How much does Grifols pay for plasma in 2024? $900/mo

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If you’re considering donating plasma at a nearby Grifols center, you might be wondering, “How much does Grifols pay for plasma?” Let me share my Grifols experience and highlight the benefits of plasma donation.

Congratulations on considering plasma donation—a commendable decision. I once attempted it at a Grifols center, battling my fear of needles. Despite my trypanophobia (fear of needles), the staff declined my donation, sparing me from needle pricks while I missed out on earning money.

Now, let’s focus on the benefits of plasma donation:

Donating plasma with Grifols is a straightforward way to assist those in need. It’s a simpler option than side hustles like delivery or cleaning jobs, as long as you’re comfortable with needles.

Plasma donation suits introverts, and you’ll receive payment within 24 hours. To find the nearest Grifols donation center, visit the Find a Donation Center page and enter your zip code or state.

Grifols operates under four names: Talecris Plasma Resources, Plasma Care, IBBI, and Biomat USA. Keep in mind that these are all part of the same network.

From 2007 to 2019, more than 53 million Americans contributed to plasma donations. You can join this effort by donating to your local Grifols Center. Wondering about payment? Check out the payment procedures for new and returning donors below.

Grifols information and pay schedule for first-time donors:

If you’re a new donor, follow these criteria:

  • Pass a medical exam
  • Be in good health
  • Weigh 110 lbs. or more
  • Be between 18 and 69 years old
  • Have proof of address
  • Bring your Social Security card and Photo ID

Grifols plasma pay for first-time donors

Grifols Plasma offers $50 for your initial donation, deposited onto a reloadable debit card. To ensure plasma suitability, return for a second donation within six months. Once approved, you can visit up to eight to nine times monthly or twice a week.

Grifols plasma pay chart for returning donors

Your monthly earnings depend on how often you donate and your local Grifols center’s donation rate. You can earn up to $90 per donation and potentially make up to $800 monthly. Additional bonus money may be available after your fifth or sixth donation.

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Grifols goes beyond personal benefits – donors can contribute their earnings to their favorite charity, showcasing a humanitarian approach.

To simplify compensation and donation tracking, Grifols offers the Grifols Plasma Donor Hub app (also available on desktop). The hub allows you to track past donations and payments, update your profile, receive local center alerts, and access information on bonus offers.

To use the Donor Hub, get a special registration number from your local donation center.

Grifols provides a program for donors with specialty plasma. What exactly is specialty plasma?

Specialty plasma is a type that includes specific antibodies such as:


If you’ve had a recent rabies vaccination, your antibodies can be a lifesaver for someone battling rabies.


Being Rh-negative? Your blood can be collected to create an anti-D immunoglobin vaccine, which protects Rh-negative pregnant mothers and their babies from Rh incompatibility.


Your recent tetanus vaccination, or one within the last decade, means your plasma can assist individuals experiencing lockjaw, a common tetanus symptom.

Anti-Hepatitis B

Donors with Hepatitis B shots can contribute plasma to support patients with Hepatitis B.

Ensure to inquire with the center about the availability of specialty plasma services, as it may vary between different centers. Your contribution can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

How often can you donate plasma at Grifols?

You can donate plasma up to twice a week, allowing you to improve your life and help others. Choose a schedule that works for you, and enjoy more frequent compensation and a greater impact on those in need.

What does grifols do with plasma?

Grifols researches, develops, manufactures, and markets plasma-derived medicines and innovative biopharmaceutical solutions. These products aim to address a range of chronic, rare, and common life-threatening conditions in patients.

Is Grifols safe?

Yes, Grifols plasma centers are secure. They are licensed and regulated by the FDA and other global agencies. These centers undergo regular inspections and certifications from these authorities and are monitored by the International Quality Plasma Program (IQPP).

The bottom line

Donating plasma at Grifols is a lucrative opportunity for those comfortable with needles. It’s a quick way to earn money while making a meaningful contribution to those in need. Grifols stands out for its competitive compensation, making it a favorable choice for a donation center.