Where to recycle plastic bottles for money near me in 2024

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If you’ve wanted to know, “Where can I recycle plastic for cash near me?“ Then this article is for you.

Recycling plastic bottles is a simple and profitable way to contribute to the environment and your wallet.

In states with bottle deposit laws, commonly known as bottle redemption, collecting and returning plastic bottles and caps to local recycling centers allows you to make some extra cash. Simply gather these items and take them to the nearest recycling center to redeem for money.

You can recycle various types of bottles, including:

  • PET or PETE: Clear bottles commonly used for food or drink packaging.
  • PP: Durable plastic found in medicine bottles, yogurt containers, and other food packaging.
  • LDPE: Squeeze bottles.
  • HDPE: Opaque plastic bottles.

How can I make money recycling plastic bottles?

Making money by recycling plastic bottles is possible, especially in states with bottle deposit laws.

In states without such laws, you can still recycle at curbside programs or recycling centers, but they don’t pay you.

To earn money from recycling plastic, reside in one of the ten states with a bottle bill. The payout per plastic bottle ranges from 5 to 10 cents, covering items like mineral water bottles, soda water bottles, and carbonated soft drink bottles, depending on your state.

List of States with bottle deposit laws and redemption rates

Find below the states with bottle deposit laws and the corresponding redemption rates.


California offers 5¢ for containers under 24 oz. and 10¢ for those 24 oz. or more, regardless of material – plastic, glass, or bi-metal.


Connecticut provides 5¢ for plastic, glass, or metal cans, bottles, jars, or cartons, excluding HDPE containers.


Hawaii pays 5¢ for plastic, aluminum, bi-metal, or glass containers up to 68 oz.


Iowa rewards 5¢ for plastic, glass, or metal cans, bottles, jars, or cartons.


Maine allows redemption for containers four liters or less, made of plastic, glass, or metal, offering 15¢ for wine and liquor and 5¢ for others.


Massachusetts pays 5¢ for any plastic, glass, metal, or combination container, excluding biodegradable ones.


Michigan gives redemption rewards for containers under one gallon, made of plastic, metal, paper, or glass, offering 10¢ for beverage containers.

New York

New York provides 5¢ for plastic, steel, glass, metal, or aluminum bottles, cans, or jars under one gallon.


Oregon pays 10¢ for plastic, metal, or glass beverage containers.


Vermont offers 15¢ for liquor containers and 5¢ for others made of plastic, glass, metal, paper, or a combination.

Where can I get cash for Recycling plastic near me?

If you’re looking to make some extra cash by recycling plastic, consider the following options:

Bottle and can redemption centers

In states with bottle bills, you can find redemption centers that pay cash for plastic bottles, cans, and other recyclables. Simply search for “bottle redemption near me” on your preferred search engine to locate nearby centers.

Grocery stores

Many supermarkets in states with bottle deposit laws have recycling machines for plastic bottles. These machines are often located behind the store or in the parking lot. Check with your local grocery store to see if they provide this service. Once you’ve loaded your recyclables into the machine, most stores will provide you with a paper slip you can redeem with a cashier.

Gas stations and convenience stores:

Gas stations and convenience stores in bottle bill states may also allow you to return bottles and cans for cash. Contact your local gas station or convenience store for their bottle redemption services.

By exploring these options, you can easily turn your plastic recyclables into extra money, contributing to environmental sustainability and your wallet.

How much money can I make for Recycling plastic?

Earn money by recycling plastic in bottle bill states, where you can get $0.05 to $0.10 per bottle.

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For instance, with 50 bottles, you could make $2.50 in a 5-cent state or $5 in a 10-cent state.

While it’s not substantial, it’s extra cash for disposing trash.

The more plastic bottles you recycle, the more you earn. Your earnings could increase if your household consumes a lot of bottled water or soft drinks.

To maximize your income, consider collecting bottles from sources beyond your home.

Maximize your recycling profits: Where to find extra plastic bottles

If you have a collection of plastic bottles at home, you can easily turn them into cash. You don’t have to throw them away anymore as you can recycle them. Recycling plastic bottles is an excellent way to make extra money, especially if you have a lot of them.

To maximize your earnings, you should start collecting as many plastic bottles as possible. You can collect them from your own home, your neighbors, or even from public places like parks and beaches. The more bottles you have, the more money you can make.

It’s important to note that not all plastic bottles are equal in terms of their recycling value. Bottles made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) are the most commonly recycled type and are worth the most money. HDPE (high-density polyethylene) bottles are also commonly recycled and have a decent value. Be sure to separate your bottles by type to get the most money for them.

Here are places to find additional recyclables:

Friends and family

Simply ask your friends and family if they have any spare plastic bottles. Many people are willing to let you take care of their unwanted recyclables.


Inquire with your neighbors about any plastic they might be willing to recycle. Some neighbors may not engage in recycling themselves, and they might appreciate you taking their unwanted plastic. Always ask for permission before going through their trash to avoid legal issues and maintain good etiquette.

Bars and restaurants

Offer to collect empty bottles from local bars and restaurants. Reach out to them and ask if you can pick up their recyclables. Some establishments might even consider a partnership, benefiting both parties by getting rid of unwanted containers and helping you make money.


Ask your workplace if you can collect discarded plastic. Many employers would likely agree, appreciating your efforts to contribute to recycling. Set up a designated bin in the break room for plastic recyclables only, and ensure you regularly check and empty it to keep the workplace tidy.

Bins and trash collection

Keep an eye on public bins and trash collection areas. Sometimes, people dispose of recyclable items inadvertently. Safely retrieve plastic bottles from these locations to add to your recycling collection.

Outdoor spaces

Unfortunately, littering is common in outdoor areas, providing an opportunity to find extra plastic bottles. Check these areas for potential recyclables:

  • Sidewalks
  • Parks
  • Roadsides
  • Parking lots
  • Under bushes
  • Beaches

After events such as street fairs, concerts, festivals, marathons, and sports events, there’s often more litter. Collecting this litter not only boosts your earnings but also contributes to environmental well-being and enhances your community’s appearance.

No bottle deposit laws in your state? Recycle aluminum cans!

If your state doesn’t have bottle deposit laws (like 40 states in the US), making money from recycling plastic bottles might seem challenging. TerraCycle, a company that used to pay for recycling, now offers points for qualifying waste, redeemable for charity donations. Although recycling centers usually don’t pay for plastic, there’s an alternative – aluminum cans.

Unlike plastic, aluminum cans can still fetch you cash, even if you’re not in a state with bottle deposit laws. In non-bottle bill states, you won’t earn money per can; instead, you’ll be paid based on the weight of the cans.

Keep in mind that the market value for aluminum fluctuates, and you can check current prices using tools like the iScrap App. As of now, aluminum cans are priced at $0.64 per pound. For more details on making money by recycling aluminum cans, check out my guide.

The bottom line

Bottle redemption laws are in effect in ten states across the US. These laws allow you to receive cash for recycling plastic bottles. Depending on the state, the redemption value of each plastic container can vary, ranging from 5 cents to 10 cents.

You can also earn money by recycling other materials, such as aluminum cans and glass bottles. Check the guidelines and regulations in your state to ensure that you are following the correct procedures and receiving the appropriate amount of money for your recycling efforts.

So, if you want to earn some extra cash and help the environment at the same time, start collecting plastic bottles today!