Where to cash in coins for free (2024)


Finding places to cash in coins for free can be a challenge. Many places usually charge a fee for this service, but some companies offer free coin cashing options, which helps you save money. It’s crucial to research and understand …

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19 Best free international calling apps (2024)


There are many instances where placing overseas calls won’t cost you a penny. We’ve diligently researched and discovered specific apps that provide the convenience of making free international calls, spanning across multiple countries. These apps don’t just limit themselves to …

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14 places to weigh yourself for free


There are various situations where weighing yourself becomes necessary, such as determining eligibility for blood donation based on weight. However, purchasing a personal scale might not always be feasible for everyone. If you’re seeking a free option to weigh yourself, …

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Is Speedway top tier gas? We investigate


Speedway operates as part of Marathon Oil Corporation, which holds a prestigious TOP TIER license as a fuel retailer. Despite this affiliation, Speedway gas stations are not reported as providers of TOP TIER gasoline, a designation known for its higher …

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15 places to break a $100 bill


Looking for where to exchange large bills for small? You are on the right page. When you have a $100 bill and need smaller denominations like twenties, tens, fives, or singles, there are several options available. Some smaller retailers might …

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