20 Places where to get free newspapers in 2024 (for cleaning windows, packing, reading)

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Looking for free newspapers?

Whether you need packing materials for moving, free coupon inserts, newspapers for gardening, crafts projects, or cleaning windows, or you’re looking for free newspapers to read,

Regardless of the situation, just as you can obtain free magazines, there are plenty of ways to acquire newspapers without cost. This post explores various ways to get newspapers for free.

How to get free newspapers in bulk

Discover simple methods to get free newspapers without any cost.

1. Local newspaper office

Local newspaper offices are a valuable source of old papers. These offices often have surplus copies, including unsold newspapers from stands or misprinted editions. Additionally, they may possess unused rolls or copies with no scheduled print or publication.

Contact your local newspaper office to inquire about obtaining these unused newspapers or rolls for free. Recently, I visited my hometown newspaper office and received a complimentary unprinted end-roll. We’ve used it to wrap over 50 boxes, with plenty remaining. An added bonus is that it’s unprinted, preventing any black marks on our hands.

2. Ask at local nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Nursing homes can be a treasure trove for free old newspapers. Explore nearby nursing homes and assisted living facilities to see if you can collect their discarded papers every week at no cost.

3. Check on Craigslist

You can find a wide range of free items on CL, from wallpapers to stamps. Visit your city’s Craigslist page and navigate the “For Sale” section. Within this section, find and click on the “Free” category. Once there, use the search bar and enter the keyword “newspaper.” This simple step lets you discover if anyone in your area offers free newspapers.

4. Ask at your local library

Local libraries often subscribe to newspapers worldwide, providing a wide selection for their members to read at no cost. Once they are no longer in use, they are typically recycled. Inquire at the library if you can take some of these old newspapers home for free, and you might also find complimentary magazines available.

5. Local colleges and schools

Many educational institutions distribute newspapers to students in libraries or classrooms. You can inquire about collecting these newspapers once they are no longer needed. Consider offering a newspaper collection service to gather expired newspapers from nearby schools and colleges.

6. Ask at airports

Airports frequently provide free local newspapers and magazines. Check around for these at the terminals – often, airlines offer them for free. Additionally, approach convenience stores within the airport terminals and ask if they have any unused papers they’re willing to give you at no cost.

7. Contact local hotels

Many hotels provide complimentary newspapers to guests, and you may be able to obtain these newspapers when rooms are turned over or guests check out. Contact larger hotels in your area to inquire about collecting old newspapers.

8. Search on OfferUp

OfferUp is a local buying and selling website that includes a free section. Navigate to the free section and search for newspapers. Access the free section on OfferUp by following the provided link.

To streamline your search, use the site’s search bar and enter the term “newspaper.” Afterward, filter the results by selecting “Price: Low to High.”

This step will help you easily locate individuals offering free newspapers nearby. Many users on OfferUp are generous with giving away newspapers for free.

9. Ask at coffee shops

You likely have many coffee shops nearby. Coffee shops in your neighborhood can be a great source of free newspapers. Many clients enjoy reading newspapers while sipping their coffee. Some customers buy newspapers and leave them behind for others as a courtesy. Coffee shops collect these abandoned newspapers and also keep the unsold ones.

To get free newspapers, visit local coffee shops and ask the owners to set aside newspapers for your collection. Since it’s common for coffee lovers to read magazines and newspapers in these facilities, you’re likely to find old newspapers available. Keep in mind that you may need to book in advance to ensure the coffee shop keeps some papers for you on agreed-upon dates, as you won’t be the only customer looking to take advantage of this resource.

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10. Ask at gas stations

Local gas stations often have unsold newspapers that they need to recycle. They commonly offer newspapers as an extra service. Though it can be profitable, it’s not guaranteed that all newspapers will sell daily. Sometimes, attendants may have unsold papers or returned copies. Talking to them may allow you to reserve a few for later pickup.

11. Contact grocery stores

Grocery stores often have unsold newspapers that they need to discard. Contact your nearby grocery store and inquire about obtaining their leftover papers at no cost.

12. Ask at drugstores

Numerous drugstores offer papers for sale. Inquire about collecting unsold papers.

13. Ask family and friends

If your family or friends read newspapers, inquire if they will share their old papers with you. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to acquire newspapers in bulk for free.

14. Recycling centers

Many recycling centers have ample used newspapers available; they are excellent sources for obtaining free newspapers in bulk. Contact local centers to inquire about the possibility of collecting newspapers at no cost.

It’s important to note that while some recycling centers may provide newspapers for free, others might charge a small fee. Evaluate whether the cost is worthwhile or not.

Even if not entirely free, obtaining newspapers from recycling centers remains a cost-effective alternative, allowing you to acquire newspapers in bulk at a significantly lower price than regular purchases.

15. Post a classified ad

A cost-free method to obtain newspapers is placing ads on free classified websites such as Craigslist. Post a request for free newspapers, and if someone responds, coordinate the pickup details with them.

Here are some sites Here are some websites where you can post:

  • Craigslist
  • ClassifiedAds.com
  • AdPost

16. Visit banks

Banks offer complimentary newspapers and magazines in their lobby for customers. While waiting, you can browse through newspapers. Feel free to ask bank attendants if they can set aside newspapers for you.

Banks are excellent places to find free outdated magazines, as they attract numerous newspaper enthusiasts. Additionally, bank attendants require daily newspapers to stay informed. Unfortunately, many banks lack consistent plans for disposing of outdated magazines. Regularly collecting these magazines can be mutually beneficial, saving the banks’ disposal efforts and providing you with a steady supply.

17. Inquire at the attorney’s offices

While waiting to meet with your attorney, look at the magazines and newspapers in the lobby. Inquire at the customer desk about what happens to the used newspapers. Ask if they can save them for you instead of discarding them.

During your next visit, use the chance to browse through the newspapers and magazines provided for clients. Don’t hesitate to ask about the office’s disposal methods; you might find out they distribute them to interested clients regularly.

18. From car dealerships

Car dealerships offer complimentary newspapers to customers while they wait. Often, these newspapers are stacked up for days before being disposed of. If you have a connection at the dealership, ask if you can take some newspapers. Building a good rapport as a shop customer may also work in your favor.

Dealerships get many clients daily, and to keep them occupied while waiting, they provide free magazines and newspapers. Typically, these papers are accumulated throughout the week and discarded. Visit the dealership occasionally, and you might get some old newspapers for your needs.

19. At the doctor’s offices

You’ll likely be offered a cup of tea and a newspaper during your visit to the doctor’s office. This serves as a way to keep you engaged while waiting for your appointment. If you’re interested, ask the office attendant for used newspapers, as they are usually willing to provide them to maintain cleanliness.

Health facilities often overlook the disposal of old newspapers due to their busy schedules, resulting in many papers ending up in the trash. By speaking with the management, you might secure free access to these newspapers for your personal use, ensuring a steady supply for various purposes.

20. Salons and barbershops

Waiting for your turn is common when you go to a salon or barbershop. Many salons and barbershops provide newspapers to occupy clients during the wait. If you’re a regular customer, inquire about the disposal of newspapers and offer to collect used ones.

Salons and barbershops often serve numerous clients simultaneously. To enhance the waiting experience, they typically offer Wi-Fi and cable TV. Introducing newspapers as an additional option can attract more customers. As a loyal client, you can ask the staff to set aside newspapers for you after use.

The bottom line

There are several ways to get newspapers for free. Whether you need them for a craft project, reading, or packing when moving, a bit of effort can help you get plenty of newspapers at no cost.