How to make a Lowe’s credit card payment

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There are different ways to pay your Lowe’s credit card, these include online payment, phone payment, in-store payment, and mail payment. It’s always a good idea to choose the method that is most convenient and suits your preferences.

How to make a Lowe’s credit card payment online

In order to make an online payment for your Lowe’s credit card, you first need to register for an online account with the bank that issued your card. This is typically the bank that handles Lowe’s credit card transactions.

American Express Lowe’s Business Rewards credit card: If you have an American Express Lowe’s Business Rewards credit card, you will need to visit the American Express login page to make a payment online. This means you will need to have an online account with American Express.

For Lowe’s credit cards issued by Synchrony, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to Lowe’s online payment webpage: Visit the specific webpage provided by Lowe’s for online payments.
  • Select your card: Choose the specific Lowe’s credit card that you want to make a payment for.
  • Provide necessary information: Enter your account number and ZIP code. Then, provide the card number and card ID number to start the registration process.
  • Complete the registration: Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the registration process for your online account.
  • Sign in and make payments: Once you have registered, from the online payment webpage, select your card. Enter your User ID to sign in to your online account. Then, follow the prompts provided to set up and schedule payments.
  • Bank account and routing numbers: To complete the payment, you will need to have your bank account number and bank routing number ready. These numbers are typically found on your checks or can be obtained from your bank.

By following these steps, you should be able to make an online payment for your Lowe’s credit card, depending on the specific card issuer.

How to use Lowe’s QuickPay to make an online payment

  1. Visit the Lowe’s website: Start by going to the official Lowe’s website in your web browser.
  2. Locate the QuickPay option: Look for the QuickPay feature on the Lowe’s website. It is provided by Synchrony Bank, which is Lowe’s financing partner.
  3. Click on QuickPay: Once you find the QuickPay option, click on it to proceed.
  4. Register your account: If you are using QuickPay for the first time, you will need to register your account. To do this: Enter your account number: Provide your Lowe’s credit card account number, which can typically be found on your statement or credit card, then enter personal information such as the last four digits of your Social Security number and your date of birth. This information is used to verify your identity.
  5. Follow the prompts: Once you have entered the required information, follow the prompts provided on the screen to complete your payment. The prompts will guide you through the payment process step by step.
  6. Submit your payment: After following the prompts, you will reach a point where you can review your payment details. Verify that the information is correct, and then submit your payment.

That’s it! By following these steps, you should be able to use Lowe’s QuickPay feature to make an online payment without logging into your account. Remember to keep your account information secure and always double-check the accuracy of the payment details before submitting.

How to make a Lowe’s credit card payment by mail

To make a Lowe’s card payment by mail. Here are the details:

  1. Types of Cards:
    • Lowe’s Advantage Card or Lowe’s Project Card
    • Lowe’s Business Advantage
    • Lowe’s Commercial Account
    • Lowe’s American Express Business Rewards
  2. To make a payment by mail, you can send a check or money order. It’s important to note that cash should not be sent through the mail.
  3. Provides specific addresses where you can remit your payment based on the type of card you have:
    • Lowe’s Advantage Card or Lowe’s Project Card: Send your payment to Lowe’s, P.O. Box 530914, Atlanta, GA 30353-0914.
    • Lowe’s Business Advantage: Send your payment to Lowe’s, P.O. Box 530970, Atlanta, GA 30353-0970.
    • Lowe’s Commercial Account: Send your payment to Lowe’s, P.O. Box 530954, Atlanta, GA 30353-0954.
    • Lowe’s American Express Business Rewards: For the payment address associated with Lowe’s American Express Business Rewards, you should contact American Express at 866-537-1397. They will provide you with the correct payment address based on your state.

Please ensure that you include your account details and any necessary payment stubs when mailing your payment to ensure proper processing.

How to make a Lowe’s credit card payment in-store

If you have a Lowe’s credit card and you want to make a payment, you have the option to do so at any Lowe’s store.

  • Visit the customer service desk: When you arrive at the store to make an in-store payment for the first time, head over to the customer service desk. This is usually located near the entrance or in a prominent area of the store.
  • Speak with a representative: At the customer service desk, you will find a representative who will assist you with your credit card payment. They are trained to guide you through the process and provide any necessary information.
  • The payment process: The representative will explain the steps involved in completing the payment. They will inform you about the available payment methods, such as cash, debit card, or check. They may also provide information about any fees or additional details you should be aware of.
  • Complete the payment: Once you understand the payment process, you can proceed with making your payment. The representative will guide you in selecting the appropriate payment method and assist you in completing the transaction.

It’s important to note that the above information is based on the general process for making a Lowe’s credit card payment in-store. Specific details may vary depending on the location and individual circumstances. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to ask the representative at the customer service desk.

How to make a Lowe’s credit card payment by phone

You have the option to pay your Lowe’s credit card by phone. However, it’s important to note that there may be a charge for expedited phone payments.

To make a payment via phone, you need to call the specific number that corresponds to your account type.

  • If you have a Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card, the phone number to call is 888-840-7651.
  • If you have a Lowe’s Business Account, you can also reach them at the same number, 888-840-7651.
  • For Lowe’s American Express Business Rewards, the dedicated phone number is 866-537-1397.

In summary, if you want to pay your Lowe’s credit card by phone, you can do so by calling the appropriate number based on your account type. However, keep in mind that expedited phone payments may come with a charge.

How to pay Lowe’s credit card without logging in?

To pay your Lowe’s credit card without logging in, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the website
  2. On the login page, look for the option that says “PAY AS GUEST” and click on it.
  3. This will allow you to make a payment without signing in to your account.
  4. Follow the instructions provided on the website to complete your payment.
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By using the “PAY AS GUEST” option, you can conveniently pay your Lowe’s credit card bill without the need to log in to your account.RETRYCOPY

How much credit is on a Lowes card?

The credit limit on a Lowe’s Credit Card varies and is based on several factors, including your creditworthiness, debt, and income. People with a fair credit score of around 650 have reported being approved for Lowe’s Credit Card with credit limits of around $300.

If you have a higher credit score of 700 or above, you are more likely to qualify for a higher credit limit, typically around $2,000.

In summary, the specific credit limit you would receive on a Lowe’s Credit Card depends on your individual financial situation, including factors such as your credit score, income, and existing debt. It’s important to note that these figures are approximate and can vary based on various factors.

Can I pay my credit card at Lowes?

You can pay your Lowe’s Advantage Card balance in-store. Simply visit a Lowe’s store and make your payment at the customer service desk.

You can also make payments online. Use your Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card login portal, which can be accessed from, to view and pay your bill securely.

If you prefer to make payments by mail, you can send your payment to the address provided by Lowe’s. Please refer to the Lowe’s Credit Card Payment Address for the specific details.

These options give you flexibility in managing your Lowe’s credit card payments.

What bank does Lowes credit card use?

The bank that issues Lowe’s credit cards is Synchrony Bank. Here are some key points to further explain this:

  • Lowe’s credit cards, including the Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card and Lowe’s Visa® Rewards Card, are issued by Synchrony Bank.
  • Synchrony Bank is a financial institution that specializes in providing credit and financing services for various retail brands.
  • When you apply for a Lowe’s credit card, it is Synchrony Bank that assesses your application and, if approved, issues the card to you.
  • The Synchrony Bank Privacy Policy outlines how your personal information is collected, used, and protected when using the Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card or Lowe’s Visa® Rewards Card.

In summary, Synchrony Bank is the specific bank that handles the issuance and management of Lowe’s credit cards, and their Privacy Policy governs the usage of these cards.

How do I use my Lowes credit card?

The Lowe’s Credit Card, also known as the Advantage Card, is a store credit card that can be used exclusively at Lowe’s locations. Here are some key points to understand about using your Lowe’s Credit Card:

  • Usage Limitation: The Lowe’s Credit Card can only be used at Lowe’s stores and on the Lowe’s website. It is not a regular credit card that can be used for everyday purchases at other retailers.
  • In-Store Purchases: You can present your Lowe’s Credit Card at any Lowe’s store during checkout to make purchases. Simply swipe or insert your card, provide any necessary identification or verification, and complete the transaction.
  • Online Purchases: The Lowe’s Credit Card can also be used to make purchases on the Lowe’s website. During the checkout process, you will have the option to enter your card details and complete the purchase.
  • Exclusive Benefits: As a Lowe’s Credit Cardholder, you may be eligible for special financing options, discounts, and promotions that are available exclusively to cardholders. These benefits may vary, so it’s a good idea to check with Lowe’s to learn about any current offers or programs.

It’s important to remember that while the Lowe’s Credit Card provides convenience and benefits for shopping at Lowe’s, it cannot be used as a regular credit card for purchases outside of Lowe’s stores or website.

Can I use Lowes credit card on Amazon?

The Lowe’s credit card is specifically designed for use at Lowe’s stores and It is not accepted as a form of payment on Amazon or any other retailer outside of Lowe’s.

The Lowe’s credit card is primarily intended for purchasing items from Lowe’s, both in-store and online. When using the Lowe’s credit card, you can accumulate rewards and take advantage of special financing options offered by Lowe’s.

However, it does not have the capability to be used as a payment method on Amazon or any other non-Lowe’s websites. To make purchases on Amazon, you would need to use a different form of payment such as a debit card, credit card, or Amazon gift card. The Lowe’s credit card is limited to Lowe’s stores and only.

Is it hard to get a Lowes card?

To obtain a Lowe’s Store Card, you will generally need a minimum credit score of 640. This credit score requirement indicates that individuals with at least fair credit have a reasonable chance of being approved for the card. Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Credit Score Requirement: The Lowe’s Store Card requires a minimum credit score of 640. This score is determined based on various factors such as your payment history, credit utilization, length of credit history, and more.
  • Fair Credit Opportunity: Having a minimum credit score requirement of 640 means that individuals with fair credit, or a credit score within the 640-699 range, have a good chance of being approved. However, it’s important to note that meeting the minimum credit score requirement does not guarantee approval as other factors may also be considered during the application process.
  • Additional Factors: While credit score is an important factor, it’s not the only one considered when applying for a Lowe’s Store Card. The decision to approve or decline an application may also depend on other factors such as your income, employment status, and existing debt obligations.
  • Credit Limit: The credit limit you receive on your Lowe’s Store Card may vary based on your creditworthiness. Individuals with higher credit scores and stronger credit profiles may receive higher credit limits compared to those with lower credit scores.
  • Building Credit: If you’re looking to improve or establish your credit history, responsibly using a Lowe’s Store Card can be a helpful tool. Making timely payments and keeping the card’s balance low can contribute positively to your credit score over time.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to review the specific terms and conditions provided by Lowe’s or the credit card issuer to get a complete understanding of the application process and requirements.

The bottom line

In summary, here are ways to pay Lowe’s credit card.

Lowe’s credit card payment online:

To pay your Lowe’s Store Card online, you have the option to sign into your account or pay as a guest. By signing into your account, you can access your card details, view your statements, and make payments.

If you choose to pay as a guest, you can still make a payment without logging in, but you may have limited access to certain account features. Additionally, you can set up AutoPay, which allows your bill to be paid automatically each month from your preferred payment method.

Lowe’s credit card payment over the phone:

If you prefer to make a payment over the phone, you can call (800) 444-1408 and follow the prompts provided. The automated system will guide you through the payment process and help you complete your transaction.

Lowe’s credit card payment in-store:

Lowe’s also offers the option to make a payment in person at any of their store locations.

Simply visit the customer service desk in the store and inform them that you would like to make a Lowe’s Store Card payment. They will assist you in processing your payment and provide any necessary information.

Lowe’s credit card payment via mail:

Another method to pay your Lowe’s Store Card bill is by sending a check through the mail.

Address the envelope to the following address: Lowe’s P.O. Box 530914 Atlanta, GA 30353-0914

It is important to note that paying by mail takes the longest, so ensure you send the payment at least 7 days before the due date to avoid any late fees. Remember to write your name and credit card number on the check to ensure proper identification and processing.