19 Best places to sell used video games near me & online in 2024

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Do you have old copies of video games that are just gathering dust? Instead of throwing them away, sell your used games online or in person for extra cash.

What about the original versions of Call of Duty or Halo?

Before you decide to remove them due to neglect, it’s worth checking if they’re still valuable. Like cell phones and electronics, old video games, even recent releases, can be worth a lot of money.

Some people cherish old video games out of nostalgia, willing to pay top dollar for the ones they played as kids. Others prioritize getting a good deal, opting for gently used games at a fraction of the original price, even if they’re not in their original packaging.

Don’t let your collection gather dust and lose value over time. Consider trading in your old video games for cash or store credit.

To help you get the most value out of your games, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to sell video games and consoles, whether online or in person.

Best places to sell video games online

Selling video games online can be a lucrative venture, but not all selling platforms are the same. Various factors like fees, payout speed, and user-friendliness can differ significantly between platforms. Some platforms offer quick payouts, while others may take days or weeks to process payments.

To assist you in selecting the most suitable platform, we’ve gathered information, compared different sites, and rated them on a scale of 1 to 5 stars based on how well they address each factor. This allows for an informed decision that aligns with your needs.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr is a website where you can sell used electronics and video games. To sell a video game, just use their free app to scan or enter the barcode. You’ll get an instant quote if they accept your item.

Decluttr makes selling games easy by giving you a free UPS shipping label. They pay you the day after your shipment arrives. However, they won’t return your item if it doesn’t pass their quality inspection.

Ease of use 5/5: The app allows you to scan a video game barcode for an instant quote. Plus, it offers free shipping and payment within one business day.

Time 5/5: It takes minimal time to find your items, scan barcodes, and accept offers. Simply drop off your package at any UPS store and get paid within one business day in most cases.

Fees 5/5: There are no fees to get a quote or sell your item with Decluttr. Shipping is also free.

2. Amazon’s Trade-in Option

Amazon’s trade-in program now accepts video games. To see if your game qualifies, simply search Amazon’s gaming trade-in store. If your item is listed, you’re good to go. You’ll also find out the maximum price for each item.

Once Amazon receives your shipment, they’ll let you know if your item has passed quality inspection within two business days. They provide a free pre-paid shipping label for your convenience. Plus, they’ll return rejected items to you at no extra cost.

Ease of use 4/5: However, unlike Decluttr, where you can simply scan the barcode, you’ll need to manually search for your item, which requires more effort.

Time 4/5: Once you’ve packaged your item and attached the prepaid shipping label provided by Amazon, you just need to drop it off for shipping. Payment is typically received within two days of Amazon receiving your package, which is slightly slower than Decluttr.

Fees 5/5: Amazon doesn’t charge fees for trading in your items.

3. Swappa

Selling video games on Swappa is simple and direct. Just input details about your game, set a price, and add some pictures. Once your listing is approved, Swappa puts your game up for sale on their website.

When your game is sold, you receive payment through PayPal before sending it off. Make sure to ship the game to the buyer within two business days after it’s purchased.

Ease of use 4/5: Before selling, check Swappa to see if your item is listed. Swappa provides pricing advice to help you set a competitive price.

Time 4/5: You’ll need to handle shipping yourself, which requires more effort than using a prepaid label. However, you get paid instantly instead of waiting for the buyer to receive the item.

Fees 4/5: For items under $50, such as many video games, there are no extra fees. Swappa applies fees on a sliding scale for items priced at $50 or higher.

4. eBay

eBay is a popular online marketplace where you can sell video games, phones, and electronics easily. You’ll reach a wide audience, and posting items is simple. eBay handles payments and offers discounted shipping labels.

However, using eBay comes with a cost. There’s no listing fee for up to 50 items per month, but eBay takes a 10% cut of the final selling price for most items.

Ease of use 3/5: Posting an item on eBay is relatively easy. You need to provide a photo and description of your item, but eBay handles payment and shipping processes. However, you’ll need to communicate with buyers directly.

Time 4/5: eBay offers shipping labels and an automated payment system, reducing your time commitment. However, it might take some time for your item to sell.

Fees 3/5: eBay charges a 10% fee on the selling price of your item. You’re also responsible for shipping costs, although eBay offers discounted rates.

5. OfferUp

OfferUp is a convenient app for selling items like video games locally or nationally. Just snap a picture and add a description to start selling through the app.

Listing items for sale on OfferUp is free if transactions are done in cash. But if you choose to sell and ship, there’s a 9.9% service fee. The buyer usually covers the shipping costs, and OfferUp will email a shipping label through the app once you’ve accepted an offer.

Ease of use 3/5: Posting items for sale on OfferUp using their app is relatively straightforward. You’ll need to upload a photo and description of your item. OfferUp handles payments and provides a shipping label. However, it might take some time for your item to find a buyer.

Time 3/5: It requires some extra time to input item details. But with OfferUp’s shipping label, you only need to pack and drop off sold items. However, keep in mind that finding a buyer might not happen instantly.

Fees 3/5: OfferUp charges a 9.9% service fee for sold items when selling online.

6. Trade4Cash

Trade4Cash is a website dedicated solely to video games and gaming consoles.

To begin trading, simply search for your item on the Trade4Cash website or browse through their listings. Choose the condition of your game and any other relevant options. Trade4Cash will then give you an instant valuation.

Ease of use 5/5: Simply search for your item on Trade4Cash’s website for an instant valuation. You can receive your payment via PayPal, check, or Amazon e-gift card.

Time 5/5: You’ll spend minimal time on this. Just search for your items and drop off the package at the post office.

Fees 5/5: There are no fees to sell your games to Trade4Cash. Plus, it covers shipping costs for any item valued over $10.

7. Gameflip

Sell your video games, consoles, and in-game items easily on Gameflip. To sign up, click “Start Selling,” and list your item. Gameflip notifies you by email and app when it sells.

Listing on Gameflip is free, with flat-rate shipping options when your item sells.

Ease of use 3/5: List your video game for sale on Gameflip by simply uploading a photo and description, then manage your listing through the Gameflip app. You’ll need to wait for a buyer to connect with you, though.

Time 3/5: Shipping is uncomplicated, but be prepared for potential payment delays. It may take some time for your item to sell, and you won’t receive payment until the buyer receives their shipment.

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Fees 4/5: No fees for listing your item, and shipping costs are minimal.

8. The Old School Game Vault

Easily sell your used video games online with The Old School Game Vault. Just search for your game on their website to get an instant valuation. If your order is $75 or more, they’ll provide a shipping label.

For orders over $100, shipping is free. If your order is between $75 and $100, there’s a flat rate of $10 for shipping. Orders below $75 require payment for shipping.

After receiving your package, The Old School Game Vault will pay you within two to four days. You can receive payment via Paypal, check, or Amazon e-gift card.

Ease of use 3/5: To get a quote from The Old School Game Vault, search for your item on their site. However, navigation can be a bit challenging. You’ll get a prepaid shipping label for items valued over $75.

Time 4/5: Getting a quote from The Old School Game Vault is quick. But for small shipments, you must handle shipping yourself. Expect payment within two to four days after your package arrives.

Fees 4/5: Trading in games here may incur higher costs compared to other platforms since you’ll need to cover shipping for orders valued at less than $100.

9. TradeGamesIn (No more in operation)

TradeGamesIn was founded in 2009 by individuals frustrated with low offers when trying to sell their own games. They established a platform where users can submit a list of games, consoles, and accessories for a fair quote, quick payment, and hassle-free shipping.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the names of your items along with their condition and receive a quote for each item.
  2. Ship your items using the provided free pre-paid shipping label.
  3. Get paid within 24 hours of TradeGamesIn receiving your shipment, either by check or PayPal, whichever you prefer.

Free shipping is available for orders totaling over $25. For orders below $25, you’ll receive instructions for mailing your package.

Looking to sell your games quickly and get paid promptly? Give this service a shot. You’ll be informed of the payment amount before sending your items, so there’s no risk involved.

10. PlayerUp

If you’re a serious gamer, you’re probably familiar with the practice of buying and selling virtual video game accounts.

PlayerUp provides a platform for selling player accounts across RPGs, sports, action games, and even Xbox One and YouTube accounts.

Popular gaming accounts like Clash of Clans, Fortnite, Lords Mobile, and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 fetch good prices.

To sell, create your listing, wait for a buyer’s response, and then finalize the transaction if you both agree.

PlayerUp offers more than 20 payment options, including PayPal and Skrill, catering to its diverse user base across different countries.

It’s worth noting that PlayerUp takes a 20% commission from the sale price.

11. DKOldies

DKOldies is the top destination for selling old video games online, offering competitive prices and free shipping. They also purchase consoles. One standout feature is their transparency in providing sample prices for popular video game titles and consoles. For instance:

  • 1080 Snowboarding: $4
  • Mario Party 3: $28
  • GameCube Console w/ cords + controller: $41-$48
  • Wii Remote: $3
  • Wii U Mario Kart 8: $8
  • Original Game Boy: $36

Their buying range covers nearly all gaming-related items. Furthermore, they provide free shipping labels and ensure speedy payments within a day via PayPal or check.

Additionally, they offer a trade-in option with a 20% bonus if opting for store credit over cash payment.

12. eStarland.com

Looking to sell your gaming items but haven’t had luck elsewhere? Give eStarland a shot. They accept over 30,000+ items.

Here are the three options they offer:

Instant trade-in (most convenient):

  1. Add your trade-ins to your shopping cart.
  2. Add your purchase to the same cart.
  3. Send your trade-in while waiting for your purchase.

Standard trade-in (most value):

  1. Add your trade-ins to your shopping cart.
  2. Select store credit at checkout.
  3. Ship your item and receive store credit.

Sell your games for cash:

  1. Add your item to the cart.
  2. Package and ship your item.
  3. Get paid via Check, Amazon Gift Card, or PayPal.

They also have a brick-and-mortar store in Chantilly, Virginia, so if you’re in the area, you can sell in person.

13. Cash for Gamers (No more in operation)

This website purchases video games and consoles.

To sell your item, simply select it from the list, add it to the trade-in cart, and use the prepaid shipping label provided to send it. You’ll receive payment via PayPal or check once they receive your package.

All trade-in orders come with free shipping. They email you a prepaid shipping label to print and use. If your trade-ins total $50 or more, you’ll receive a free prepaid shipping kit, which includes shipping supplies along with the label.

Places to sell video games for cash near me

If shipping and listing your item online feels like too much hassle, selling locally is an option worth considering. Negotiating face-to-face might even get you a better deal.

Though your potential buyers might be fewer, you can still try listing your games on local platforms below if you’re not in a hurry. If that doesn’t work out or lacks a nearby location, you can always return to selling online.

1. GameStop

GameStop is a nationwide chain of video game stores with over 6,000 locations. You can trade in your used video games there for cash or store credit. Simply check GameStop’s website to find out the value of your items.

2. Craigslist

You can sell your video games on Craigslist by listing them and coordinating with potential buyers. On Craigslist, you negotiate the price and meet with the buyer. Remember to meet in a public place for safety when exchanging goods with strangers.

3. Facebook Marketplace

You can also sell your video games on your local Facebook Marketplace. Similar to Craigslist, you’ll need to upload a picture and description of the game. Then, you’ll work with buyers to agree on a price, meetup time, and location. But be careful about scams.

4. Game X Change

Game X Change is a national chain with stores in 12 states, mainly in the Mid-south and Midwest regions. They purchase used games for cash or store credit. Find a nearby store by checking their locations.

5. The Exchange

The Exchange operates stores mainly in Ohio and Pennsylvania, with additional locations in Illinois, Indiana, and New Mexico. This chain specializes in buying and selling video games, movies, and other items.

6. Best Buy Trade-in

Best Buy offers a trade-in program similar to Gamestop’s, allowing you to trade various tech items, including video games, for Best Buy gift cards. While the pay rate may not be high, the process is quick and straightforward.

To check the value of your trade-in, simply enter the UPC or title of your game on their video game trade-in page. If you’re satisfied with the price, you can proceed with the trade either online or at a nearby store.

7. Local games & arcade stores

If you’re looking to sell your video games, there might still be local stores around, despite the rise of online sites. These stores are a good option, especially if you have rare games, as they understand their true value and are willing to pay well.

To find a nearby store that buys games, try searching on Google using terms like:

  • “who buys video games near me”
  • “stores that buy used games”
  • “places that buy game systems near me”

Don’t forget to check arcade stores, too; some of them also buy games. For example, there’s one near me where you can buy, sell, and trade arcade games and machines, but they also deal in video games.

8. Pawnshops

Consider pawnshops as your final option when selling items. They often undervalue items, resulting in lower payouts.

If you’ve explored all other avenues and have no alternative or urgently need cash, consider visiting a pawnshop.

Don’t take the first trade-in or instant cash offer

You can earn money from your old video games by selling them online, at a local store, or to someone nearby.

Avoid accepting the first offer you receive; there might be better deals elsewhere.

Check different places and sellers to find the best price for your game. Regardless of where you sell, sell your used video games promptly after you finish playing them because newer games sell faster and retain their value better.

If you’ve finished a game and don’t think you’ll play it much in the future, it’s a good idea to sell it while it still holds some value.