: A sharp noise while braking can signal worn-out brake pads or damaged rotors.
  3. Shaking steering wheel: A wobbling or shaking sensation in the steering wheel during braking may suggest rotor issues.
  4. Brake pedal pulsing: If the brake pedal pulses or feels uneven when pressed, it might be due to irregularities in the rotors.
  5. Vehicle taking a long time to stop: Increased stopping distance can be a sign of diminished braking efficiency, often linked to rotor problems.
  6. Loud bangs while braking: Unusual noises, such as loud bangs, may indicate severe rotor damage or warping.
  7. Large edges on the outer part of the brake rotor: Excessive wear on the outer edges of the rotor may suggest the need for replacement.
  8. Scratch marks on the rotor: Visible scratches or grooves on the rotor surface may indicate wear and potential issues with braking performance.

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, it’s advisable to have your rotors inspected and, if necessary, replaced by a qualified mechanic. Regular maintenance can help ensure your braking system operates effectively and safely.

How long do brake Rotors last?

Brake rotors, a sturdy component of your vehicle, typically endure between 30,000 to 70,000 miles before requiring replacement. The longevity can be influenced by factors like your car’s weight and the nature of your cargo. Heavier loads demand more brake pressure, accelerating wear. Driving habits matter too; aggressive acceleration and braking contribute to faster rotor deterioration.

Being a conscientious driver, employing techniques such as coasting or engine braking, can extend rotor lifespan. These methods involve allowing the vehicle to naturally decelerate before using brakes, minimizing wear. Additionally, the quality of the brake rotors themselves impacts their durability. Therefore, a combination of driving habits, cargo considerations, and rotor quality collectively determines how long your brake rotors will last.