Best Instacart batch grabbers 2024 & how they work

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Instacart is a popular food delivery company that offers a great opportunity for people to earn money on the side. If you become an Instacart Shopper, you can shop and deliver groceries to customers who order through the app. However, given the popularity of the app, the competition can be quite fierce.

This is where an Instacart batch grabber comes in handy. Essentially, a batch grabber is a tool that allows drivers to automate the process of accepting batches to maximize their earning potential. By using an Instacart batch grabber, drivers can increase their chances of getting more batches and earning more money.

What is an Instacart Batch Grabber?

Instacart batch grabbers are apps designed to swiftly alert shoppers of new batches or automatically accept batches on their behalf as soon as they’re available.

Despite their allure, using Instacart batch grabbers goes against company policy.

To delve deeper into how these batch grabbers operate, how to acquire one, and why shoppers should exercise caution when using them, continue reading below.

How does Instacart decide who sees batches?

Instacart prioritizes batch assignments for Shoppers according to their ratings. Top-rated Shoppers receive first dibs on batches. If these Shoppers decline, those with four stars or less can then take up those orders. Essentially, 5-star rated Shoppers have priority access to batches.

How do Instacart batch grabbers work?

Some shoppers use batch grabbers to increase their chances of getting more orders on competitive platforms like Instacart. These tools work by alerting shoppers when new batches become available or automatically claiming batches that meet specific parameters set by the shopper.

With batch grabbers, shoppers no longer need to constantly refresh the app to find new batches. Instead, they receive alerts whenever a new batch appears, allowing them to grab it quickly.

Additionally, some batch grabbers allow shoppers to set parameters such as minimum earnings or specific locations. When batches matching these criteria appear, the app automatically claims them on behalf of the shopper, saving them time and effort. This streamlines the process, allowing shoppers to focus solely on shopping.

How do I get a batch grabber for Instacart?

Looking to snag more batches on Instacart? You might be interested in using a batch grabber.

But here’s the deal: Instacart batch grabbers aren’t easy to find. This is because Instacart prohibits their use. I’ll explain more about that shortly. They’re against Instacart’s rules, so they often get taken down from app stores like Google Play. Consequently, they’re not easy to locate and download. Plus, most batch grabbers are designed for Android, so if you’re using an iPhone, you’re out of luck.

One of the well-known batch grabbers is InstaMan.

Unfortunately, Instaman has been taken down from the Google Play store. However, many people still download its APK files from various sites and install them manually.

To find these files, simply search “Instaman batch grabber apk” on Google. Since such applications are frequently removed, it’s best to search for the most recent results yourself.

Additionally, some users hire developers to create batch grabbers for them, which can be costly, often amounting to hundreds of dollars.

New Instacart batch grabber apps pop up on social media platforms like:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

However, Instacart often removes these links because they violate its policy.

Instaman is currently the most popular batch grabber for Instacart, though like most batch grabbers nowadays, it’s challenging to locate. Utilizing a quick Google search or checking social media platforms are viable ways to find these batch grabbers.

Another well-known batch grabber is BatchFinder.

The system automatically accepts the best batches available. Users can tailor preferences based on earnings, item count, and preferred store locations.

This feature operates seamlessly in the background, ensuring minimal disruption, and users receive discreet notifications whenever a batch is accepted.

Should you use an Instacart batch grabber?

Many shoppers wonder, “How can you hack Instacart batches?”

Although using Instacart batch grabbers may appear to be a shortcut, it’s important to avoid them.

Why? Because using batch grabbers violates Instacart Shopper terms and services.

In section 3.2.e, it says:

“You may not use or promote the use of any form of modifications, exploits, or other unauthorized means to interfere with, or gain undue advantage in your use of the Instacart Platform.”

Section 3.2.g states:

“You may not make any automated uses of the Shopper App or the Instacart Platform or gain any other unauthorized access therewith.”

Using a batch grabber goes against Instacart’s rules. It can interfere with the platform, give you an unfair advantage, automate tasks on the Shopper app, and hack into Instacart’s software.

It’s important not to use a batch grabber on Instacart. Doing so could lead to breaking the terms of service for Shoppers and getting your account deactivated. If your account is deactivated, you won’t be able to earn money through Instacart.

How to get more Instacart Batches the right way

Avoid using batch grabbers, as they are not recommended. Instead, utilize other tips and tricks for Instacart Shoppers to boost your earnings.

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Here are some simple methods to help you snag more Instacart batches and increase your income.

1. Consider doing double-batch orders

Instacart offers double batches to its Shoppers, enabling them to complete two deliveries simultaneously. To qualify for double batches, Shoppers must have completed 60 deliveries.

Taking double batch orders can boost your hourly income by allowing you to fulfill two grocery orders in one trip to a store, eliminating the need for a second visit.

However, managing double-batch orders requires extra effort. Shoppers need to ensure orders remain separate throughout the process.

In the Instacart app, Shoppers should mark items as found when adding them to their cart and establish a system for dividing products between orders in both the cart and the car. Using two different crates or bags can help maintain organization.

2. Improve your rating

Improving your Shopper rating is key to boosting your earnings with Instacart. Shoppers with higher ratings get first dibs on batches and perks like joining the Cart Star Rewards program if they score 4.7 stars or higher.

Cart Star Rewards offers extra benefits for maintaining a rating of 4.7 or above, such as cash back for gas and priority batch access.

Once Cart Star Rewards launches in your area, you can check your reward tier status in the app under your Shopper profile and receive an email with your status.

Maintaining a high rating is crucial for accessing more batches since customers rate you after each delivery. Providing excellent customer service is key.

Here are some practical tips to enhance your customer service:

  • Use insulated food bags to maintain the temperature of your deliveries. This ensures hot foods stay hot and cold foods stay cold, preventing customer disappointment. Nobody likes a thawed frozen pizza or a lukewarm meal. You can find affordable insulated bags at stores like Walmart or Amazon.
  • Communicate throughout the delivery process to keep your customers informed. Notify them when you begin preparing their order, inform them about any necessary substitutions, and alert them to potential delays.
  • Prioritize friendly and polite interactions during deliveries. Take the time to inquire where customers prefer their groceries to be placed. Additionally, offer assistance, especially to elderly customers or when delivering heavy items.
  • Consider going the extra mile to delight your customers. This could involve offering complimentary samples or including thank-you notes expressing gratitude for their business. Politely encouraging them to rate your service with 5 stars can also boost your ratings and potentially increase tips. While optional, these additional efforts can leave a lasting positive impression on customers.

3. Use multiple apps

Consider signing up for multiple delivery apps, like Instacart Shopper, to increase your delivery opportunities. This will give you access to more delivery orders and boost your income.

Here are some delivery apps to explore:

How do you use an Instacart bot?

Grabbing batches with Instacart is easy. Just download the Instacart batch grabber app and let the bot take over.

With different Instacart bots available, you can set your preferences and let the bot either alert you to batches that match your criteria or accept them automatically.

The key benefit of using an Instacart bot within a batch grabber app is to snag batches swiftly.

How do you get high-paying batches on Instacart?

Here are some effective strategies to boost your earnings with Instacart batches:

  • Choose batches wisely: Opt for batches near stores with fewer items for faster completion and more batches per shift.
  • Target high-demand areas: Pick zones with less competition and higher customer orders for better chances of getting batches.
  • Maintain a good rating: Keep your customer rating high to increase your opportunities for batches within the Instacart app.
  • Prioritize speed: Complete multiple batches quickly by moving efficiently through stores and handling replacements with speed to boost your earnings.
  • Capitalize on peak times: Work during busy hours for pay boosts, even though it’s more competitive, the extra earnings per batch add up over time.

Can you claim multiple batches on Instacart?

Instacart lets you claim multiple batches, called double, triple, quadruple, or even quintuple batches. With these, you can shop for several customers simultaneously and deliver their orders separately. This could boost your earnings significantly.

What time do batches start in the morning?

Instacart delivery windows typically begin at 9 AM daily.

The bottom line

Instacart is one of the most popular and sought-after grocery delivery services used by customers across the United States. As a result, the competition among Instacart shoppers to get the highest-paying batches is intense. Many shoppers have been tempted to use Instacart batch grabbers to gain an advantage over their competitors. But, while batch grabbers are not illegal, Instacart has made it clear that their use is strictly prohibited.

If you’re unfamiliar with batch grabbers, they are software programs that automatically accept batches on behalf of shoppers. They give shoppers an unfair advantage as they can automatically accept high-paying batches faster than other shoppers without even looking at the batch details.

However, using a batch grabber is risky. Instacart has a strict policy against such programs, and shoppers who are found using them risk having their accounts deactivated. Losing your Instacart shopper account could significantly impact your earnings, so it’s not worth the risk.

Instead of relying on batch grabbers, a better option is to improve your Shopper rating. This is because Instacart gives priority to highly rated shoppers. The higher your rating, the more batches you’ll receive, and the better-paying ones. So, providing excellent customer service is essential to increase your rating. This includes being punctual with deliveries, communicating clearly with customers about substitutions or out-of-stock items, and being friendly and professional.

By putting in the time and effort to provide exceptional customer service, you’ll be able to increase your rating and receive more batches without resorting to a batch grabber.