Staples fax cost & fax services explained for sending & receiving

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You can send and receive faxes at Staples. If you’re sending a fax within the local area using one of Staples’ self-service fax machines, it typically costs around $1.79 per page. Additionally, for receiving a fax at Staples, the approximate cost is about $1 per page. However, sending faxes over long distances or internationally will usually incur slightly higher fees than local transmissions.

Staples fax services and pricing

Staples provides fax services at their stores, allowing you to both send and receive faxes using their self-service machines. The pricing for these services can vary depending on the specific store location.

How much does it cost to send a fax at Staples?  First Page  Additional Pages  
Cost to send a fax locally from Staples  USD $1.79 USD $1.59 
Cost to send a fax long-distance from Staples USD $2.39 USD $2.19
Cost to send a fax internationally from Staples  USD $5.99 USD $3.99  

For sending a local fax, you can expect to pay around $1.79 per page, while receiving a fax costs approximately $1 per page. If you’re sending a long-distance fax within the United States, the price is roughly $2 per page. For international faxes, the cost is about $5.99 per page. Additional pages beyond the first one will incur extra charges, with local faxing at $2.19 per additional page and international faxing at $3.99 per extra page.

Upon contacting various Staples stores in California, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Mexico, it was confirmed that they all offer fax services with pricing similar to the details provided.

How to send a fax at Staples

Sending a fax at Staples involves a few steps:

  1. Prepare Your Document: Have your document ready either in hard copy (printed out) or digitally saved on a flash drive or in the cloud.
  2. Visit Staples: Take your document to Staples, where you can use their fax services. If you need to print the document, it costs about $0.20 per page for black-and-white copies or around $0.66 per page for color copies.
  3. Send the Fax: Use the self-service fax machines available at Staples during regular store hours. Follow the instructions on the machine to input the recipient’s fax number and any additional details.
  4. Get Confirmation and Receipt: Once the fax is sent, the machine will print a confirmation page and a receipt. It’s important to keep the receipt as proof of sending the fax.
  5. Pay for the Service: Take the receipt to the Staples register to pay for the fax service.

Remember, self-service fax machines at Staples are available for use at any time during regular store hours, making it convenient to send faxes when needed.

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How to receive a fax at Staples

Receiving a fax at Staples involves a few simple steps. First, get in touch with your local Staples store to obtain their fax number. Some stores make their fax numbers available online. Once you have the number, share it with the sender so they can transmit the fax to that number.

Upon sending the fax, store associates at Staples will receive and securely hold the fax for you. You’ll need to visit the store to collect the fax, and at that time, you’ll pay the necessary fee for the received fax.

Remember, reaching out to your local Staples store for their specific fax number and then visiting the store for fax pickup and payment are the key steps in receiving a fax at Staples.

Tips for getting the best quality fax from Staples

Here are detailed tips for achieving the best quality fax when using Staples:

  • Utilize a Compatible Fax Machine: Ensure your fax machine is modern and compatible with the latest technologies. This ensures smooth transmission and better-quality prints.
  • Optimal Sheet Size: Stick to standard sheet sizes for faxing. Avoid sending excessively large or small files, as this may compromise the image quality during transmission.
  • Prep with Plain Paper: Before faxing, print the document on plain paper from your computer. This step helps remove any remaining prints, smudges, or imperfections, enhancing the final clarity and color depth when the document is sent via the fax machine.
  • Quality Toner Cartridge: Opt for a high-quality toner cartridge for your fax machine whenever possible. Using a superior cartridge helps maintain image quality over time, preventing the degradation of print images with each transmission.

By following these steps, you can optimize the quality of your faxed documents when using Staples services, ensuring clearer, sharper, and more reliable transmissions.

Other places to send and receive faxes

If there are no Staples stores near you, you can check out our article for other places near you to send a fax.

If you can’t find a Staples store nearby to send faxes, you don’t necessarily have to embark on a long drive in search of one. This would consume your time and fuel, which contradicts the principles of being economical. However, there are various other options available for budget-conscious individuals.

Although Staples is known for its convenient fax services, it’s not the sole provider in your area. Other alternatives also offer affordable fax services. Places like FedEx Office, OfficeMax, Postal Annex, The UPS Store, certain Albertsons locations, and nearby grocery stores might offer fax services at reasonable rates. Exploring these alternatives can save you both time and money, allowing you to send faxes without having to travel far.

The bottom line

At Staples, the cost of faxing paperwork varies based on the store location and the distance the fax is sent. Typically, sending a fax can range from $1.79 to $5.99 per page. On the other hand, receiving a fax at Staples generally costs around $1 per page. All Staples stores provide fax services, and the process of sending and receiving faxes there is straightforward.