27 Government freebies you can get absolutely free in 2024

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Who wouldn’t want to receive government freebies?

It often feels like we’re constantly giving money to the government through taxes. But is it possible to receive free benefits from the government?


Government benefits offer more than just free money.

The government provides various free items, ranging from car seats to educational resources.

Below is a list of government freebies accessible to various individuals, including veterans and new moms.

Certain free offers have eligibility requirements, like having a low income or military service. However, some freebies are open to everyone.

It’s crucial to understand that the government doesn’t consistently provide freebies.

Free items are typically provided through various programs, and the availability of these programs may differ between states.

If you’re curious about obtaining free government resources, consult our list of available free items.

Free stuff from the government for veterans

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs provides various benefits to veterans, including free services and housing assistance. Below are some examples of the free services available.

It’s important to note that each state has its own Department of Veterans Affairs, and the benefits offered may vary from state to state.

Veterans can access several free benefits from the government via the Department of Veterans Affairs. Here are some of them.

1. Support for your veteran-owned small business

Veterans who own small businesses can receive free government support through the Vets First Verification Program.

This program is managed by the Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU). By registering with OSDBU, veterans can access business support services through the Veterans Affairs.

You gain access to various benefits, including:

  • Enhanced advantages in government contract bidding.
  • Business opportunities with the VA if your company is a registered VOSB or SDVOSB.
  • Tax relief benefits.
  • Improved access to capital.
  • Additional support for high-growth and innovative startups or small businesses.
  • Free resources, education, and training for effective engagement with the VA.
  • Assistance in forming business partnerships and connecting with decision-makers in government and large private-sector firms.
  • Comprehensive guidance for entrepreneurs at every step.
  • Support in identifying VA procurements, contract awards, and acquisition resources.

Access numerous free resources for growing your business.

2. Vocational counseling and training for new skills

Access vocational counseling and training through the Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program. Eligible veterans can benefit from:

  • Skills assessment
  • Career guidance
  • Job-market evaluation
  • Vocational education and training tailored to your strengths
  • Apprenticeship, on-the-job training, and volunteer opportunities
  • Employment assistance

These valuable services are provided at no cost.

3. Education benefits

Veterans Affairs offers free education benefits to veterans, service members, and eligible family members. These benefits include assistance with college tuition, guidance in choosing the right educational institution or training program, and career counseling.

4. Housing assistance

Veterans Affairs provides housing assistance for veterans and their surviving spouses. This assistance includes support for purchasing a home or refinancing a loan.

Veterans can also access benefits and services for building, repairing, or maintaining their current homes. Additionally, grants are available for veterans with service-connected disabilities, aiding them in adapting their homes for increased independence.

Finding your local VA department

Each state has its own veteran affairs department or office. To learn about benefits and services in your area, visit your state’s department website.

Here are links to the Department of Veterans Affairs websites for all states, including non-contiguous states and US territories.

Click on the link specific to your location to view the available benefits for you:

Free government stuff for seniors

Seniors have access to government-provided free services.

5. Services and benefits from the department of aging

Similar to the benefits provided to veterans, free services for seniors are typically administered by a specific government department, specifically the Department of Aging.

Every state has a department dedicated to aging, often referred to by different names such as:

  • Department of Senior Services
  • Division of Aging and Adult Services
  • Division of Aging
  • Office of Elderly Services
  • Department of Health and Senior Services

This department provides various free resources and affordable services.

In Alabama, seniors can access free educational training through the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). This program offers community and work-based training, assisting seniors in securing unsubsidized employment after completion.

Your state may provide a comparable program. It’s a beneficial resource.

Your local government provides various free services that you can access, though the benefits offered may differ between states.

Finding your local department

To assist you in locating local resources, we’ve compiled a list of the Department of Aging websites for each state:

Free stuff from the government for low income families

Are you living on a low income?

If you are, your family may be eligible for various government benefits, including free items. Whether it’s baby essentials or computers, qualifying low-income families can access these free resources.

Check out these no-cost resources available for low-income families.

6. Formula and more from WIC

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a government program aimed at supporting low-income families by providing free assistance to pregnant and breastfeeding women, non-breastfeeding postpartum women, and children up to five years old.

At your local WIC clinic, eligible individuals can receive free formula, nutrition education, counseling, and other benefits.

7. Food assistance from SNAP

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides nutrition assistance to low-income families. Administered by the Food and Nutrition Service, a branch of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

SNAP offers benefits for purchasing food items like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, bread, and cereals.

8. Car seat from your local Department of Health

You may qualify for a free car seat through government organizations such as the Department of Health, the Department of Social Services, and the Department of Public Safety.

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While not all states provide free car seats, several do. Here are a few examples:

  • Virginia Department of Health: Offers a low-income safety seat program that provides free child safety and booster seats to eligible children. Virginia residents who are parents, legal guardians, or foster parents can apply.
  • Texas Department of Health and Human Services: Provides a child safety seat distribution and education program for low-income families.
  • Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety (A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety): The Child Passenger Safety program offers free car seat distribution facilities. Use the website’s map to locate a distribution center in your area.

9. Summer Food Service Program

During school breaks, kids and teens in low-income areas can access free nutritious meals and snacks through the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

10. The National School Lunch Program

The National School Lunch Program provides affordable or free nutritious lunches to children on school days.

It is available in public schools, non-profit private schools, and residential childcare institutions.

11. Laptop from your local Department of Social and Health Services

Contact your local Department of Social and Health Services to inquire about obtaining a free laptop.

The department may help low-income individuals by connecting them with local programs and non-profit organizations that offer free laptops.

Visit the USA.gov website to find your state’s department of social or human services.

12. Help prepare your tax return

The IRS offers a program called Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) to aid individuals with low incomes in preparing their tax returns. Instead of paying for professional assistance, you can utilize this government service for free.

Government freebies for everyone

We’ve outlined government-provided free resources for seniors, veterans, and low-income families.

What if you don’t belong to any of those groups?

No need to fret; you don’t need to fall into those categories to access government freebies. Various government organizations and programs offer freebies available to everyone, primarily in the form of educational resources.

13. Advice on starting a business from the U.S. Small Business Administration

Are you considering starting a business but unsure where to begin?

Certainly! The government can provide assistance.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers valuable assistance through its 900 Small Business Development Centers nationwide. These centers provide free advice and technical assistance to aspiring business owners and small enterprises.

At these centers, you can access guidance on various aspects of launching and managing a business, including developing business plans and understanding contracts – all at no cost. Given that business advice can be costly, the SBA’s free services are a valuable resource.

To locate a Small Business Development Center in your area, visit the Small Business Administration’s website.

14. Information on how to repair your credit score

Visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website to access valuable information for enhancing your credit score. Learn about your rights, explore free resources on credit repair, and discover how to get a free credit report.

15. Consumer Action Handbook

The Consumer Action Handbook, available at USA.gov, is a free guide offering valuable insights into consumer rights and tips for purchasing goods and services.

One notable feature of this handbook is its assistance in filing complaints. It furnishes details on filing a complaint regarding a purchase and provides a sample complaint letter for your convenience. Additionally, it includes contact information for consumer protection offices in government agencies and customer service departments of numerous corporations.

In summary, it’s a helpful and practical guide to have on hand.

16. A free book of FBI History

If you enjoy reading and are interested in history, crime, or law enforcement, here’s a freebie for you! The FBI offers a digital version of its coffee table book, The FBI: A Centennial History, 1908-2008. This book delves into the FBI’s history and commemorates its 100th anniversary in July 2008. You can even print it out if you prefer.

17. Backyard Conservation magazine and tip sheets

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service offers resources for backyard conservation. You can receive a free copy of the Backyard Conservation magazine and tip sheets.

The magazine covers various topics like composting, mulching, pest management, and tree planting.

18. Energy Star publications

You can receive PDF versions of publications from Energy Star at no cost. Numerous free PDFs are accessible, ranging from coloring books and brochures to workbooks.

19. Educational resources for children, parents & teachers

Explore a wide range of free resources provided by the USDA’s National Agricultural Library. The offerings include computer games and coloring books for children, as well as resources for educators and students that support science and social sciences curricula.

Ways to get free money from the government

Online, many people inquire about the availability of free government money through questions like “Is the government giving away money?” or “Are there free government grants?”

In addition to providing free items such as educational resources and formulas, the government does offer financial assistance to those who meet specific eligibility criteria.

To access free money from the government, you must fulfill the eligibility requirements.

Here are several ways to qualify for such assistance.

20. Unclaimed tax refund checks

The IRS holds millions of unclaimed tax refunds annually. If you moved without updating your address with the IRS, your refund check might have been sent to your old address.

You might have unclaimed tax refund money waiting for you.

  • Check the status on the IRS Where’s My Refund webpage if you’re waiting for a tax refund and haven’t received it, or call the IRS for updates.

21. Unclaimed back wages

Check if you’re owed unpaid wages by searching the Wage and Hour Division’s database, a part of the U.S. Department of Labor.

22. Childcare costs

Each state’s government offers income-based financial aid to assist with childcare expenses.

23. Cost of phone bills and internet

The Lifeline program, a government initiative, provides discounted phone and broadband services to low-income individuals.

24. Cost of heating/electricity

Access financial aid for your heating or electric expenses through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This initiative supports low-income families by covering home energy bills and facilitating weatherization.

25. Assistance with healthcare insurance

The Affordable Care Act provides financial aid to families for health insurance. If you purchase coverage through Healthcare.gov, you could qualify for a credit to help with insurance premiums.

26. Money from bank failures

You can recover money from failed financial institutions. The FDIC ensures that each depositor is insured up to $250,000 per insured bank. If the bank where you had deposited money goes out of business, you can file a claim to recover your funds.

27. Rental assistance

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides rent assistance through the House Choice Voucher Program. These vouchers can cover part or all of your rent.

You receive government assistance that provides free money to support your rental expenses.

To qualify, you need to meet income requirements, specifically being on a low income.

Free government money/freebies scams

Beware of numerous money-related scams as scammers consistently target individuals to swindle their earnings. Exercise caution when seeking free government items; if it seems too good to be true, it likely is.

To distinguish between a genuine government program and a potential scam, focus on the website’s URL. Legitimate U.S. government departments and organizations use domain names ending in “.gov.” If a site claims government affiliation and offers free items but lacks “.gov” in its domain name, exercise caution to avoid potential scams.

Many nonprofits and organizations collaborate with the government to provide assistance and free resources to citizens. These entities may have domain extensions like .com, .org, or .net, or others, but it’s important to note that they do not assert to be a part of the government.

How to avoid and report scams

If you ever encounter a scam, report it to the authorities to prevent others from falling victim.

To report scams to the government, use these platforms:

Even if you haven’t been a victim of scams, these resources offer valuable information to safeguard yourself from various fraudulent activities. Take a moment to explore their websites and enhance your awareness, reducing the risk of falling prey to scams.

The bottom line

There are quite a lot of free things that you can get from the government. So, visit the sites above and get free stuff from the government. It’s worth noting that there are several government programs that offer free products and services to eligible individuals.

These programs are designed to help people from various backgrounds with different needs, such as low-income families, senior citizens, and veterans. To find out more about these programs and see if you qualify, you can visit the government websites above on free services and products.

On the other hand, there are also many private companies that offer free products and samples, without any eligibility requirements or criteria. These companies offer a variety of products, from beauty and health products to food and household items. You can easily find these companies by doing a quick search online or by visiting websites that list these companies.

With these companies, you can get free stuff delivered to your doorstep without paying a dime! This post offers hundreds of companies that send you free stuff, and you don’t need to meet any eligibility requirements or criteria like you have to with many of the government freebies.